E-bike Manufacturing Industry

E-bikes have been in trend for a few years now. Not only is it revolutionizing the automobile industry but also creating a practice of environmentally friendly attitude in the minds of generations. E-bikes are trending these days because of the awareness that is being spread, which was missing earlier. The size of the global E-bike market is $53.53 billion and will continue to grow in the future. This case study is about leading e-bikes manufacturing brand in the North American region which has emerged as a leading e-bike manufacturer and will continue to bloom in the coming years.

Electric vehicles will revolutionize the world in the near future, and the client was keen on providing the best services with top-notch quality to customers at an affordable price range. With the best manufacturing and assembling process, these e-bikes are ready to be an environment-friendly transport option in the new world.

This E-bike manufacturing business was facing problems related to customer relationships and wanted a one-stop solution to get in touch with their customers and create a management system which could take care of and track all the data. We immediately understood the aspects they lacked and knew we could bridge that gap by providing the best CRM and ERP solutions exclusively designed for the e-bike manufacturers. We made a dedicated team and started working with the clients aligning with their mission and visions. Let’s get into more detail in problem faced by client, solution we provided and how the solution benefited client.

Problems Faced by E-bike Manufacturing & Distribution Business

There are some significant challenges that our clients were facing, such as keeping track of all the things and maintaining a relationship with customers and appealing to the target audience.

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  • Order Tracking & Procurement of Parts SKUs from Partners: As an e-vehicle manufacturer, it becomes essential to keep a record of the parts/components that are needed in e-bike. Track SKUs specific components and initial commitment made by vendors. This was done manually and needed much more clarification.
  • The Distinction of Services: The e-bike manufacturer was having a hard time maintaining the details of the e-bikes incoming Orders with and without batteries; the numbers, the orders, and everything were out of place, making it difficult to manage and distinguish the e-bike production outcome.
  • Updating Real-time Details to the Customers: The day customers place their orders till the delivery, they need a tracking of their purchase whether in production, logistic etc. The client was unable to provide real-time tracking to the customers, and they were updating it manually, which was prone to a lot of inaccuracies and also was very time-consuming.
  • Not Able to Presale E-bike Due to Tracking Issue: Normally when the e-bike is under manufacturing or procurement process, the business can presale the product. But client was not able to get the estimated time of shipping as it was not tracking manufacturing/procurement data. This hinder to enable presale of the e-bike.
  • Communication with Customer: This was one of the biggest challenges faced by the clients. They were unable to reach out to customers, get their feedback, and help them with exchange and refunds due to improper communication. There was a lot of gap between customers and the client’s customer support team, which made the work drastically tricky.
  • Return Management: Return management is usually poorly implemented by most of the ERP implementors and same was the case with this E-bike Manufacturer. Returned e-bike was not timely processed  back to the saleable stock due to manual information workflow.


E-bike Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions Provided by Silent Infotech

As a world-class ERP and CRM integration company in the USA, we helped our clients with top-notch services by which they were able to overcome all the hurdles they were facing towards being one of the best e-vehicle manufacturers in their field. Read on to learn the solutions and how they helped our clients.

  • Odoo Blanket Purchase Feature for Smooth Tracking of Vendor Orders:
    The Client’s ERP & CRM System is based on Odoo, and because of the integration of E-bike parts suppliers/vendors in Odoo ERP, our clients were able to manage the track of all the records of not only inventory but also procurement and shipment data along with employee records in single dashboard. This features proves to be additional benefit to manage Vendor contracts in ERP automatically rather than investing time to manage data manually.
  • Split SKU for Maintaining Data of All the SKUs:
    The Client had 2 SKUs in the e-bike category, i.e., with and without batteries. We solved it using the split SKU feature. We created a feature at the product template level where users can define the battery or no battery variant, and they can map the battery details for each variant, making it easy to create a distinction between both and making it easy to manage order and tracking it easy.
  • Presale Tag Syncing From Odoo:
    The client was facing issues in updating the real-time data of production and procurement to enable presales of e-bikes which was causing fewer sales and also confusion within the team. With the presale syncing features between Odoo and Shopify, all vender’s procurement data and production data was available to predict estimated delivery time. This makes it easy for customers as well as the company to determine and keep a record of the sales and even enhance it better.
  • Automated ERP Features to Update Tracking:
    It was a pretty hectic task to manually update the order tracking details for the purpose of customer satisfaction. We integrated features in e-bike ERP to automatically track in real-time e-bike delivery from production to shipment. Give customer real-time and accurate information. Now no need of manual interaction is required now. This not only increases the accuracy but also saves a lot of time.
  • RMA(Return Management) Feature for Better Customer Interaction:
    Due to poor interaction with customers, it was a tedious task to initiate refunds, review the feedback and work on them. It was all done manually, but we have implemented an RMA feature where the Customer, Dealer, Showroom team or customer support team can log the RMA request by filling out the RMA form. This made the whole process a lot more accurate and easy to get in touch with genuine customers.


Benefits of Choosing Silent Infotech

At Silent Infotech, we aim to deliver the best technology services to our clients so that they lead the industries. We, with our dedicated team of ERP Developers, aim to provide the best consulting and integrating ERP services to the business. Here are a few benefits that our clients get from us:

Odoo Consultancy

Silent Infotech provides Odoo consulting for clients who need to understand the importance of integration of Odoo with business; we provide complete guidance and counseling regarding the same. This helps the clients understand the importance of Odoo Integration and how it can help the business bloom in a positive direction.

eCommerce Development

We help in developing a platform where businesses can sell their products and services through platforms like Shopify, as we provide here to our e-bike clients. However, many companies are not aware of setting up an e-commerce store, and hence we help in doing the needful by creating an online presence..

Establishing Application for Business

By hiring our services, clients also get the added advantage of web and mobile applications. Application needs are growing day by day in businesses. Building an application is a tough job which requires coding, launching and making it live. Generally, companies prefer outsourcing app developers, and we provide the best software development services and also provide maintenance and support.

Affordable Services

We at Silent Infotech provide a wide range of services at a pocket-friendly price. Our talented team of developers and dedicated professionals are ready to deliver top-notch services so that you can be the leader of the business and get all the support without getting a hole in your pocket.

Round The Clock Availability

Our services are present 24*7, no matter what location you are in. Be it the USA or Australia, we provide our services at any time with the same patience and expertise. With us, you never have to worry about timings and support

Experienced team

Our team members are experienced and Odoo certified. They have worked in widre range of industries and are able to identify the pain point businesses goes though and try to solve them.

Common Problems Faced By E-bike Industry

E-bike and the e-vehicle industry face a lot of pain- points like the,

Battery Life


Various Rules & Regulations

A Lot Of Competition

Less Customer Awareness

High Maintenance Cost

All these challenges, paired with less accessibility and high price, makes it impossible to grow in the business of e-bikes. But with Global warming and the environment coming into the picture, preferences for e-bikes will increase therefore, creating customer awareness should be one of the top priorities.

When it comes to charging points for the bikes, there has to be a charging section on every corner like petrol stations. Since the business is still in the expansion stage, these e-bikes will have less maintenance available but the cost will be high. All these problems will be solved by customer awareness and building a community of e-bike lovers integrated with the development of battery recharge stations.

All these will only be actionable if customer relationships are enhanced. That is what we exactly do in Silent Infotech, we manage all your CRM and ERP needs with top-notch services.

If your business still lacks the magic of ERP & CRM Solution, which can help to skyrocket the business ROI. So what are you waiting for?

Common Problem Faced  By Automobile Industry & How ERP Can Help?

The automotive industry faces several challenges, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can help to address some of these challenges.

Here we have listed six common problems faced by the automotive industry and how ERP can help?

Supply Chain Complexity

The automotive supply chain is complex, with numerous suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors involved in the production and delivery of parts and components. ERP can help to streamline supply chain processes, providing visibility and control over inventory levels, production schedules, and logistics operations.

Inventory Management

With a large number of parts and components involved in the manufacturing process, managing inventory can be challenging. ERP can help to automate inventory management, ensuring that stock levels are optimized, and replenishment is triggered automatically.

Quality Control

The automotive industry is highly regulated, with strict quality control standards. ERP can help to track quality control processes, enabling manufacturers to monitor and manage defects, recalls, and warranties effectively.

Production Scheduling

With multiple assembly lines and complex production processes, scheduling production can be a challenge. ERP can help to optimize production schedules, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and production targets are met.

Data Management

With large volumes of data generated from multiple sources, managing data can be difficult. ERP can help to centralize data management, providing a single source of truth for key business information.

Cost Control

Cost control is critical in the automotive industry, with manufacturers needing to balance cost reduction with quality and safety standards. ERP can help to monitor costs and identify areas for cost reduction, enabling manufacturers to optimize their operations and remain competitive.