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Wholesale Business ERP Solution

From procurement of the materials to managing the supply chain, wholesale producers and distributors encounter innumerable roadblocks. Whether it is in reducing production delays caused by manual workflows or facing collaboration silos between different departments, the problems are endless. This not only reduces the overall efficiency but also puts the brand in a dire situation. Given the hypercompetitive market situation, implementing an advanced and unified wholesale business ERP software is the only radical approach to overcoming these problems and enhancing brand reputation.

This is where we enter the picture! Being a reputed software development company, we offer tailored and groundbreaking ERP solutions to wholesale distributors, sellers, and producers across all industries. From integrating different domains like finance, billing, customer relationship management, and more to incorporating powerful analytical tools at the core, we handle different ensure our ERP software can streamline different business processes, reduce production delays, and seamlessly manage the entire supply chain.

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Significance of ERP for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is not just any random business software that a wholesale distribution business can opt to implement at its core. Instead, it is a necessity that has the potential to resolve numerous challenges, boost productivity and efficiency, and eliminate data and communication silos across all levels. So, understanding its importance in the wholesale distribution industry is imminent for every involved business.

Improves Efficiency

Numerous metrics are considered while quantifying and defining efficiency, including but not limited to time taken for process completion, employee strength, productivity, performance, and many more. With ERP software, wholesale distributors can manage and control all business operations from a centralized platform. It reduces employee strength and enhances interaction and collaboration between different teams. Furthermore, the ERP software also comes with automated routines, which further decrease the dependency on human interference and the associated risks with otherwise managed manual processes. These factors ultimately culminate in enhanced business efficiency, performance, and improved deliverables.

Enhances Customer Handling

Customers are the real drivers of any business, especially the ones involved with wholesale distribution. If the business fails to satisfy its customers or meet their interactions, there will be a substantial loss in terms of money and reputation. This is why integrating the ERP software is necessary for wholesale distributors. It comes with advanced integration capabilities so that it can be integrated with the existing CRM tool and allows businesses to improve customer efficiency, increase response quality, and maintain customer relationships with ease. ​

Accelerates Decision-making

Thanks to advanced analytical and reporting tools integrated with the wholesale ERP software, businesses can make better decisions at the right moment. From identifying the right data sources to analyzing the hidden trends and patterns, the tool is capable of performing comprehensive tasks on big data. Businesses can leverage these analytical reports to make data-driven decisions and improve productivity, gain insights into the targeted customer base, and facilitate digital transformation.

Better Supply Chain Management

Managing the supply chain requires extensive planning. However, the lack of integration between teams and reduced information visibility poses a challenge for most wholesale businesses in terms of supply chain management. This is where the wholesale ERP software solution comes into play. It not only integrates different workflows into a single, unified platform but also allows businesses to maintain optimal data transparency. As a result, they can view the real-time performance of different strategies put into place for supply chain management.

Improves Accuracy

One of the major benefits of implementing ERP software at the core of wholesale businesses is the increase in the accuracy of different processes and analytical reports. With automated routines, one can easily mitigate the risks involved, ensuring the deliverables are accurate and precise. Furthermore, it also helps in identifying the root causes of any problem in less time, providing prompt but accurate responses to customer plights, and managing the overall business functions.

Better Inventory Management

Last but not least, the wholesale ERP software empowers businesses with a powerful and centralized inventory management dashboard. Whether it's tracking the movement of stocks in and out of the inventory or preventing understocking and overstocking, professionals can leverage the software to manage the inventory with ease and avoid the usual risks posed by manual inventory tasks. Furthermore, data analytical tools can help businesses to understand the current stock positions, forecast inventory challenges, and drive higher ROIs.

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Important Elements in the Development of an ERP for the Wholesale & Distribution Sector

Discover the trendsetting features we incorporate into our custom ERP software for the wholesale and distribution sector.


The market conditions are continuously changing, which is why we ensure our clients are capable of enhancing their productivity and efficiency accordingly. That’s why we ensure our ERP software is highly flexible and adaptable so that the modules can be modified on the go without changing its architecture or revamping the codebase from scratch. 


With our scalable ERP solutions, businesses can enhance their digital capabilities on the go. For instance, the integrations of the software can be scaled up or down based on the business requirements. Similarly, if our clients want to change the dashboards to accommodate more users or data modules, our scalable software offers them the independence to roll out on-the-go modifications in no time. This reduces the overall time to market and mitigates future challenges by a substantial amount. 

Real-time data and analytics

With a powerful data analytical module incorporated in our ERP software, wholesale and distribution businesses can know more about the hidden trends and patterns in the collected datasets. This will further help them in the critical-decision decision-making process, knowing their customers better, understanding the changing market scenarios, and accurately make future-proof strategies.

Security and data protection

We ensure our ERP software is embedded with top-tier military-grade encryption algorithms, SSL encryption, and different password management modules. As a result, businesses can prevent unauthorized access to the confidential data pool connected with the ERP software and ensure their customer data remains safe against increasing cybercrimes.

Automated processes

Thanks to the automated routines in our ERP software, our clients can automate various manual processes, like billing, sending email responses, updating the database with new stock reports, and so on. This will further reduce the dependencies on human employees, enhance productivity and operational speed, and mitigate the risks caused due to manual errors. 

Mobile Accessibility

Our ERP system is designed with comprehensive accessibility features, ensuring seamless usability for individuals with diverse abilities. Through intuitive interfaces & compatibility with assistive technologies, we prioritize inclusivity, enabling all users to leverage the system's capabilities effectively. Thus, empowering field sales, warehouse workers, and decision-makers with real-time data access on mobile devices.

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Features of Wholesale & Distribution ERP Software

Inventory Management

Our ERP software will help you manage inventories smoothly, streamline various operations related to stock movements, automate data entries, and so on. Now you can enhance your inventory processes and integrate data-driven action strategies for better stock handling, prevent overstocking, placing automated orders to the vendors, and seamless order dispatch.

Sales & Order Management

From automating order confirmation and cancellation routines to streamlining sales operations, our ERP wholesale software solution will handle all these tasks in a much better way. Empower yourself with advanced digital capabilities and streamline the sales funnel, improve the order placement workflows, and manage bulk orders from your customers with ease.

 Supply Chain Management

Worry no more with the hassles faced currently with the supply chain as our ERP software comes with special modules to seamlessly operate the chain and control the workflows. Scale the software to align with the business requirements and ensure appropriate data flow across the entire supply chain in both vertical and horizontal directions.

 Financial Management

Manage your finances and billing operations smoothly with our custom ERP software tailored to meet the expectations of the wholesale and distribution industry. Whether you want to automate the billing system or analyze reports on the finances from the last quarter, our software will be there to assist you in every step.

 Reporting & Analytics

We have incorporated advanced data analytical tools in our ERP software to help you leverage the reports and analytical forecasts for critical decision-making processes. From understanding your customer sentiments to knowing about the areas that need urgent remodification, our software will ensure you have accurate and precise analytical reports in hand.

 Shipping & Logistics:

This involves integrating with multiple carriers to compare rates and generate shipping labels, providing real-time shipment tracking updates for both customers and internal teams, and simplifying the returns process to streamline customer service and manage returned inventory.

How to Implement an ERP Wholesale & Distribution?

Define Your Requirements

The first thing you need to do is define your business and technical requirements so that our consultants and subject matter experts can draw an appropriate project plan and orchestrate a tailored roadmap to meet your needs.

Plan your Implementation

Once we are aware of all your requirements, the next phase is planning for the software’s implementation. Here, we cross-check the existing systems and applications, understand the IT infrastructure and its complexity, and a run a full-scale analysis. Based on these reports, we create a perfect roadmap for implementing the wholesale ERP software.

Prepare Your Data

The next thing we focus on is preparing all your business data that needs to be migrated to the new ERP software that we will implement. Here, we prepare multiple data backups for disaster recovery situations so that your business information won’t be lost or corrupted at any event. Our professionals will seamlessly migrate the data from the legacy system to the new ERP software without causing any workflow disruption.

Customize the ERP System

Once we prepared all the data and migrated the same, we will focus on developing custom features for the concerned ERP software. The level of customization depends on the client requirements, market conditions, targeted user base, and many other such crucial factors.

Train the Users

After this, we focus on training the users to increase the technology adoption rate and ensure your employees will be able to harness the true potential of a custom developed wholesale ERP software solution.

Test & launch

Last but not least, we run a full-scale testing suite on the developed software and provide the required code and data fixes for the same. Once we are certain that the product is good to go, we launch the software for real-time users.

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