Reduce complexity through standardization



Saving costs

  • The costs of manual purchasing in dollars, working hours, and inefficiencies can have a tremendous impact on a business’s bottom line. Furthermore, manual purchasing processes are prone to error, which is itself very costly to the enterprise.

Efficient Task Management

  • The enormous online databases detailing parts and specifications for each component can be challenging to navigate, and comparing products from one supplier to the next can be a labor-intensive project, even when conducted online. Further, it can be unclear which distributors are authorized by the manufacturer to sell specific components, and some parts may be vulnerable to counterfeiting, making it difficult and confusing to source authentic parts from legitimate suppliers.

Challenges faced by trading industries

Auto Responsive Scheduler

  • There are times when the customer’s Quote aren’t replied on time because of some distraction in the business. Hence, an auto-generated email or message should be sent to the respective person as a reminder.

Leads to a lucrative business

  • An automated process creates operational efficiency, and can help to reduce fraud and provide a clear, verifiable audit trail, and assist managers with budget control and monitoring.


  • From navigating searchable product inventories, to developing purchase orders and requests for quotes (RFQs), businesses can turn to automation to simplify and streamline their processes.
  • More time can be devoted to improving relationships with vendors; and an automated process provides process visibility throughout, enhancing budgetary controls, reconciliations, accruals and audit monitoring, and the accuracy of financial statements.
  • Automating processes can help a company to phase out time-consuming manual methods, such as data entry, and have a direct positive effect on the bottom line.
  • “Customization of product” ​ plays a vital role in the business’ profile of any company.​ Custom products for forward looking/custom RF/Microwave applications ​ – these words draw the attention of the customer in a positive way of reducing the return of products.
  • The quote queue system activity is automated, with touchless email attachment importing, automated pricing and historical data, and automatic approval and business flows. With an accepted quote, the ERP CRM for trading business will provide sourcing and issuing of POs, and automated reconciliation of POs. Any exceptions route to a web portal dashboard, where they are addressed and resolved seamlessly by the buyer and seller.

Glimpse of Solution

ERP CRM for trading business is developed for the electronics industry insiders, to address the needs of components purchasing, and integrates into existing networks and data formats.

Custom ERP

Custom ERP

Product Categories

  • ​ It provides categories for the easy filtration of the required products.


Custom ERP

Custom Filter

  • The customer can easily apply the specifications of the product according to the requirement through the ‘Custom Filter’ feature.It also provides the detailed specifications of each product in the PDF Format which can be easily downloaded. 

Custom ERP

Dynamic Datasheet

  • The product features are presented in the form of dynamic datasheet in the PDF view. It contains all the information regarding the product details along with the units,parameter and specifications.

Custom ERP

Features of ERP Solution

Manage Customer

360-degree view of customer available 24/7.


Fully integrated e-Commerce with the backend ERP with basic building blocks in website. Configurable search and filters based on product variant attributes and categories.

Sales & Distribution

From Quick quotations to confirmed sales with the simple clicks. Integrated email communication with customer based on orders from within ERP.

Manage Workflow

Collect customer, orders, tickets, invoices, and collaborate and let us automate the custom task.

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