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In today’s information age, we have so much data coming from various places. This could be tough to spend numerous amount of our valuable time to analyze it. This delay often leads to missed opportunities, unnecessary problems, inaccurate forecasting and in the end lost revenue.

“Silent IIOT” dashboard solves all these problems. By using “Silent IIOT” dashboard, you can see all of your data at a glance. Live updates make it easier to analyze and historical data makes it easy to spot trends.
Our dashboards also pulls out the hard work from data processing, allowing you to spend more time on your findings and achieve the results you need.

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IOT Cloud Solution

How does it work?

A world where all the devices and appliances are connected to a network and are used collaboratively to achieve a complex task that requires a high degree of intelligence.

When we come down to the IOT ecosystem there’s no single consensus or again there’s no single architectural design that’s out there which has agreed universally because of each company,each organization, each user for that matter has different requirements and when we look down to it we can break it down to a simple three level architecture as :


Industrial Standard Sensors measuring various mission-critical parameters in the Industrial Zone. For example, Temperature, Water Quality, Pressure, RFID, Multi-function Energy Meter, etc.

IoT Edge Gateway

An internet-enabled computing unit brings the sensor’s data to the application cloud securely. Silent Infotech provides industry-specific IIOT gateway which is IP67 standard and tested for industrial use.

IIOT Applicaion Cloud

A secure storage destination for your Industrial sensor data. Silent IIOT Cloud supports industry-standard protocols such as MQTT, Telemetry Data storage, and REST API as per communication standards, equipped with an intuitive & responsive web dashboard that integrates with your ERP system.

Some Key Features

Responsive Design

User Interface adapting any screen size ranging from smartphone to tablet to personal computer.

Real-time Data Analysis

Real-time processing data presentation of the event as it occurs.


Allows adding the sensor devices as we grow dynamically.

Map Based Monitoring

Provides the user with a real picture of the real situation.


Monitors the rising/falling of sensor values in real-time.

Secure Access Control Systems

From the main container, you can change the background to highlight features.

Historical Data & Analytics

Our dashboards will provide you with a way to data records including historical data.

Asset Tracking

Real time asset tracking dashboard for Logistics and Transports

IIOT Dashboard

Silent IIOT Dashboard + 

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