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Drive business ROIs higher, optimize the deliveries, and increase integrations and collaboration between departments with customized Odoo development solutions from Silent Infotech. We deliver feasible, innovative, and data-driven business solutions to help you meet the target, facilitate digital transformation, and improve your brand's digital presence in the market.

Silent Infotech is an experienced and certified Odoo website development company, offering comprehensive digital solutions aligned with market trends and changing consumer demographics. Our Odoo  Web Development Experts have excellent skills in all domains, from requirement and data analysis to website designing and development, automation and system testing, system integration and data migration, custom integration, deployment, and continuous support and maintenance.

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Extending Unwavering Support

We ensure to extend our web development services to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to embark on a digital transformation journey with Odoo-powered websites and enhance customer experience across all channels.

Client-focused Approach

Our web developers adopt a client-centric approach, aligning the development strategies and roadmap with the business requirements, thereby boosting agility and performance across all levels.

Customized Plans

We pay special attention to our clients expectations so that our ideas and web solutions can help them achieve their targets, drive the ROIs higher, meet consumer demands, and foster innovation and speed.

Versatile Deployment Solutions ​

Our team carries out on-site and cloud-hosted deployments according to our client requirements along with rolling out customized and scalable website solutions.

Enhanced Reliability

As a reliable partner, we provide extensible, flexible, and agile Odoo website development solutions while ensuring our digital solutions can help clients overcome bottlenecks, reduce business disruptions, and deliver optimal CX.

At Silent InfoTech, we leverage Odoo to develop and optimize the best website solutions so that they can be integrated with major business core workflows, including sales, finance, accounting, retail, marketing, management, production, support, and many more.

​ Odoo Website Development Services We Provide

Odoo Custom Development 

We offer custom Odoo website development services to cater to versatile and diverse business needs head-on. From integrating the market trends to customizing features as per our client’s workflows, we enhance the personalization level up by several notches. This way, our clients can easily meet their targets, achieve the goals, and deliver a uniform end-user experience.

Odoo UI/UX Designing 

We a strong and dedicated team of UI/UX designers who work on developing the frontend of the Odoo-powered website, ensuring a streamlined navigation, powerful UI features, and easily rendered components. Further, we optimize the user interface and its underlying business logic layer for reduced server downtime, decreased load time, and optimal performance.

Odoo Web App Development 

Our team is also skilled in developing Odoo web applications that will help you provide native app-like experience to your end-users through the website. We are experienced in both progressive web apps and single page application development processes, which is why meeting your business requirements won’t be a problem for us.

Odoo Website Migration 

We will help you strategize website migration through Odoo development and implementation services, ensuring the bottlenecks caused by legacy systems can be overcome in no time. Our migration roadmap is orchestrated after a thorough analysis of your existing platform and the pain points your business is encountering in real-time.

Odoo Website Testing 

Website development is never complete without proper testing. That’s why we offer Odoo website testing services also to ensure our team can roll out a flawless website without causing business disruption or demeaning the customer experience in real-time. From system and integration testing to performance and load testing, we are well-versed in different approaches to developing an immaculate Odoo website.

Support & Maintenance 

We extend our support and maintenance services to our clients post the successful deployment of the developed Odoo website. From upgrading the tech stack to optimizing data security protocols and modifying hardware and software configurations, our support services include comprehensive areas. This way we can make the Odoo website more stable and reduce the business contingencies.

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Approach We follow for Odoo Website Development

Understanding Project Scope

Before we embark with the project planning and execution, we acquire a full-on report on its scope through our Odoo website development consultants. Our experts have a thorough discussion with our clients to understand the business pain points and challenges. Based on these, we further documents the project scope, tasks, deliverables, budget, time frame, and other variables.

Analyzing Requirements

Requirement analysis is one of the most important phases to successfully deliver flawless Odoo websites. Here, we conduct a thorough data analysis and reporting of various domains, including HR, sales, finances, operations, production, management, and so on. We also segmentalize these domains into smaller areas and focus on them to gather the in-depth business requirements to be used later on in SDLC.

Designing UI & Developing Software

At Silent InfoTech, we follow an agile methodology for Odoo website development process. In this, we first close requirement gathering and divide it into smaller segments. Each segment is meant to be delivered within a sprint where a strict time window is followed. The number of requirements to be development in a sprint depends on the client budget, requirements, and the story points. Our designers and developers follow properly orchestrated roadmap to ensure the development cycle is completed as per the original plans without any delays in deliveries.

Quality Analysis & Testing

We conduct a thorough cycle of quality analysis and testing to ensure the developed Odoo website performs as per the initial requirements. Furthermore, we re-modify and scale the website features and components based on the testing results, fix the bugs, and optimize the performance. Our testers are experienced professionals who adopt different approaches, including User Acceptance Testing, System and Integration Testing, volume and load testing, performance testing, and many more.

Go Live & Post Production Support

Once all the testing results are aligned with the business requirements, we proceed further with the deployment of the website to the production. We do so outside business hours to ensure no disruption and minimal server downtime. A BVT is conducted once the website is go-live and any real-time defect is fixed with urgency and promptness. We also provide ongoing support post the deployment of the software to the production environment.

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Why Choose Silent Infotech For Odoo Website Development?

Skilled & Experience

Our professionals are highly skilled in terms of Odoo business suite and website development, which is why they combine their knowledge to successfully develop a Odoo website for your business empowerment and innovation.


We follow a customer-centric approach to ensure the website features and functional workflows are aligned with the business and can deliver an omnichannel end-user experience across all channels.


Our Odoo website development service is cost-effective and ensures you won’t have to raise your budget by a substantial amount. We also leverage the Odoo website builder to customize and develop business websites at smaller project budgets.


Our website development solutions are backed by data and analytical reports, which is why they are feasible and successful in solving your business’s pain points and challenges.

Continuous scalability

We ensure to develop an Odoo website with higher flexibility so that its features can be scaled on the go without any further problems.

Cost & Value

Relatively reasonable price and quality work from the team of certified Odoo professionals.

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