New Odoo 15 Features

Dive into the Game-Changing Odoo 15 Features! From Enhanced Productivity to Seamless Integration, Here's What's New in the Latest Upgrade.

What’s the BIG news?

Odoo is yet back with another terrific version – Odoo 15. Like every year, Odoo comes up with an upgrade with a better user experience keeping in mind how to easily use the platform for Odoo users and customization for Odoo consultants.

Well, as you are already here, you might be aware of the Odoo working, so let’s just dive into the upgraded features for Odoo 15.

What’s new with Odoo 15?


  • Outlook and Gmail mail connectors. Create Tasks, Issue Tickets, Leads from emails received on the platforms.
  • The duplicate leads get highlighted. Multiple same leads can be created by different salesperson, or customers providing data multiple times on channels.
  • Improved lead scoring and Sales forecast.
  • Custom Reporting for all users based on the access rights.

Inventory Management

  • Better inventory management with fewer efforts.
  • Better picking operations with improved delivery slips.
  • Now you can favorite the products so that they appear on top of the list.
  • Improve the product labels for more information.
  • Enhanced forecast reporting.
  • Supports GS1 standards.
  • Scan the product from the home screen to get the location and description of it.


  • Revamped charts of accounts.
  • Improved reconciliation operations.
  • Personalize and automate the follow-up emails.
  • Now 1099 reporting is easier for companies doing business in the US.


  • Edit/delete sent the message and also react with emoticons.
  • Shortcuts for direct chatting to a member.
  • Odoo now supports Voice and Video calls for meetings with the screen-sharing feature.
  • Add external guest/customer to the ongoing meeting/discussion by sharing the link.


  • Customers can purchase gift cards.
  • Enhanced design for the online shop.
  • Send automated notifications to customers who subscribed for “Out of Order” products.
  • Better product filter along with price range filter for browse through specific product category.


  • Get analytics on manufacturing orders and track cost.
  • Get forecast on expected MO and Components for MO.
  • Apart from that, Get forecasting from the demand of orders from past years.
  • Improved Cost reporting for MO based on BOM and by-product cost valuation.

Website Builder

  • AI to build your website based on your industry and the information you provide.
  • Let Website Configurator create a website for you based on just a few related industry information and company logo provided.
  • An interesting fact about Website Builder is that it is 35% faster than the previous Odoo version.
  • Website builder flexible enough to design a website to unlimited possibilities.
  • Add custom embedded HTML Code.
  • Manage newsletter pop-up and the global search for the website.
  • Improved Google Analytics integration to cope up with Google’s latest update.
  • Enhanced modern highly customizable theme templates.


  • An updated version of POS Shop & Restaurant on mobile.
  • Multi-pricelist feature for the same product.
  • Retiring IoT box and directly connecting POS to external hardware.
  • Refund customers and track it, get product information along with its order status, and check customer history with all due payments.
  • Integrated shipping for POS.
  • Improved payment with the “ Pay Later” and “Pay Partially” features.


  • Collaborative editing environment for documents, graphs, and more.
  • Workspace can be configured to be read or write by the owner of the file allowing document edit rights.


  • Apart from Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter, Odoo now supports Youtube and Instagram with a multi-company environment.
  • Supports GIF's

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