Sea Food ERP Software Solution

Sea Food ERP Software Solution

Efficiently Manage Your Seafood Business with our Cutting-Edge Seafood ERP Software Solution.

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Revolutionizing Seafood Business Operations

The Seafood ERP Software Solution by Silent Infotech revolutionizes the way seafood businesses operate. With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, it streamlines everything from procurement and inventory management to sales and distribution. This specialized software empowers seafood companies to make informed decisions, enhance traceability, and ensure compliance with industry standards. With a user-friendly interface and powerful analytical capabilities, our ERP solution is tailored to meet the unique demands of the seafood industry, ultimately driving efficiency and profitability for businesses in this sector.

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seo food business challenges

SeaFood Business Challenges

Similar to every other industry around the globe, the seafood manufacturing industry comprises certain loopholes and challenges too. Sustaining in the market calls for streamlining operations, maximizing margins, minimizing costs, meeting deliveries, and studying the market to operate efficiently. Considering the industry-specific challenges, the seafood manufacturing market battles with an array of plight including, 

  • Compliance 
  • Catchweight 
  • Traceability 
  • Storage conditions 
  • Lot and portion control 
  • Perishable
  • Daily prognosis 
  • Maintaining Food quality and safety
  • Commodity pricing 
  • Slicing efficiency 

The makers of seafood deserve a tool to assist them escape fishing in dangerous waters. The solution is an ERP, or, a seafood ERP software that is specifically designed for the industry that can further solve the issues and support efficient business operations seamlessly.

Why Does The Industry Need Seafood ERP Software Solution?

​The answer is quite straightforward. The Seafood ERP software offered by Silent Infotech holds excellent features that have been introduced to reflect modern trends. The ERP solution is fully capable of addressing the most specialized requirements of seafood producers. Furthermore, it is an all-encompassing product that speeds up every operation, including spray cooling, washing, storage, packing in cans, thawing, can washing, eviscerating, loin cooling, pre-cooking, filling solution, spray cooling, seaming, sterilization, can dying, can chilling, labeling, loading, and shipping. 

Besides, to address the rest of the challenges, food-related firms may handle the intricacy of their sales, inventory, formula, purchases, quality assurance, costing, and compliance with the assistance of Silent Infotech ERP, and yet make their deliveries precisely on time. Most importantly, this seafood ERP system provides total accountability and tracking of trash and byproducts that may be used to create other high-revenue-generating goods.

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Our Seafood ERP Solution

  • To help the seafood manufacturing market, we have improved the AI-based ERP system for the seafood supply chain. This allows the seafood vendor to identify and monitor the seafood’s freshness and purity. We even offer order-to-cash services, inventory management, product configurators, warehousing, and shipping, besides supply chain planning and supplier scheduling.
  • We adopt a cloud-based approach. Real-time, core business operations integrated with open-source technologies helps create an effective and customized ERP.
  • To reduce time lag and functional and geographic restrictions, we have a cloud-based fix that blends the procurement process with the supplier relationship management process.
  • We provide full track and trace, allowing anyone to verify a product’s entire history, right from the origin through certificates and genuine documents. We strive to establish a trustless ecosystem by providing time-stamped and community consensus-based immutable data and prohibiting product counterfeiting.

Harvester Catching the Seafood From the Sea

  • Over here Harvester can register his catch with information like approx. weight, a variety of species involved, and catch location using the smartphone application communicating with our ERP.
  • Once the vessel reaches the Dock – the deal for the catch takes place between harvest and the Processor company representative.

Seafood ERP System

Seafood ERP System

Seafood ERP System

Seafood Processing Company Agent Interacts With the ERP System

  • The Processor Company here can be the company purchasing and trading the sea-food further.
  • Upon purchase by the processor company, a purchasing agent with the help of a hand-held device running an ERP Application, registers the purchase order creating and filling the crates from the purchased catch.
  • Crates here are the systematically designed boxes used for storing the seafood equipped with RFID tags.
  • Assume that through the system we will have 2 types of crates – Ungraded and graded one.
  • The one filled at the Dockside is the ungraded crates each of which is identified by the unique Electronic Code generated by ERP.