Top Reasons To Choose Odoo 16 CRM

Unleashing Business Excellence: Discover the Irresistible Advantages of Odoo 16 CRM! Elevate Your Operations with Seamless Integration, Powerful Automation, and Unmatched User Experience.

Even though it’s been a very very long time since Odoo CRM was launched, there has been no drop in its popularity, and the biggest reason is the updated offerings. The tool adapts quickly according to the need of the hour and provides timely updates. 

Recently, in October 2022, its newest version, Odoo 16, was launched. Like its previous version updates, Odoo 16 CRM is believed to be laced with features that modern-day businesses need while handling customers. 

Let’s learn about these new offerings and why you should switch to Odoo 16 CRM today.

Odoo 16 CRM – Modern CRM for Modern Businesses

 Odoo 16 CRM solution is a carefully planned version update as it provides many exclusive features that present-day businesses demand. The dew-fresh version now lacks amazing automation that will make data entry less tedious so businesses can focus more on their customer relationships.

Odoo 16 CRM

Odoo16 CRM

With real-time data fetching abilities, Odoo 16 CRM ensures that businesses are now keeping track of every customer activity. Other than improving the operational agility of the businesses, Odoo 16 CRM has improved its design and functional clarity as well.  

The modern backend technology and system of this edition are worth a huge round of applause. If you have switched to this recent version of Odoo 16 CRM then congrats for making a wise move.

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But, if the version switch is still pending and you’re thinking that you’re OK with the past version of the Odoo CRM solution, have a look at the key features and facilities you’re missing out on. 

  • Modern Interface

    In this updated edition, you get to see some major tweaks in the interface of Odoo CRM. Now, you are allowed to streamline key activities while they are still in the pipeline. If you find any potential leads, you can close the sales reports directly. The Dashboard provides a detailed overview of sales and related metrics that improve your decision-making ability.

  • Less Data Entry Work

    The biggest downside of CRM is that there is tons of data to handle and process. However, you won’t spend crucial operational hours in tedious data entry with Odoo 15 CRM development as it reduces manual data entry drastically. 

    There is an advanced email marketing feature that is fully instructed and allows you to deploy email quotes directly to the customers. VoIP calls data is directly fetched and updated.

    • Better Lead Generation 

    • Managing leads is always a cakewalk with the Odoo CRM tool, but it’s way too easy with the Odoo 16 version, as many updates are there to streamline the entire lead generation and handling process. For instance, you can create leads directly from the marketing campaigns. Lead verification is now possible over a single click if the email is valid. Businesses can import viable leads directly.

      To improve the lead visibility, you now have GeoIP of the leads facility. With this, it’s easy to know the IP address of the lead, which is further useful in lead optimization. 

      Lead duplication is now not a headache as you can easily merge and convert the prepositions of the leads.

    • Advanced Marketing 

    • If you hire a professional Odoo CRM expert and get customized Odoo CRM development done then you have a chance to optimize your marketing efforts, churn more results, and save marketing expenses.

      This is possible because there are more than 30 marketing apps that you get with Odoo CRM’s updated version. All these marketing tools will help you improve your leads both from the website and marketplaces. 

      You can even analyze the lost reasons in your Odoo 16 CRM why the opportunities are left and lost and track and analyze the reasons.

    • Handle Your Customer In a Better Way

      With the recent version of Odoo CRM, customer handling is easy and more detail-oriented. This is because you can now enter multiple addresses per customer. Also, multiple server and domain details can be added. 

      The new email template has made replying to customers more personalized and prompt, as email messages are now linked with updated gateways.  Being connected with the customers is not an issue now because you can make instant or manual VoIP calls possible.

    • Advance Reporting

      As you get to enjoy the analytical and graphical representation of reports, you can have better visibility of key data and include relevant data in every decision. Access the Dashboard and will have every predefined report ready.

    It’s Time to Pivot your Business

    As the post explained, Oddo 16 CRM is made for future businesses seeking streamlined handling of business-customer communication. With automated reporting and data entry, things are way better. So, don’t waste a single second and hire a seasoned Odoo CRM development expert to get this latest version.

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