Odoo vs MRPeasy – A detailed MRP software comparison for SMEs.

Odoo vs MRPeasy Showdown for SMEs. A comprehensive guide to help small and medium-sized enterprises choose the perfect MRP software that aligns with their production goals and growth ambitions.

Manufacturing Business – Choosing the Right Software

In today’s evolving and swiftly changing world it is very necessary to choose right software which is very suitable to your business needs and address all the pain points. I did thorough research to find out which can be the most useful and satisfying software that can manage all the task relates to manufacturing and resource planning.

Among which I will discuss here some prominent features and pros and cons of ready made software as well as customized software which can be designed specifically as per your business needs.

  1. First, Let’s take example of one out of box software MRPeasy which is very well architectured but can not fit well for all the organizational needs. While other ERP systems Odoo is giving you both choice.
  2. You can choose from what is already available(Odoo modules) or specifically customize Odoo modules as per your business needs and workflow. Where in case of MRPeasy you have to use all the modules as it is developed and shown on it’s website.
  3. You can’t even change the dashboard user interface in MRPeasy. So Odoo goes one better than MRPeasy in terms of UI and UX design flexibility.

Data security is a foremost concern now a days!!

Odoo ERP can be hosted on Odoo’s server as well as you can host it on-premises on your own server that simply means data will not be shared with anyone else. So maintaining data security would not be an issue any more. Where in case of MRPeasy you have to compulsorily choose their cloud for hosting the ERP software.

The biggest thing here is Odoo MRP which is based on the well-known OpenERP framework and hence it is opensource ERP software. That means it has been tested and accepted by thousands of business with the total custody of the source code of all the Software components. This itself is the biggest advantage factor in Odoo MRP as compared to closed sourced MRPEasy.


Odoo is very very flexible in terms of customization.You can change work flow of the modules, dashboard design, User interface and user experience in just a matter of hours as per your business needs that is the whole beauty of going with ERP like Odoo.

With Odoo MRP, just one software system can serve all your purpose and you don’t have to depend much on third party applications that is generally needed in case of using MRPeasy.


Odoo is quite compatible with any SMEs or MMCs business needs. Suppose your business grows by leaps and bounds and you have to add more business users then system should be compatible enough that it can handle any amount of business users and database etc.

Ecommerce integration

New Odoo versions are quite supportive in case of ecommerce store like magento, shopify or marketplaces like amazon, ebay integration which is quite tough and not feasible to integrate in case of MRPeasy software. You can sync your store through the connector and manage inventory, generate orders, manage shipping, product management, promotion management, multichannel retailing in real time.

Following comparison of the features between both software will make picture more clear.

Manufacturing and resource planning, material planning and reporting, Inventory management 




On the fly product creationYesNo
Kanban view/ list view/ calendar view to track running production processesYesNo
Multilevel BOMYesNo
Schedule meeting on the flyYesNo
Send emails from the same screenYesNo
Log notes(tag a person, attach files)YesNo
Automatic purchase order generation upon creation of manufacturing order(in case of out of stock)YesNo
Manage multiple units of measurement and converts them automaticallyYesNo
Track of lot/ serial number for the multiple materials used in manufacturing one productYesNo
Multiple sequencial/ simultaneous order creation under one manufacturing orderYesNo
Odoo studio to design dynamic reports (work hours, BOM, document attachment, detailed description)YesNo
Reporting based on multiple parametersYesYes
Workstation capacity planningYesYes
Operations planning and reportingYesYes
Material planning and reportingYesYes
Multilevel user access rights for the employees, managersYesYes
Lock/unlock(to prevent further changes)YesNo
Complete traceabilityYesNo
Dynamic email templates generationYesNo
Communication through call/ email from the odoo screenYesNo
Add as many fields as you want to your products to meet your business needs.YesNo
Shipping connectorsYesNo

One of the Intention of deriving this comparison charts is to help making the informed and smart decision while choosing the Long lasting MRP software considering your future needs of the ever growing business.

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