Digital Transformation for Men's Apparel Subscription Box eCommerce & Retail Store in the USA

Silent Infotech provided Custom ERP Solutions to manage inventory using barcode at multi-location warehouses along with other modules like sales, purchase, accounting, marketing automation, vendor management, and many more.  Along with ERP,  we also delivered cutting-edge Hybrid Mobile App for IOS & Android devices and a Headless e-commerce Store. Read this case study to get idea on how we enabled true digital transformation for leading men's Apparel brands in the USA.

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Introduction to Men's Apparel & Clothing Subscription Box Business

One of the leading North American subscription-based men's styling brands is revolutionizing the way modern men shop for clothing and apparel through the use of custom ERP systems and advanced e-commerce solutions. By integrating ERP technology into its operations, the brand has streamlined processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall shopping experience for its customers.

ERP systems play a crucial role in managing various aspects of the business, such as inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management, and financials. By leveraging ERP solutions, this men's styling brand started better tracking customer preferences, analyzing trends, optimizing supply chain management, and delivering personalized styling recommendations to its subscribers.

Through the use advance technology, this men's apparel and clothing brand has revolutionized the shopping experience for modern men, offering a curated selection of high-quality clothing and accessories based on individual style preferences and fit. With automated processes and data-driven insights, they have set a new standard for personalized shopping in the digital age.

Challenges Faced By Men's Apparel & Clothing Business

Complex Inventory Management

Managing inventory across multiple warehouses, retail locations, and thousands of potential stock locations presented significant logistical hurdles and mismanagement.

Manual Order Processing

Order processing was labor-intensive and prone to errors, especially with batch transfers, prioritizing orders based on subscription plans, and tagging requirements was taking lot of time and tend to missing delivery deadline.

Lack of Picking Automation

Product picking, especially based on the customer's style profile, was time-consuming, delaying the fulfillment process.

Disjointed Operations

The absence of seamless integration between various business functions like styling, invoicing, shipment, feedback, and returns/exchanges led to operational inefficiencies.

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​Tailored ERP & eCommerce Solutions For Men's Apparel & Clothing Brand

Silent Infotech provides customized ERP and eCommerce solutions tailored specifically for men's apparel and clothing brands. With a complete understanding of the business process and challenges faced by business, our ERP experts provided a solution that helped to streamline the business process and save a lot of time as well as money. Here is a glimpse of our custom solution.

Streamlined Order Processing

 Order automation enables batch transfers of up to 16 orders for greater efficiency.

 Priority routing for subscriptions, one-time purchases, first orders, and recurring orders.

 Enhanced customization for order tagging using size, color, subscription plan, and more.

Automated Picking & Packing

 Automated product picking based on warehouse location and order items.

 Streamlined creation of picking slips for faster order fulfillment.

 Integration with shipping stations for smooth delivery processes.

Headless Shopify Integration

  Seamless integration of a headless Shopify setup to power their subscription-based e-commerce platform.

Comprehensive Integrations

 Barcode app modifications for inventory adjustments based on empty locations.

 Optimization of exchange and return management for enhanced customer experience.

 Integration of order styler management.

 Integration of Retail ORBIT for synchronization with retail stores.

 CallTrix integration for improved customer communication and feedback.

 Candly integration for streamlined scheduling between customers and stylists.

Enhanced User Experience

 Introduction of style profile quizzes to gather customer preferences for better styling.

 Development of a hybrid mobile app for m-commerce for improved customer accessibility.

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Results and Impact After Implementing Our Solution

Operational Efficiency

Silent Infotech's solutions significantly streamlined inventory and order management, minimizing manual tasks, reducing errors, and boosting operational efficiency.

Improved Customer Experience

Optimized processes and the hybrid app led to faster order fulfillment, a seamless shopping experience, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights

Reporting tools for sales forecasting and category analysis provided actionable data to improve inventory planning and procurement decisions.


Silent Infotech showcases the power of a customized ERP and eCommerce solution in revolutionizing a men's apparel subscription-based business in the USA. Our ERP implementation successfully positions Men's styling brand for continued growth and innovation.

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