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Migrate your existing ERP system to Odoo ERP’s newest version without losing any old data.

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Silent infotech is a trusted Odoo ERP migration service provider known for helping clients migrate from their legacy ERP software/system to Odoo ERP successfully. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced Odoo ERP migration engineers who have completed various migration projects matching clients’ unique business requirements.

If you are looking for the right Odoo migration company, your search ends here! We can provide you with the best Odoo Developers who can work for you dedicatedly and help you upgrade your present system to Odoo’s any version you choose/the latest one. Get in touch with us to know how our flawless Odoo migration and upgradation services can help your business reach the next level.

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Silent Infotech Odoo Migration Includes

Version Migration

Leverage our result-oriented Odoo migration services to keep your business work system streamlined. Our Odoo Migration developers can help you implement the best-in-class upgraded Odoo features. They can help you migrate the modules or historical data from one version to another one so easily.

Module Migration

When it comes to module migration (code migration), you must ensure that it remains a perfect fit for the existing and the latest Odoo versions. Hire Odoo ERP migration experts from us who can help you with custom module making and streamline the whole module migration process smoothly.

Data Migration

Leverage our result-oriented Odoo migration services to keep your business work system streamlined. Our Odoo Migration developers can help you implement the best-in-class upgraded Odoo features. They can help you migrate the modules or historical data from one version to another one so easily.

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Looking for a dependable Odoo migration service? Your search ends here! Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you with all your Odoo migration requirements. Contact us today!

Our Specialization in Odoo Database Migration/Version Upgradation

We have top-of-the-line expertise in helping our clients migrate from the current Odoo version to the latest one. Contact us to know how we can help you upgrade the current version/database to your preferred version easily and quickly.

From Odoo Community Version 8 to

 Odoo Community v9

 Odoo Community v10

 Odoo Community v11

 Odoo Community v12

 Odoo Community v13

 Odoo Community v14

 Odoo Community v15

 Odoo Community v16

 Odoo Community v17

From Odoo Enterprise Version 9 to

  Odoo Enterprise v10

  Odoo Enterprise v11

  Odoo Enterprise v12

  Odoo Enterprise v13

  Odoo Enterprise v14

  Odoo Enterprise v15

  Odoo Enterprise v16

  Odoo Enterprise v17

Odoo ERP Data Migrations We Can Help With

If you want to modernize your legacy ERP system built into other platforms to Odoo ERP, we can be a one-stop solution for you! We have hands-on experience in migrating different ERP Software to Odoo ERP hassle-free. Have a look at our below-mentioned Odoo ERP data migration expertise!


Decatholon using Odoo

suzuki using odoo erp

Del monte using odoo

Odoo used by aviva

scarpetta shoes using odoo

Odoo erp used by toyota

sodexo using odoo erp

qatar using odoo

allnex using odoo erp

chopard using odoo erp

Seamless Odoo Upgrade Solution From Silent Infotech​

When contemplating an Odoo upgrade, it's paramount to address critical elements for a smooth transition. At Silent Infotech, we comprehend the nuances involved and offer comprehensive solutions for your upgrade needs.

Data Backup

Embarking on the journey of an upgrade necessitates the preservation of your data. We prioritize a robust backup strategy to avert potential data loss during the migration process, ensuring the preservation of your vital business information.

Security Measures

Security takes precedence in our upgrade process. We implement industry-standard security measures to shield your sensitive data during migration. Our experts employ encryption and secure channels, safeguarding your information from unauthorized access.

Existing Odoo Version

Understanding your current Odoo version is pivotal for a successful upgrade. We conduct a meticulous assessment of your existing Odoo setup, establishing the foundation for the migration process.

Size of current DB

The size of your current database significantly influences the migration process. We assess the database size to optimize the migration strategy, ensuring efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Client-Server information

To streamline the migration, we gather detailed client-server information, including specifications and configurations. This enables us to tailor the upgrade plan to your specific environment.

Estimated Downtime

Minimizing downtime is imperative during an upgrade. We provide a detailed estimate of the expected downtime, considering your business operations. Our goal is to execute a swift and efficient upgrade with minimal disruption.

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Silent Infotech team of experienced Odoo professionals is here to help with all your Odoo migration needs.

Streamlined Odoo Migration Process with Silent Infotech

Modules Migration

Identifying and migrating existing modules is a critical aspect. Our team ensures compatibility with the target Odoo version, making any necessary updates or adjustments.

Data migration

The heart of a successful upgrade lies in efficient data migration. We meticulously transfer your data from the old system to the new one, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.


A comprehensive testing phase follows data migration. Our experts rigorously validate the functionality of migrated modules and data, promptly addressing any issues or discrepancies.

Quality Check in Developer DB

Before the final deployment, a quality check is performed in a controlled developer environment. This ensures all components work seamlessly, resolving potential issues proactively.

Deployment to Client’s Odoo DB

The last step involves moving all validated components to your Odoo database. Our team orchestrates a careful deployment to minimize any potential impact on your day-to-day operations.

Why Silent Infotech for Odoo ERP Migration?

Agile Methodology

Our Odoo ERP migration specialists use agile methodology to offer superior migration services leveraging advanced and proven techniques.

Expert Team

We have a pool of talented Odoo ERP migration experts having seamless experience working with businesses of all types.

Flexible Models

At Silent Infotech, you can hire our Odoo ERP migration developers on hourly, monthly, or fixed cost.

Competitive Pricing

We provide simple & transparent pricing to match our client’s business needs.

Full Control Over the Project

When you hire Odoo Migration developers from us, we provide you with complete control over the project.

Communication Skills

Our Odoo developers with good communication skills can help you achieve your business goals.

Code Ownership

We assure you that we do not re-use the code and provide you with complete code security.

Rapid Delivery

Our Odoo developers will complete your dedicated project on time and ensure a superior outcome following a step-by-step ERP migration process.

Data Security

Our Odoo ERP migration developers maintain a high priority on the safety and security of your data.

Strict NDA Sign

We sign an NDA with our client to ensure the absolute ownership of their project with us.


Our Odoo ERP migration developers are ready to help you troubleshoot any bugs or complex issues you may face after post-deployment.

Time-zone Aligned

We let you hire our Odoo developers who will work in your preferred time zone to complete the project.

FAQs Related to Odoo Migration Service

Definitely, hired Odoo ERP migration experts from us will work dedicatedly work on your project and will complete the project by meeting all deadlines. Also, you can track their productivity and assign tasks using various project management tools.

No worries! We provide a fully signed NDA to ensure the confidentiality of your Odoo Migration project.

Migrating from your legacy system to Odoo ERP requires various factors to look upon. Factors like databases, features, functionalities, customization, project deadlines, hiring models you choose, and many more. As per your requirements, we offer you a quote. Rest assured, our price quotes are pocket-friendly. We provide simple and transparent pricing, so don’t worry about the hidden costs. To know the exact project cost, get in touch with our expert via email on contact@silentinfotech.com.

It depends upon the project and hiring model you choose. However, we try our best to complete the project within the given period or deliver it before the time because we understand how much your business means to you. To know the exact time for project completion, get in touch with our expert via email on contact@silentinfotech.com.

When you fill up the contact us form on our website or send an email to https://contact@silentinfotech.com%2C/ one of our tech experts will contact you to understand your project requirements. Once we have all the information, we will give you the option to scan the profiles of our Odoo developers to schedule an interview with them. You can take the interview and finalize the resource according to the skill set and expertise you may need. Once you onboard them in the project, they will start working on your project at earliest.

We provide three types of hiring engagement models. You can choose the best-preferred model that fits your business needs. Hire Odoo ERP migration developers from us hourly, monthly, or fixed. To know more about our hiring models, talk to our expert! Our expert will help you select the right one suiting all your business needs.

Speak to Odoo Consultant from Slient Infotech and discuss your existing ERP system and let our expert analyse how we can migrate to more powerful ERP System to gain maximum business output.