Why are we unique odoo team?

The Uniqueness That Defines Our Odoo Team! Explore the Distinctive Traits and Collaborative Brilliance Setting Us Apart in the World of Innovation and Efficiency.

Odoo Administration – This skill set makes us unique throughout Odoo community. It’s not about the deployment of Odoo on the servers, it’s about to keep it operational and keep it performing for years.

We have experience expertise who furnishes the track of your business with their designing & developing, transforming ideas they are compelling ideas into the digital experience.

We are anticipating the all-platform means desktop application, mobile application and mobile application means we are nourishing end-to-end solution for our client.

We are the most innovative company which is accommodated the enterprise resource planning solution for all business.

Our odoo expertizes are below:

(1) We are holding Odoo administration + odoo programming skill set.

  • ERP system is vital for any business and here we have a team of wizards who administer the odoo system with their programming for any organization.
  • Here is tech virtuosos deliver the impressive values to the respective organization.
  • We have arrangements for the hosting, installation, implementation, configuration, and support.
  • Our resources are customized the odoo module as per the business requisites.
  • We are helping with the odoo based solution and e-commerce maintenance service.
  • We have strong suits on Enterprise Email / Collaboration Solutions, ERP (Odoo) / CRM – Enterprise solutions, Web Application Development, Server Administration Services, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Hosting, CNC Software Solution, Healthcare Solutions in odoo.
  • Our server administration service is available for Windows, Linux, and Unix platform.

(2) we can scale odoo horizontally to keep the data safe and distribute the traffic.

  • We have an expert who prolongs your data in horizontal scale to circumvent the traffic. 
  • At silent infotech, we auspiciously established the odoo cluster using rancher platform in order to administer the huge number of users and a good amount of concurrent user load. 
  • By our service, you will get auxiliary amenities into your system by adding more gadget to your network, dispensing the managing and memory workload beyond multiple devices.
  • We will provide you expeditious and ceaseless accessibility
  • No limit to hardware capacity
  • You are not unbudgeable to recompensing for peak appetite.

(3) we can optimize odoo and make it up to 150% faster.

  • At silent infotech, we can recast the extreme coherence in storage capacity or time.
  • Our experts recommend superior assistance requisites to your business. We guarantee you that ERP module marvelous tailored and calculatedly accomplished. 
  • Our ODOO solutions can benefit an existing Magento Store. With the latest features of ODOO integration, it is possible to manage inventory, integrate sales orders and POS, and deliver faster results.

(4) Odoo architectural layout designing experience.

Our experience delivers you the reliable validation of powerful validity checks.

Our experts in odoo emerge the heterogeneous departments of an enterprise such as Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Production, Warehouse, in highly extensible and adaptive CRM for leads and customer management.

  • We have Customized Odoo CRM.
  • Odoo Module integrating with RoyalMail Shipment Services.
  • We have integrated Odoo with DPD printers and shipping services
  • Payment gateway integration for Odoo, we have integrated payfort with Odoo.

(5) Some of us have been part of core development team of Odoo.

  • During Era of OpenERP 6 & 7 (known as Odoo now), some of our team members have been part of the core Odoo team.
  • It was a time when Odoo was growing and architectural layout was being improved. Our team has played a key role in core architecture design as well.

(6) we are affordable as we are located in the best Geographical area of this planet in terms of economy. It’s the same city where Odoo is having their main development center.

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