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Exploring Odoo, the Open-Source Powerhouse, as Your Salesforce Alternative. Harness the Potential of ERP Freedom for Seamless Business Operations.

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  • Today’s market has a variety of solutions and software alternatives. All the businesses, Large-scaled or small-scaled, have trouble in finding the CRM Solutions that meet the complex and unique needs of its sales team.
  • Whether it’s a SaaS Solution or utilizing an internal server, implementing a CRM software requires a great deal of consideration as well as weighing many crucial and often interdependent factors.
  • Salesforce.com: Salesforce.com Inc. is known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product, through acquisitions Salesforce has expanded into the “social enterprise arena”.
  • Odoo: Odoo is an open-source suite of integrated business applications actively programmed, supported, and organized by Odoo SA. Odoo is similar to many open-source projects where customized programming, support, and other services are provided by an active global community and partners network.

Salesforce vs. Odoo (OpenERP)

Comparison of CRM tools like Salesforce, who is the market leader in SaaS Systems and Odoo (formerly openERP) as the award-winning shooting star in the Open Source League:



The only free version of Salesforce is the “Developer Edition” which is limited in terms of data and number of users.

 Odoo is open-source software that is available in three versions, two of which are local while the other is hosted in the cloud. More than 7,300 apps are available.

Salesforce also provides 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts to Non-profit Organizations and higher education institutions

The cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP offers a customized solution specifically designed to solve SME needs.

Salesforce business solutions include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Wave Analytics, App Cloud, and IoT Cloud.

In this highly modular solution, each business function is carried out by a dedicated app. This allows growing businesses to start with a few apps and to adopt more as their needs change and evolve.

Feature and Functionality Comparison

  • As with any business software solutions, it’s important to consider the features & functionality. The tool should support the processes, workflows, reports and needs that matter to the growth of the business. To help you evaluate this, we’ve compared Salesforce Vs. Odoo based on some of the most important and required features.
  • A Detailed Comparison of Salesforce and Odoo.




Odoo is the open-source ERP and it provides functionalities and users can customize the application to match the business terms which is a tailor-made concept, that gives different innovations as any company in this aggressive world removing all other extra features that can confuse a user.

Small businesses cannot afford their pricing when it comes to customizing the software and if you prefer using third-party solutions.

It has more easy features and custom fields.

It has more complex features and custom fields, It would be harder for the employees to understand it. This kind of CRM may lead to low adoption and poor employee productivity.


When Odoo is hosted on the cloud or worked as a software service of the company, there is higher security of use for the customer. This is so because, in all of these cases, the call to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is excluded. Thus you don’t require to configure your device each time you have to access Odoo from a new device. Besides, in cases of difficulty, you can log in to your Odoo account from anywhere and from any device.

It is fully reliant on the internet connection. The connection should be permanent to secure the compatibility of business processes and transactions supported by CRM. Also, the loss of authority over system upgrades and planned downtimes can grow a true dilemma during a business needing to maintain so system problems itself.


  • Integrations are necessary in order to maximize the serviceability of your software. You can integrate different apps to ensure it covers every element of your organization.

    Odoo is API attributed so it will quickly integrate by each ERP system so this ease decreases the number of involved money your business requires to work as you choose your new ERP.

    Salesforce integrates with a wide array of apps that make it more suitable for virtually any type of business.
    Another advantage of Odoo being open-source software is the availability of free apps that may be integrated into it. There are innumerable​ integrations for Odoo software, no matter the type of business you are managing.

    Some of these apps are NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, WordPress, and SAP Business Suite.

    Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and Mailchimp are some of the apps that  can be integrated into Odoo. 

    The salesforce tools are not enough to cover certain integration needs like the support of SharePoint document libraries only and no chance to build SharePoint files inside Salesforce. so the cases  show the lack of custom development.

Products (Modules)

Odoo is modular that indicates the appropriate processor functions can be handled by the different modules. So you can implement the required modules for business-specific requirements.

If you have huge requirements in sales, customer service, and marketing, and prepare to view them only including Salesforce products, you will have to be ready for payment.

Technical Support

A customer who buys the odoo success pack will get the dedicated consultant as well as support by email or live chat.

No default email integration and live chat modules are available in salesforce.

If the customer has an issue then they can submit the online tickets from the website.

On website odoo training material, educational videos are available and and the odoo bug fixing team is available for 24*7.

Salesforce customer service is available for all premium plans. There is also the Salesforce training, Trailhead, and an active user community.

Users can also consult the odoo service providers companies who can solve their bugs.

But it is so hard to reach the technical help of Salesforce in fact of some issues. Sometimes it can get days to talk to a reliable person. But it does not expect that your query will be resolved right simultaneously. Therefore, many companies prefer to work with third-party companies that take care of Salesforce support.


Odoo report designer authorizes you to customize your business reports. There are two choices when it comes to report making: you can use the template and and create the report or you can create a new.

It may fit actually trying to make reports when handling Salesforce. Still reporting of necessary data can fit a challenge. To take out the basic information of your review you should be able to get the step-by-step process of getting the possible functionality.

General Information

Odoo has 2+ million users worldwide.

Salesforce has 150K customers worldwide

It is used in 120+ countries around the globe.

Salesforce is used in 120 countries around the globe.

Odoo has 550 official partners in 110 countries and is implementing Odoo for thousands of clients worldwide.

There are 30+ offices across the globe.

There are 1K+ employees of odoo.

There are 19K employees of the salesforce.

There are 730 partners of odoo in the world.

There are 275 companies covering a wide range of business models of the salesforce.

Odoo founded in 2005.

Salesforce founded in 1995.

There are 7300 apps in odoo apps.

There are 5000 ready to install solutions

User Interface

  • When it comes to efficiency and end-user satisfaction, fine-tuned usability is one of the most important factors in any software platform. The user interface supports the overall product design in solving human factors such as preferences, habits, and learned skills in order to effectively serve the intended purpose of the software as it relates to the businesses that utilize it. A strongly functional design is critical in providing a positive user experience.
  • Usability is qualitatively measured as a software’s ability to anticipate what a user might need to do. This includes ensuring that all of the elements in the interface are easy to access, understand, and use. Well designed software will provide usability that helps the users feel comfortable with the system and obtaining their unique desired results. It will help users perform actions quickly and become more efficient in their day to day tasks. Best practices also suggest having a simple interface with consistency (common elements) and a page layout based on hierarchical importance and flow.



odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

odoo dashboard

Understanding the Cost of Ownership & Implementation

  • In this situation of the worldwide potential of economic crisis, it’s viable to think ahead of time and optimize the possible business expense. So it’s important to evaluate and compare the business software pricing compared to what business value it adds.
  • The real cost of CRM software includes the software license, subscription fees, software training cost, customization cost, required hardware, and the cost of maintenance & support and other related services. It’s critical that you account for all of these costs to gain an understanding of the system’s “total cost of ownership (TCO)”. We prepared a total cost calculator for Salesforce CRM TCO and Odoo CRM total cost to help with the total cost of ownership calculation.
  • Salesforce CRM price Starting from $25 per user/month, on a scale between 1 to 10 Salesforce is rated 2, which is much lower than the average cost of CRM software. Odoo CRM price Starting from $25 per user/month, when comparing Odoo CRM to their competitors, the software is rated 4 – lower than the average CRM software cost.

odoo Pricing

Conclusion: Choosing between Salesforce and Odoo

  • The software your company chooses to use can have a direct impact on your business’s success. Picking the wrong software or tools can lead to wasted time and even lost revenue for your company.
  • Before anything else, it’s important to note that there’s a key difference between the two. Salesforce is a CRM software designed to help businesses maintain their relationships with customers. Odoo is an ERP software that can cater to different business needs, such as CRM, sales management, as well as human resources.
  • Features, integrations, and prices would naturally play a big role in choosing the most ideal software for your business. But along with these components, you should also consider the size and type of business you’re managing, and your level of expertise regarding setting up business software.
  • For example, it’s easy to be swayed and simply choose Salesforce because of their good reputation and solid experience. But, keep in mind that Odoo is an ERP software—which means it has additional features you won’t find in CRMs like Salesforce. Some of these features include website building and invoicing.
  • If your business has several different departments like Sales, Human Resources, and Accounts Receivables, Odoo might just be the better choice.
  • Once you have weighed the costs and benefits associated with these factors, your business can better analyze the potential solutions available on the market. When comparing the features of each solution, remember to consider the functional needs of the employees using the system in their daily operational tasks. Also, consider the business needs of decision-makers in the organization; an optimal solution will support the efforts of all users.

Here @silent infotech we are providing highly scalable and customization CRM for leads and customer management, we came up with a fully rebranded version of Odoo based CRM which was adaptively customized with customer needs.

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