Manufacturing Order in Draft from Sales Order

In the current version of the Odoo Module for Manufacturing, when a sales order is confirmed, the system automatically generates a manufacturing order, initiating the manufacturing process. Odoo promptly generates and approves these manufacturing orders. While this automated process is efficient,it doesn’t quite suit some scenariosConsider a scenario where manual review of sales orders is necessary before proceeding to the production stage. This is where the “Manufacturing Order in Draft from Sales Order” Odoo module comes into play.

With this module, you regain control over the process, allowing you to decide when to validate and advance with the manufacturing orders. The “Manufacturing Order in Draft from Sales Order” Odoo Module is designed to address your specific requirement of reviewing manufacturing orders. This ensures a comprehensive review and validation of manufacturing orders before progressing to production. It’s about taking charge of your manufacturing process and tailor it to your needs!

Features of Manufacturing Order in Draft from Sales Order Module

Draft Manufacturing Order Creation

Imagine the convenience of initiating Manufacturing Orders (MOs) in a preliminary draft state. This addition acts as a crucial checkpoint, enabling user intervention prior to progressing with production. It serves as a safety measure, empowering you to manually review and authenticate every production stage.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility :

Revolutionize your manufacturing process with unprecedented control! This functionality brings a fresh approach by deactivating the automatic generation and validation of manufacturing orders (MOs) upon sales order confirmation. Now, you’re at the helm, determining the speed and course of production.

Smooth Odoo Module Integration :

Concerned about seamless integration? Fret not! This innovative module seamlessly harmonizes with other Odoo modules and processes connected to sales and manufacturing. It seamlessly aligns with your business, effortlessly becoming a part of your existing operations.

Supported Editions

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