ERP solutions and Integrations based on OpenERP

OpenERP Solutions and Integrations Revolutionizing Your Business Workflow. Elevate Your Operations with Cutting-edge ERP Solutions Tailored for Success.

We at Silent Infotech create a solution that enables the business, organization, and startups with perceptive design and innovative technology.

ERP system is a major need of any business and we have establishes odoo ERP solution to suits your business. We guarantee you that the ERP module excellently customized and cleverly implemented. Here we will give you the warranty for methodical formation, secure data service and the facility of the configuration.

Our odoo specialists are able to deliver you the scalable, adaptable and guardian solution. Our odoo solutions can help an existing Magento store. By the new odoo integration feature it is manageable inventory, integrate sales orders and POS and deliver faster results.

Here in silent infotech, our experts offer stellar service integral to your business.

Our Services as ERP system Solution

In silent infotech, we provide you the odoo ERP service with some advance innovation.

  • We provide the hosting, installation, implementation. Configuration and support.
  • We can customize the odoo module with business specific needs.
  • Training and support for business employees.
  • Odoo based solution and e-commerce system maintenance.
  • Data migration.
  • Seamless odoo integration of existing business processes.
  • Odoo has a centralized database that supports existing apps.
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting, support, and maintenance.

Our Odoo ERP innovations

(1) Odoo Middleware 

Odoo middleware is a core engine to serve as a RESTful interface to the third party applications on the behalf of Odoo.


  • This wheel has been invented to keep the centralized routing of the calls from all the third-party applications.
  • Mobile apps can be kept very lightweight in terms of code and all the business logic can be handled on the server side hence apps can perform well.
  • It will provide a universal interface to VOIP applications, Thermal printers, POS devices, IoT Devices which are obvious components to be integrated with Odoo.
  • Almost all the customization will survive the version upgrades of Odoo.

 Odoo Middleware 

(2) Royal mail integration

Odoo module integrating with royal mail shipment service.

  • Royal Mail serves as biggest postal services in the United Kingdom having a rich set of API and strong authentication mechanism.
  • Odoo has been integrated with RM-Royal Mail APIs in order to fully automate the process of label printing and shipping. It has been several years since industry seeking such an automated process to reduce the efforts and focus on main business.

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Royal mail integration

(3) Payfort Payment Gateway integration

  • PayFort is the Most Trusted Online Payment Gateway in the Middle East because of the local currency support and local technical support. They have clients from various industries and who are industry leaders in the Middle East like and Carrefour UAE.
  • Our Payfort payment gateway module leverages odoo’s architectural modularity to provide the Merchant Odoo system an integrated payment processing functionality. This type of integration allows the Merchant’s Customer to check-out on the Merchant’s payment page without being redirected to external sites and thus enjoy the seamless User experience.

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(4) Zimbra mail integration with odoo

  • Zimbra an email collaboration suite has more than 500 million trusted users worldwide. Here in silent infotech, we provide consultation, implementation and migration services with support for your Zimbra email solution.

Zimbra mail integration with odoo

(5) Open cell integration with odoo

  • Absolute integration of two giant financial systems in order to achieve smooth migration without any extra migration cost! Established fully IFRS compliant accounting system for a telecom giant XGate
  • Similar integration for Odoo and quickbook accounting/bookkeeping system has been achieved as well.

Our recent achievements

Cloud-based ERP for Radiofrequency

  • we have built cloud-based ERP system for Radio Frequency industries. it is capable to take care of end to end process of Sales, Purchase, Inventory and warehouse management. It also includes the manufacturing process.

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  • Allows you to manage inventory with multiple warehouses and multiple locations.
    It is fully cloud-based and will provide you with full mobility. Watch Video

Cloud-based ERP for Radiofrequency

AI-based Seafood Supplychain

  • our AI based seafood supplychain ERP provides real-time traceability of seafood and where the seafood supplier can trace and track the freshness and quality of seafood. We are providing supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, product configurator, order to cash, purchasing, inventory, warehousing, and shipment Read More

Electronic Health record system

Kare Portal – The cloud-based Electronic Health record system

  • Cloud-based Electronic Health Records System (EHR System) for seamless integration between and Patient, Doctor and Pharmacies with the secure channel.
  • The patient portal, Doctor’s portal, and Pharmacy portal are three main components on the same platform. Read More
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