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Streamline Your Business(Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) with Our Solar ERP Software. Unlock efficiency, drive growth, and make informed decisions with our comprehensive and tailored Solar ERP solutions.

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Why Does Your Business Need Solar ERP System?

Boost Efficiency, Control, and Growth with Solar ERP EPC Software. You can easily 
streamline operations, gain real-time insights, and foster collaboration for a thriving solar business.

Efficient Management
Efficient Management

Streamline operations, automate processes, and improve efficiency for your solar energy projects.

End-to-End Control
End-to-End Control

Manage the entire project lifecycle with a centralized platform, from lead capture to project completion.

Real-Time Insights
Real-Time Insights

Gain valuable data and analytics for informed decision-making and better project planning.

Seamless Collaboration
Seamless Collaboration

Foster effective teamwork and communication among teams, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Compliance & Documentation
Compliance & Documentation

Simplify regulatory compliance and documentation management.

Scalable Growth
Scalable Growth

Accommodate expansion and increased project volumes with a scalable Solar ERP System.

Key Modules & Features Solar ERP System Offer

​Solar Lead Management System (Solar CRM)

Solar CRM offers essential features for effective lead management in the Solar EPC Industry. Here’s how our ERP solution benefits your solar business:

Automated Lead Capture

Our CRM captures leads from various sources, ensuring everything is clear.

Automatic Lead Assignment

Leads are intelligently assigned to suitable team members, increasing conversion chances.

Personalized Sales Pipeline

Organize leads into stages for efficient management.

Activity Notification & Tracking

Get reminders for follow-ups and tasks to maintain engagement.

Pending Activity Report

Track and prioritize pending tasks from a user-friendly dashboard.

Activity Tracking Dashboard

Gain insights into salespersons’ activities and performance.

Marketing Automation Tailored For Solar EPC Business

We offer marketing automation tools that enhance 
lead management and nurturing. Key features include:

Automated Follow-up

Our system sends personalized messages via multiple channels, encouraging further engagement.

Lead Nurturing

Use our Solar CRM to create automated workflows and campaigns that keep leads engaged and increase conversion chances.

EPC Project Management for Solar

Silent Infotech offers the Best Solar EPC ERP Software, streamlining project management in solar EPC businesses. Key features include:

Automated Project Creation

Save time and ensure consistency with automatic project generation.

Real-Time Task Tracking

Monitor task progress and identify bottlenecks in real-time.

Pop-Up Notifications

Receive reminders for planned activities, enhancing performance.

Automated Timesheets

Track employee performance and optimize resource allocation.

Employee Cost Calculation

Accurately calculate project costs based on employee hours and rates.

Cost and Revenue Reports

Gain insights into project expenses and optimize execution.

Sales Management (Sales CRM) in Solar Business (B2B and B2C)

Our Sales CRM simplifies the sales process, boosts efficiency, and offers the following key features:

Effortless Quote Creation

Generate professional quotes seamlessly, saving time for sales activities.

Follow-up Notifications

Receive reminders for quotations and payments, improving customer satisfaction and closing deals effectively.

Salesperson Performance Tracking

Analyze sales performance, optimize team productivity, and make data driven decisions to enhance sales strategies.

Human Resource Management in Solar Industry

​Our HR Management module offers efficient solutions for workforce management with the following key features.

Employee Database Management

Easily store and access employee information in a centralized database, simplifying data management.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Streamline the hiring process and automate employee onboarding.

Attendance & Leave Management

Track attendance, manage leave requests, and generate accurate reports for payroll processing.

Performance Management

Set goals, conduct reviews, and track performance metrics to drive success.

EPC Task Management

With our EPC task management module in the software,
 you can streamline and optimize your task management processes with the following features.

Automated Task Creation

Tasks and default stages are automatically created for new projects, ensuring consistency and a seamless workflow.

Automatic Task Assignment

Tasks are assigned to relevant teams and individuals automatically, saving time and improving efficiency.

Task Pipeline

Classify and prioritize tasks within a visual task pipeline, enhancing management and organization.

Task Progress Tracking

Track task progress with percentage completion, allowing for better project forecasting and resource allocation.

Pop-up Reminders

Schedule task reminders and receive pop-up notifications to stay on top of assigned tasks and meet deadlines.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with a portal to track task progress, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

Purchase Management Features in Solar ERP Solution

Silent Infotech offers comprehensive purchase management solutions 
to streamline inventory processes and optimize purchasing strategies. Key features include.

Request for Quote

Obtain competitive prices by sending quote requests to vendors, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

Quote Comparison

Compare multiple quotes to reduce purchase costs.

Track Pending Receipts

Stay organized and informed about pending deliveries with a consolidated dashboard, enabling effective inventory planning.

Drop Shipping

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by enabling direct shipment from vendors to customers.

Supplier Evaluation

Assess suppliers based on quality, delivery, and pricing for informed decision-making.

Track Pending Receipts

Stay organized and informed about pending deliveries with a consolidated dashboard, enabling effective inventory planning.

Inventory & Warehouse Management Solutions

Efficiently manage inventory and warehouse operations with Silent Infotech’s integrated software. Key features include.

Multi-Location Support

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses from a single dashboard, ensuring efficient tracking and control.

Barcode Compatibility

Streamline operations and minimize errors by using barcodes for transactions, improving accuracy and speed.

Lot & Serial Tracking

Enhance traceability by tracking products with lot and serial numbers, ensuring accurate inventory management.

Stock Forecasting

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by enabling direct shipment from vendors to customers.

Stock Valuation

Automate stock costing and generate comprehensive valuation reports, providing insights for decision-making.

Live Dashboard

Monitor and control inventory moves in real-time with a centralized dashboard, offering enhanced visibility and control.

Finance Management Solutions

Manage your finances efficiently with Silent Infotech’s comprehensive finance management solution. Key features include.

Automated Payment Follow-up

Schedule reminders for due payments, ensuring timely collection and improved cash flow management.

Multi-Currency Support

Conduct transactions in multiple currencies with automatic conversion, simplifying international transactions.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Compute sales tax payable and purchase tax receivable automatically, eliminating manual errors.

Interactive Dashboard

Monitor financial status, pending payments, and key metrics from a single intuitive dashboard.

Analytic Accounting

Track financial performance by allocating expenses and revenues to specific projects or departments.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Access real-time accounting reports in various formats for comprehensive business analysis.

Why Choose Silent Infotech for Solar ERP Software?

Choose Silent Infotech as your trusted partner for Solar ERP Software and unlock the full potential of your solar business. Below are some of the reasons why businesses love working with us:

  • Industry expertise for tailored solar solutions
  • Comprehensive features for streamlined operations
  • Real-time data insights for informed decisions
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

  • Dedicated support for a seamless experience
  • Scalable and flexible to accommodate growth
  • Enhanced collaboration for improved productivity
  • Proven track record in the solar industry
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FAQs Related to  Solar ERP Software Solution

Solar ERP is an integrated software system designed specifically for the solar power industry to streamline and manage various business processes such as project management, resource allocation, inventory control, and financial management etc. Connect with us to know more about solar industry-specific ERP features and customization. Email to us

When choosing Solar ERP software, important features to consider include project management tools, resource planning, inventory management, financial integration, real-time reporting, document management, and scalability. There are many advanced features that one can integrate based on the business requirements.

To choose the best Solar ERP, assess your specific business needs, evaluate software functionalities, consider scalability and flexibility, check for industry-specific features, analyze user reviews and customer support services, and ensure compatibility with your existing systems. Take the help of experts from Silent Infotech to get the best ERP Solution for Solar Business.

Silent Infotech provides customized ERP solutions tailored for the solar industry, offering comprehensive project management, resource allocation, inventory control, financial management, and more features. Our expertise and support help businesses maximize efficiency and streamline operations. Start your free ERP consultation now.

Solar ERP software provides tools and features to handle various aspects of solar products management and solar project management, including project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, task tracking, document management, collaboration, and real-time monitoring, ensuring efficient execution and successful project completion.

Solar ERP software incorporates CRM functionalities to manage customer interactions, track leads, manage inquiries, facilitate sales processes, automate customer support, and maintain a centralized customer database, enabling businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships. Get in touch with us to know more, email us at

Solar ERP software can be either cloud-based or on-premises, depending on the vendor and the specific needs of the business. Cloud-based solutions offer the advantage of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, while on-premises solutions provide more control over data and infrastructure but require local hardware and maintenance.

Solar ERP software streamlines procurement processes by automating purchase orders, managing supplier relationships, tracking inventory levels, and optimizing supply chain management, ensuring timely procurement and efficient material handling.

Yes, Solar ERP software can integrate with monitoring systems to collect and analyze real-time data on solar panel performance, enabling businesses to identify and resolve issues, optimize energy production, and ensure the overall health of solar assets. Schedule a consultation to know more about this feature.

Yes, Solar ERP software includes features for compliance management and regulatory reporting. It helps businesses ensure adherence to industry standards, track and manage permits and certifications, and generate accurate reports for regulatory authorities.

Solar ERP software allows businesses to manage warranties and service contracts associated with solar installations. It helps track warranty periods, schedule maintenance and service activities, and streamline the process of resolving warranty claims or providing customer support.

Can Solar ERP Software Assist in Financial Forecasting And Revenue Management?

Yes, Solar ERP software offers financial forecasting tools to project revenue, track expenses, manage budgets, and perform financial analysis. It helps businesses optimize revenue generation and make strategic financial decisions.