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A dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Industrial use

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Equalizing Dissolved Oxygen in water basics

DiOxSense is the compact dissolved oxygen sensing device providing industrial-grade accuracy real-time readings for the dissolved oxygen in the water. It can be used in the aquarium water as well as in the seawater tank used for the seafood (fish, crabs, lobsters) storage tanks.
Each and every species on our planet depends on Water and Oxygen. In the case of aquatic species, they require an adequate amount of dissolved oxygen for survival.
A dissolved oxygen level should be at an equalized state, too high or too low can harm aquatic life and affect water quality. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of dissolved oxygen concerning aquaculture facilities or large-scale ecosystems.

How Does It Work?

Connect to the Power Supply

Put the probe in the Water Facility

Broadcast the local Wi-Fi network and connect to the creds provided on the device

Scan the QR Code on the device OR open any browser and connect to

See the real-time values from the sensors

Key Features

Real-Time Data Analysis

Real-time values of temperature and DO are presented by the sensors.

Temperature Measurement

It measures the temperature in Degree Fahrenheit.

Custom Filters

Shows the date range selection for visualizing specific historical data. For example – One can view 30 days back data also depending upon the filter applied.

Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

​It measures the proportion of DO in two units – mg/L and %Saturation.


It is an intuitive option for calibrating the Dissolved Oxygen for the operational environment.

Duration filters

Quick duration filters – 3h,6h,12h,24h. It shows the Minimum, Maximum and Average values considering the last 24 Hours time-frame.

Dashboard View

  • The Dashboard displays the Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L and %Saturation) and temperature (Degree Fahrenheit).
  • Each Sensor parameter card has the last value Date Time.
  • Each Card shows the Minimum, Maximum and Average values considering the last 24 Hours time-frame.

How Does It Works?

Water Facility

Beverage Industry


Wastewater treatment plant

Large-scale ecosystem experiments

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