Odoo 16 New Features: Quick Guide

A Quick Guide to the Game-Changing Features in Odoo 16. Dive into the latest enhancements that empower your business with seamless operations and cutting-edge technology.

All About Odoo 16 New Features

Over decades, each version update of Odoo has added a number of brand-new helpful features. To accomplish practical industrial processes, Odoo constantly aims to improve internal functionalities. Consequently, the end-user gets to receive significant advantages. After all, user experience is always put first when a new version is published, accompanied by straightforward functionality coming in right behind it. This updated version, slated for release in October 2022, boasts a number of improvements, including improved application performance, operating speed, and user experience. The latest version of Odoo, version 16, is in fact said to be the quickest, friendliest, and most advanced of its predecessors.

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Let’s move into the depth of the topic and learn more about the new Odoo 16 Implementation.

New App Release: Knowledge App

The New Knowledge App will let the organization capture the knowledge and document it to allow authorized users to check on

  1. Product/Service Description
  2. Product/Service Sales Pitch
  3. Manage SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) across the organization

The Knowledge App provides a new way for enterprises to capture valuable knowledge and best practices to organize/train the new workforce which will result in increased efficiency and sales.

Silent InfotechOdoo Gold Partner in the US prefers to use it for internal purposes considering the features.

Odoo 16 Implementation

Top 12 Odoo v16 feature additions

Let us have a look at the new features in Odoo 16 version, which we, the best Odoo Partner in USA provide.

Increased User Satisfaction:

The Odoo release notes for version 16 allude to the enhanced user experience across all key modules, as they do with every significant upgrade to the software. Numerous user-friendly functionalities have been included as part of the update to support operations like staff management by the HR team and product management by the sales team. For a smooth user experience, the marketing and sign modules also have been completely remodeled.
Business Benefits: Simplified UI, streamlined workflow or management, smooth communication, higher productivity, and enhanced customer experience.

Accounting Module:

There consists a tonne of intriguing improvements in the accounting module with the Odoo 16 implementation. Additionally, they are providing instructions on how to make an invoice, which is something that businesses can really take advantage of.

  1. The validation process can be sped up considerably by generating Intrastat reports.
  2. Journal audit reports will get better with better readability and VAT information.
  3. Distinctive features like new bank reconciliation, accounting imports, and multi-currency matching.
  4. For sales and bills, a credit limit warning.
  5. Enhanced UX, simple cancellations, and precise calculations in the asset enhancement module.
  6. Creating bills for clients or customers using a distinct OCR option.

Business Benefits: Increased efficiency, fewer operational difficulties in accounting, speedy invoice creation, and precise audit reports.

Marketing Module:

You no longer need to deal with the headaches of integrations when using the Odoo 16 support to alter the global attributes for your email list at once. The new build will enable customers to develop fresh, original email templates from pre-existing ones created for efficient email marketing.

Additionally, accessing email addresses and other contact information as well as data import will be simpler. Retweeting previous tweets is another way to increase one’s social media visibility.

Business Benefits: Time savings, increased productivity, reduced operating expenses, and better social media participation.

Also, you have option to integrate advance email configurator module from Silent Infotech.

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HR and Sign Module:

The HR and sign modules in Odoo 16 hosting service have received updates like,

  1. A feature for refusing to sign has been implemented.
  2. Using reports and data, it is simple to evaluate an employee’s abilities and performance over the course of a month.
  3. Change or alter a worker’s allocated role in response to requests.
  4. There is now a tool called “Stress Day” that lists the top priorities for each given day.
  5. Checking time off, leave days, and allocations

Business Benefits: Superior resource management, enhanced leave planning, tracking of employees’ performance, effective project planning, and a reduction in resource allocation gaps.


With Odoo 16 Support, the manufacturing module boasts a wealth of beneficial features.

  1. All manufacturing orders can be divided and combined by users for a sought-after, more efficient procedure.
  2. Your clients may now use the provided URL to check the progress of any sales order for manufacture.
  3. The ability to delegate production registration to subcontractors has been made possible by the launch of a subcontracting

Business Benefits: Simplified manufacturing procedure, time-saving strategy, and increased customer transparency.

Inventory Module:

Odoo 16 Customization is set to bring about a number of improvements to the inventory module, right from enhancements to the addition of new functionality.

  1. Instead of canceling an order every time a product in their warehouse is shown as “out of stock” enterprises will now have the alternative to initiate a backorder and obtain the product from the main supplier. Such orders will be automatically managed by the new Odoo 16 Support, resulting in less confusion.
  2. Enhances automated batching and shipping procedures.
  3. Updated software for calculating and estimating the visibility days remaining to replenish inventories for items or replenishment orders.
  4. Force scan functionality.
  5. Pick and count.
  6. Postcode filter improvement.

Business Benefits: Enhanced inventory management, less complicated manufacture and transportation of goods, simpler scan processes, and higher efficiency.

Purchase Module:

The purchase module has also benefited from several helpful modifications introduced by the Odoo 16 Implementation.

  1. A “Call for Tender” option has been modified for improved performance.
  2. Invoices for commercial use that adhere to industry norms.
  3. Satisfying commercial standards for shipping insurance.
  4. Real-time monitoring for receipt or dispatch of sales and purchase orders
  5. Setting up and managing discount codes, coupons, and sales promotions.

Business Benefits: More open systems, better performance, secure operations, and improved user experience.

Website Module:

The following are some of the features you can anticipate seeing in the website module when choosing the Odoo 16 Hosting service:

  1. A single view can be used to manage both the front end and back end of a website.
  2. You will get access to a wide range of tools to customize the website however you desire.
  3. When configuring a website page, you don’t really need to refresh.
  4. The web pages will soon include more grouping and filtering options.

Business Benefits: Time-saving tools, interactive and interesting designs, and numerous customization choices.

Upgraded Performance:

In the revised version of Odoo, the emphasis will be on optimizing performance and attempting to remove and recompile the code base. In order to achieve optimum performance and popularity in its field of endeavor, Odoo is adding a few innovative features and has prioritized performance with version 16. Instead of merely just being an improvement or update from the old iteration, the current version’s main goal is to improve Odoo’s overall efficiency.

Improved eCommerce:

Several eCommerce apps have been improved and now offer functionalities that Odoo lacked when using only native apps. B2B companies will enjoy:

  1. Request a Price
  2. Only displaying prices to logged-in users
  3. Pricing depends on the demand
  4. Encourage catalog retailers
  5. Contract pricing and authorized goods

Additional advantages include ones like,

  1. Bulk Photo Upload
  2. After uploading, alter the order of the photographs
  3. Quicker online checkout
  4. Price comparison
  5. UOM display.

Odoo will also get functionalities like One-Click Checkout and more payment alternatives. With all these improvements, Odoo eCommerce will be no doubt the ideal platform for your company, and you will not need to look at alternatives any longer.

Sales Reports in Multiple Currencies:

All sales can now be automatically revalued depending on daily exchange rates. Besides, all the sales reporting in Odoo 16 Implementation will highly be multi-currency aware.

Rental App goes Online:

Renting items online has now been made possible from your webshop with the Odoo release. This feature is extremely useful for renting all sorts of cars, and products and it’s similar. You determine the days that are suitable for collection and delivery.


The improvement of their current business operations, higher returns, and more devoted clients are Odoo’s obvious goals for introduction. The new Odoo 16 makes sure that you produce the highest level of business management efficiency with its new features and updated UI. Today, over 40 percent of the total business units use ERP software to increase the functionality of their processes. All of that has been made easier with an Odoo 16 migration from an Odoo Expert like Silent Infotech! To put it briefly, using and managing your business with our Odoo Partner in USA will offer incredible benefits to your business.

FAQS Related to Odoo 16

Several new payment providers, including Razorpay, AsiaPay, and others, have been added to provide you with more options.

Overall, the UI and UX of our website and eCommerce apps have been improved. All menus have also been updated to make everything more user-friendly. Products, loyalty programs, and so on.

Odoo 16 improved the overall navigation of the app. The new bank reconciliation widget significantly improves the user experience. Improved features include an accounting analytic widget, completely revamped accounting reports, and much faster invoice encoding. Credit limit warnings, recurring invoices, early payment discounts, Storno accounting support, and other new features are available. Odoo 16 supports accounting in over 70 countries.

In Odoo 16, all dashboards, including the homonymous app, have been converted into Spreadsheet-based reports. Odoo Spreadsheet becomes the first open-source solution to support collaborative sheet editing and seamless import/export of Excel files – with tables, charts, frozen panes, hidden columns and rows, and 200+ functions!

es, Apex can be used to build custom reporting and analytics that provide greater visibility into key business metrics and help inform strategic decision-making.

Odoo 16 includes a new intuitive app called Knowledge App. This app allows you to create or duplicate articles as well as their hierarchies in order to share your company’s knowledge and even make it customizable by everyone internally.

Odoo 16’s performance has been enhanced across the entire technology stack. Because almost all JavaScript components now use OWL 2, backend views can now load up to 20 times faster!

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