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The wood log trading industry(lumber industry) is multifaceted and involves a myriad of operations at the forefront, from procurement of raw materials to cutting logs into specific pieces and transporting them. That’s why several businesses have to carefully plan and strategize their day-to-day operations to avoid production delays, monetary losses, and other unexpected consequences. It’s not easy to overcome the challenges and steer around the bottlenecks using conventional technologies and industry practices.

Our lumber trading client also faced the same issue when they approached us for Odoo implementation and migration. They wanted to upgrade their lumber ERP system from the traditional, monolith application to an advanced, modern, and modular platform, like Odoo. We adopted an agile and innovative approach to facilitate the transformation and increase the user adoption rate post-implementation. After weeks of careful planning and thorough strategy execution, we were finally able to integrate this modern-day ERP software with their existing system.

Challenges Faced By Our Lumber Trading Industry Client

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Customization of Lumber Logs 

Our client struggled with maintaining details about custom orders that required different dimensions to be aligned with specific customer requirements, primarily due to the absence of a flexible system. 

​ Inventory Management

Since Excel was being used for managing all inventory datasets and tracking the movements, several errors were found in the entire inventory management process. It became challenging to maintain inventory based on the conventional methods.

Quotation & Invoicing

Generating appropriate quotations and proforma invoices was incredibly challenging due to the lack of a variable pricing model. Furthermore, the conversion of quotes to invoices was also challenging due to different metrics for measurements.

​ Production Tracking

Due to the manual tracking systems, it was difficult to track production datasets, like waste generated, wood logs produced for shipping, and many more.

Advance Payment Management

Our clients often had to receive advance payments from their customers. There was no such module that could track these payments properly, which further caused problems in final billing and account management.

Workflow Automation

Manual workflows not only introduced errors and delayed production processes but also created problems in identifying the errors and preventing the leaks.

Quality Control

It was also difficult to manage optimal production quality due to the involvement of numerous suppliers and the variations in raw materials and log designs.

Supplier Management

With multiple suppliers of raw materials and equipment units, our client struggled to manage the information and place the orders through the traditional manual modules.

Regulatory Compliance

Since no system was implemented to track regulatory compliance, our client often encountered issues like expired compliances, non-renewal of licenses, and many more.

Cost & Time Management

Managing the variable pricing models, predicting budgets, forecasting sales, and efficiently utilization of timing schedules posed as a huge challenge for our client.

Training & Skill Development

There was a significant gap in user knowledge and the professionals faced a lot of difficulties in using the implemented technologies.

Sustainability & Waste Management

Another area where our client severely struggled was in maintaining a sustainable work approach and managing the waste management at the end of the production cycle.

Product Diversification

Since a myriad of products were involved, our client had difficulty in defining the categories and maintaining the diversity properly.

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Odoo Solutions We Offered Keeping Lumber Trading Business Operations in Mind

Quotation Template Customization 

We designed a flexible quotation template with custom fields defined from beforehand, including raw material type, thickness, width, length, number of logs, CFT rate, and total amount. With automated calculation of CFT, it became easier to generate accurate quotations.

Enhanced Inventory Management 

Our professionals migrated the Excel system to the inventory management module of Odoo woodworking ERP. It allowed our clients to automatically record real-time inventory data, track merchandise movements, and leverage SKUs for log categorization and tracking.

Streamlined Quotation to Invoicing Process 

To streamline the invoice and quote generation processes, we have integrated the quotation module of Odoo with the invoicing and sales module. Additionally, we have also configured the automated proforma invoice generator once the order confirmation is complete.

Automated Production Workflow

We have automated the entire production workflow through the implementation of Odoo woodworking ERP, including procurement of raw materials, generating sales data, and so on. All the stakeholders will be notified of the production progress automatically, thereby maintaining a higher rate of transparency.

Advanced Payment & Stock Reservation Management

Our Odoo developers have implemented a custom module for advance payment management and stock reservation. It will help our client to manage the payments made in advance during order placement, reserve the appropriate stocks, track the payments further, and prevent overbooking.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Odoo comes with advanced data analytical and reporting modules that we have implemented to allow our clients make critical decisions backed by accurate and precise data reports and forecasts.

Customer Interaction Management

To enhance the customer experience, we have implemented a customer relationship management module. It will help our client to track customer orders, improve the relationship, provide prompt support, and enhance the overall journey.

Quality Control Integration

We have implemented different metrics to help our client assess the quality and control the same through the entire production cycle. Furthermore, we have also integrated a quality inspection module that can be used to document and record different quality issues and other related information.

Supplier Management System

The custom supplier management module we have integrated with the woodworking ERP application is capable of tracking and maintaining multiple suppliers based on the delivery time, performance, and quality of the procured raw materials. Furthermore, it also allows automatic order placement and establish real-time communication with the involved suppliers.

Regulatory Compliance Tracking

We have configured the Odoo ERP to track and manage all the compliances related to the stringent industry regulations and other legal matters. It also helps in recording accurate documentation and ensure our client’s business can adhere to the environmental and other manufacturing laws and standards.

Cost Management Tools

The cost management tools integrated with the Odoo ERP will help our client to predict the sales, formulate accurate budget, control the cashflows, track the transactions, and perform other cost-related tasks with ease.

Production Scheduling & Time Management

Thanks to the custom production scheduling module, our client can easily facilitate the entire production process and schedule the delivery time based on different variables, including complexity, order size, and many more. With better time management tool, our client can easily complete the order on time and maintain optimal relationship with the customers.

Training & Skill Development Program

With the training and skill development programs we have integrated with Odoo ERP, it will be easier for our client to train their employees. From conducting different training classes to updating the user modules and documenting different information, the module ensures a higher user adoption rate.

Sustainability & Waste Management Initiatives

We have ensured that the Lumber ERP application we have implemented can help our client establish sustainable workflows and manage waste generation techniques. Furthermore, it will help the professionals to reduce the generated waste, increase recycling rate, and minimize the overall carbon footprint.

Product Diversification Management

Last but not the least, our Odoo solution included the implementation of a product diversification management module. We have customized the entire module to handle a versatile product range our client deals with and manage the custom orders placed by customers in no time.

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Results Obtained for Lumber Trading Business After Odoo Implementation

Improved efficiency

With workflow automation and integration of third-party tools, the entire production cycle has become more efficient, requiring no manual intervention.

Accurate inventory management

The inventory management module accurately tracks the movement of the merchandise in real-time, helps in precise stock calculation, prevents events like overstocking and understocking, and so on. 

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Thanks to the integration of the CRM module and faster order processing, the customer satisfaction and engagement rates have increased with a whopping value. 

Better production oversight

The advanced data analytical module generates accurate and precise reports and forecasts to help our client improve the production strategies. Furthermore, it also helps in critical decision-making process, imbibe the market trends, and foresee the changes in the customer behaviors. 

Effective advance payment management

With advance payment management module, our client won’t have to worry about stock reservation, overbooking, understocking and overstocking, and other types of hassles in order processing cycles. 


The Odoo woodworking ERP is highly scalable., ensuring the modules can be modified at any time without having to work from the scratch. It not only enhances the digital capabilities of our client’s business but also makes the processes modular and independent from one another.

 Enhanced quality assurance

The QA module will help our client to maintain optimal quality of the entire production cycle, avoid monetary losses, and reduce the overall delays and production leaks. 

Improved supplier relations

Our client Can now communicate with multiple suppliers in real-time, manage the orders from different vendors, and manage the suppliers based on pre-determined variables. 

Regulatory compliance

Managing the regulatory compliances is now easier with the Odoo implementation. There won’t be any issue with adherence to the stringent industry standards and avoid legal complications. 

Cost efficiency

With faster production cycles, advanced order management process, and enhanced customer satisfaction, our client can efficiently manage the costs and other expenses. 

Optimized production timelines

The time management and strategic planning module help our client to optimize the production timelines, prevent any delays in order deliveries, and maintain uncompromised quality at all costs. 

Skilled workforce

 We have ensured every employee of our client is trained to operate the Odoo software after conducting a series of training and skill development schedules.

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