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Excelling in Odoo ERP Implementation

Requirement Analysis

Manage Leads and Opportunity efficiently with intuitive interface for customer engagement with messaging and next action scheduling.

Customization & Development

Silent Infotech excels in tailoring Odoo to suit your business intricacies. Our team dives into customization and development, crafting solutions that seamlessly align with your workflows, enhance efficiency, and address specific business challenges.

Odoo Deployment & Configuration

Smooth deployment is pivotal for a successful implementation. Silent Infotech excels in deploying and configuring Odoo, ensuring optimal performance and a hassle-free user experience.

Data Migration

Transitioning from legacy systems to Odoo is simplified with our meticulous data migration process. We ensure a seamless transfer of your critical business data, maintaining integrity and accuracy throughout the migration.

Training & Support

Empower your team with in-depth training sessions tailored to your business processes. Our support extends beyond training to ensure a smooth transition and efficient utilization of Odoo in your day-to-day operations.

Make it Live

The culmination of our efforts is the exciting moment when your Odoo ERP goes live. Silent Infotech orchestrates the final steps, ensuring a seamless transition to a customized Odoo solution.

Odoo Implementation Process

Define Business Goals

Identify and articulate your business goals, setting the stage for a purpose-driven Odoo implementation.

Allocate Budget

Allocate resources judiciously by defining a budget that aligns with your business objectives and expected outcomes.

Select Best Suitable ERP

Choose the most fitting Odoo ERP solution based on your business requirements and industry specifications.

Select Best Implementation Partner

Partner with Silent Infotech, your reliable Odoo implementation expert, to ensure a successful journey.

Define Implementation Phases

Establish clear implementation phases, allowing for a systematic and structured approach to the process.

Select The Best Hosting Plan

Optimize your Odoo experience by selecting the hosting plan that suits your business scalability and performance needs.

Installation & Configuration

Our experts handle the seamless installation and configuration of Odoo, tailoring it to your specific requirements.

Data Migration

Our experts handle the seamless installation and configuration of Odoo, tailoring it to your specific requirements.


Rigorous testing ensures that every component of your Odoo implementation meets quality standards.


Equip your team with the necessary skills through comprehensive training sessions tailored to your business workflows.

Go Live

Experience the culmination of your Odoo implementation as we guide you through a successful go-live process.

Support & Maintenance

Silent Infotech provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the continued success of your Odoo implementation.

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Why Choose Silent Infotech for Odoo Implementation?

Our commitment to excellence, a proven track record, and a team of dedicated experts set us apart. Choose Silent Infotech for a seamless and successful Odoo implementation experience.

Odoo in Various Industries

Discover how Odoo ERP can revolutionize operations across diverse industries, enhancing efficiency and driving growth.

The Advantages of an Odoo Gold Partnership

Explore the benefits of partnering with an Odoo Gold Partner, ensuring unparalleled expertise, support, and access to cutting-edge solutions.


Decatholon using Odoo

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Del monte using odoo

Odoo used by aviva

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Odoo erp used by toyota

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Work With the Best Odoo Implementation Company

Silent Infotech has the best method of decreasing risk compared to other Odoo ERP software implementors. We use secure technical skills and the right implementation method:

  • Our unique Business Process Analysis Approach – We hear you a lot during initial consultations.
  • Implementation Roadmap derived as a multi-phase (milestone) based plan.
  • Planned Data Migration (Module, database, and Odoo version upgrade).
  • An integrated system(Custom Integration and Direct Integration).
  • Put maximum use of Odoo Marketplace Modules to optimize the implementation as per its panorama.
  • Installation of the system with the refined application.
  • Deployment options include – Odoo Cloud and Odoo.sh, On-premise or cloud Odoo hosting (GCP, AWS, etc).
  • LTCO(Low total cost of ownership) – Expert assistance in deciding the Right Odoo License as per the Business requirements.

Our intelligence has satisfied over 300+ projects with
120+ clients in 20+ countries.

ERP Implementation Services

Odoo ERP Implementation Services

  • We develop & implement highly end-to-end Business Solution which is configurable, adaptive, and customized as per your business process/workflow on top of the well-known Odoo ERP / CRM’ (Opensource ERP, formerly OpenERP).
  • Our Implementation expertise is uniquely conveyed  by the Implementation Case Study, involving “Micro Process Automation” within your Odoo ERP and thus designing a more productive tool for your business compared to any other well-known ERP/CRM Systems out there.
  • The combination of “Odoo, RFID, and IoT” makes Silent Infotech(SIT) unique across the Odoo community.
  • Equipped with excellent flexibility, agile development methodologies, and potent MVC architecture, ODOO also offers the scope of adaptation and customization.

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Our Latest Odoo ERP/CRM implementation case studies


(Customized Odoo CRM)

LYNX a German-based trading platform with global footprints known for using cutting edge technology assisting their service stack.

Full filling their need for highly scalable and customization CRM for leads and customer management, we came up with a fully rebranded version of Odoo based CRM which was adaptively customized with their need.

odoo erp crm

FAQs Related to Odoo Implementation Services 

This is the suggested solution for SMEs that have over 5-10 users. When your business grows and there are extra functionalities needed in your expanding system, off-the-shelf ERP solutions might not address all your needs. Odoo allows customisation fitting your business scope and budget.

Depends on different criteria such as the scope and level of customization, but it will take 3-12 months for the execution of the center capacities and go-live for the framework.

​Customized Odoo arrangement is prescribed for SMEs with over 20 workers looking for extra functionalities for their particular commerce forms. With our Odoo customisation arrangement, we give a full-stop benefit with commerce examination, customisation, and hypercare to guarantee smooth venture conveyance and an all-fit Odoo framework for your commerce operations.

Our team identifies opportunities where Odoo can streamline and automate business operations with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. We also work closely with your organization to analyze your business operations, identify bottlenecks, and create bespoke solutions that fit your requirements. Odoo’s flexibility and adaptability makes it easy for our customers to understand how their Odoo implementation will impact their existing business processes and make the transition to a new system as smooth as possible.

Odoo partners are better than freelancers when it comes to Odoo Implementation because they are more experienced and well-trained professionals. Since they are certified, Odoo partners always follow the standards and professional methodology. They are experts in all industries and have access to the Enterprise Edition source code which provides unlimited Odoo services.

Silent’s technical & functional consultants are available 24/7, making them the ideal odoo implementation partners for your business. With over 15+ years of experience and expertise in all industry sectors, Silent’s project undertakings are robust and reliable. We always prioritize customer needs at every stage of the process.

Odoo spares you with a parcel of cash, clearing out them for utilizing in future customizations and other fundamentals. Besides, Odoo offers the boundless plausibility of customizations in the ERP. Various custom highlight modules offer assistance the trade accomplish commerce comes about with more noteworthy ease. Moreover with Odoo, there is no chance of getting bolted in either by the seller or innovation.