Odoo ERP for Kitchen Manufacturers

Odoo ERP for Kitchen Manufacturers

Leverage our expertise in Odoo to develop a one-of-a-kind ERP system for your business.

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About Our Client

Over the past 25+ years, our client has been one of the prominent kitchen manufacturers designing, manufacturing, and installing exquisite kitchens made from quality materials at their client’s preferred places. To make their business more successful and accept orders online hassle-free, they wanted to develop a one-stop solution to manage their business operations efficiently.

We understood our client’s requirements, problems, and challenges carefully to ensure that we will develop state-of-the-art solutions to manage their tedious tasks. By looking at our client’s requirements, we decided that they need an ERP for kitchen manufacturers. We deployed a dedicated development team to start working on the project quickly.

Problems Faced by Our Client

Below mentioned are the major challenges our client and their team faced to drive digital transformation in their business. Read till the end to know what solutions we provided to overcome such problems.

Improper Lead Management

One of the significant problems our client faced was that they used to manage the leads received in Microsoft excel sheet, which looks pretty time-consuming and not a proper way to nurture leads.

Lack of Customer Engagement

When a customer registers online, the sales team won’t be able to contact the customers or take follow-ups regularly due to inadequate customer acquisition strategies and techniques.

No Notifications on Sale

When customers signed up for leveraging our client’s services, the sales team didn’t get a notification that customers had booked a meeting to discuss their plans.

Digital Contracts Were Not in Place

It was a headache for our client that they couldn’t manage the contracts signed with customers digitally. And, if they did but couldn’t save it online where they can access it anywhere, anytime.

Defining BOM for Each Product Manually

Our client and their team used to manage bills of materials manually in the excel sheet for every product they purchased. It was very frustrating as well as the time-consuming task at times.

Not Having Proper Inventory Management

Our client’s team used to maintain inventory for the raw materials in a traditional manner and had no idea how to make decisions on further purchases as everything seemed very messy in it.

Technical Glitches to Schedule Fitting and Installation Visits

If a customer schedules a fitting and installing kitchen visit, they face issues while doing it online. Also, the team couldn’t allot/show the days and timings availability quickly if there were multiple inquiries.

Payment Regulations Were Not Streamlined

Not having an ERP for manufacturing company like our client made it very hard for them to streamline the payment regulations. They couldn’t give more options to their customers for making payments online.

A Complete Failure at Attendance Management

They used to keep records of employee attendance on Microsoft Excel. It became challenging for clients when they wanted to make decisions on employee productivity, leave reports, etc.

Solutions Silent Infotech Provided

As a top-notch ERP implementation company in the US, we offered result-oriented solutions to overcome challenges our clients faced in their kitchen manufacturing business. Have a look below!

  • Customer Lead Management using Odoo CRM
    We Customized a secure, scalable, and robust CRM based on Odoo to ensure that our client can nurture the leads in a most-effective way.

  • Contract digitization using Odoo eSign
    When clients sign a contract with the customer, they can use one such functionality we configured using Odoo. It is Odoo esign to sign, save and keep the customer contracts in one place, and Paperless.

  • Proper Customer engagement to improve the conversation rate
    Our software engineers developed a centralized system through which our client’s employees can engage, communicate, and close the deals easily using every tiny detail about the potential customer.

  • Odoo Manufacturing App Integrated with Purchase and Task Operations
    To efficiently manage the Inventory, Manufacturing, and Field Service tasks, we helped our client by configuring Odoo workflows to their best in order to fulfill the enterprise’s unique needs and reduce operation complement time.

  • Planning Scheduler for Resource Management
    We applied customization on top of the planning scheduler for our client to manage their resources efficiently. It also notifies how many resources are available or occupied for better decision-making.

  • Payment integration with 3rd party gateways
    Our skilled and experienced software engineers helped the client integrate payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc., into their website and app to streamline payment methods.

  • Attendance management Using the Odoo Attendance module
    We used the Odoo attendance module to help our client manage the attendance activities smoothly. They can track everything about an employee, from attendance to leave reports and buzz-in/out reports.

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