Odoo ERP Customization

Maximize your ROI with expertly customized Odoo ERP solutions for your unique business needs. Our experts help you with business requirement analysis and custom Odoo Module Development to suit your business requirements.

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Odoo Customization Services

When it comes to ERP solutions Implementation, specifics of business operations have “own ways” i.e. Odoo customization and “application’s way” as the workflow. Odoo in this situation allows choosing your ‘Own Ways’ (or workflows) to be implemented. Having said that, describes the flexibility of the software application to provide a personalized experience to the user.

Odoo Customization can be referred to as developing that custom workflow (or experience) in Odoo ERP as per the business process needs. Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up an enterprise requirement, but there is always some “extra” required by the clients. Silent Infotech‘s Technical Development team engineers such required customizations in Odoo and always tries to bridge these gaps extending the Odoo ERP’s extensible and modular architecture and thus achieving the core business objectives.

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RIFD + IOT + AI combination revolutionizes business operations

​​Our unique strength lies in crafting bespoke Odoo ERP Systems, leveraging advanced technologies. We specialize in aiding businesses with RFID inventory management in warehouses, integrating IoT into ERP systems, and implementing cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions. Enterprises can rely on our experienced team to develop tailored Odoo ERP solutions with confidence.

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Expert in Odoo Customization

Our Odoo developers reconcile the feature “Gap Analysis” along with its pros and cons to rewrite the part of the delivered system of the homegrown module so that it can interface with an external system.

  • Add custom reports to menus, portals, and Modules (Using Odoo studio & different tech-tics), etc.
  • Construct personalized dashboards with drill-down capabilities.
  • Add user-defined fields.
  • Construct personalized portals combining functions needed for individual roles.
  • Add or change the structure of data.
  • Personalize transaction screens.
  • Develop new functions not likely to be included in commercial ERP.

Our Odoo ERP Development Process

Understanding & Documentation
We gather and document all information about your business, including your current software, processes etc.

Analysis & Proposal
We analyze all data and offer a fixed-cost proposal for your project.

we craft tailored modules and features to fit your business through iterative coding and rigorous testing.

QA Testing
Identifying and resolving issues to guarantee a robust, error-free solution that meets your business needs.

Beta Launch
Ensures improvements based on real-world usage, optimizing the final product.

Marking the transition to its active use for day-to-day business operations.

Innovative Odoo Customization


(Customized Odoo CRM)

LYNX a German-based trading platform with global footprints known for using cutting edge technology assisting their service stack.

Full filling their need for highly scalable and customization CRM for leads and customer management, we came up with a fully rebranded version of Odoo based CRM which was adaptively customized with their need.

odoo erp customization


(Odoo Module integrating with RoyalMail Shipment Services)

RoyalMail serves as the biggest postal services in the United Kingdom having a rich set of API and strong authentication mechanism.

Odoo has been integrated with RM-Royal Mail APIs in order to fully automate the process of label printing and shipping. It has been several years since industry seeking such an automated process to reduce the efforts and focus on the main business.


(Payment gateway integration for Odoo)

PayFort is the Most Trusted Online Payment Gateway in the Middle East because of the local currency support and local technical support. They have clients from various industries and who are industry leaders in the Middle East like Souq.com and Carrefour UAE.

Our Payfort payment gateway module leverages odoo’s architectural modularity to provide the Merchant Odoo system an integrated payment processing functionality. This type of integration allows the Merchant’s Customer to check-out on the Merchant’s payment page without being redirected to external sites and thus enjoy the seamless User experience.


Decatholon using Odoo

suzuki using odoo erp

Del monte using odoo

Odoo used by aviva

scarpetta shoes using odoo

Odoo erp used by toyota

sodexo using odoo erp

qatar using odoo

allnex using odoo erp

chopard using odoo erp

FAQs Related to odoo Customization

What Levels of Customizations Can Be Done in Odoo?

Odoo is a business management software that can be customized to suit the needs of different companies. You can customize Odoo as per your business requirements.

Odoo Partners are Odoo ERP development experts. Since they’ve worked on a variety of Odoo projects and earned Odoo partner status. As a result, you will be working with a team that has previously worked on many customization projects and adheres to industry standards.

The cost for Odoo customization depends on the complexity of your requirements. Unless we don’t know the requirements, we will not able to provide details on pricing.

Customization is the process of adapting something to suit individual needs and preferences. Odoo offers a modular architecture that allows companies to customize their software to suit their needs. A company can also make use of the wide range of ready-made modules that are available in Odoo. It is easier for a company to customize its software as it doesn’t need to develop everything from scratch.