Managing businesses is similar to managing a daycare school. While the school is full, more children keep entering through the door. Eventually, the school starts handling children poorly with a lack of strategy. Similarly, when you focus on your new leads in a business, managing the existing customers becomes a challenge. To keep a balance between this, you need a perfect CRM.

Moving forward, when it comes to choosing the perfect CRM, there are a variety of options available in the market. Generally, two of the most preferred and finest CRMs in the industry that have gained huge recognition are the Odoo CRM and the Keap CRM. While Keap offers its set of advantages, Odoo steals the show in certain areas. This is because it is loaded with thousands of expert-designed business applications. In simpler terms, Odoo offers exactly what a business needs to run efficiently.

Having said that, today in this guide, we have outlined 5 reasons that state how Odoo outweighs Keap in these ‘certain’ areas. By the end of the guide, it will even help you strengthen your decision of migrating to Odoo CRM from Keap CRM if you are planning to. Let’s begin!

Odoo Vs Keap: Brief Comparison




Beginning from $79 per month Starting from $20 per month
Pricing model depends on per feature Pricing model depends on per user
Free Trial Available Free Trial and Free Version Available

Best For



Make your work hour efficient. Ideally, Keap was introduced and created for entrepreneurs having long-term growth in mind. On the other hand, Odoo source software serves everyone. Right from people who require mere blogs to huge companies that require a full ERP.

Odoo software is highly flexible. It can be adapted for both large as well as SMEs.





Document Storage ✔️
Internal Chat Integration ✔️
Social Media Integration ✔️
Task Management & Territory Management ✔️
Calendar/Reminder System ✔️ ✔️
Email Marketing ✔️ ✔️
Lead Generation & Lead Qualification ✔️ ✔️
Marketing Automation ✔️ ✔️
Mobile Access ✔️ ✔️
Quotes/Estimates ✔️ ✔️
Segmentation ✔️ ✔️

Top 5 Reasons To Select Odoo CRM Instead Of Keap CRM 

First things first. Odoo CRM is open source. This nature makes Odoo readily approachable for all small to mid-sized and large organizations.

Reason 1: Effectual And Economical

Installing the community edition of Odoo does not involve any payment. Hence, anyone can install it. In short, the updated enterprise edition of Odoo is highly economical and cost-efficient as compared to the rest of the ERP tools available in the market. Besides, the benefits do not end here. Investors migrating to Odoo CRM from Keap CRM will obtain immense support from the official Odoo silver partners to take away with the implementation process at reduced costs.

Reason 2: Handy And User-Friendly Interface

Irrespective of the system or software, a user-friendly interface is one such element that needs to be highly successful. Satisfying this criterion, Odoo CRM offers a simplified interface. As a result, it can help your business thrive at an expeditious rate. The good news is, unlike other CRM’s, anyone and everyone in your organization (skilled/unskilled) can utilize this software skillfully thus executing their tasks smartly. Adopting Odoo CRM cuts down the need to engage technically trained personnel in your business.

Reason 3: Real-Time Data Analytics

Starting as an ERP solution in the open-source world, Odoo CRM (previously known as OpenERP) holds all the ERP features as compared to Keap. It incorporates data analytics in real-time into its CRM and ERP solutions. Odoo can obtain business-related data from communications, charts, etc. by helping businesses analyze which approach is turning out to be productive. Furthermore, with Odoo CRM, you can seek modules that you require for your business. The business app suite provides a range of modules as compared to Keap. You can employ them whenever required. Simply put, Odoo CRM’s modular approach helps you add additional modules and apps later.

Reason 4: Facile And Rapid Customization

Now, users can customize the Odoo CRM apps to cater to their business needs. This is because it is a tailor-made idea that offers extensive features for each business present in the market today. Although the strategies adopted and followed by every organization vary from each other, Odoo stands out with its incredible customizable concept. This is so far one of the biggest advantages of Odoo provided by its silver partners that take businesses of all sizes under one roof in terms of customization.

Reason 5: Optimizing Sales Force’s Productivity

To enhance the Salesforce work in your organization, Odoo CRM presents a modern, intuitive, and unique user interface that works seamlessly on both mobile and fixed workstations. Ideally, the sales team golf’s tremendous tasks and contacts to organize and manage. Similarly, a marketing director needs tools to cope with the team’s work.

Here, Odoo CRM with its automated, updated, and easy to use software system extends its hand to smooth out these activities. Furthermore, Odoo gives you detailed insights into marketing activities, sales operations, workflows, etc. Each of these insights helps organizations to analyze which marketing is working and what workflows are turning out to be productive. To sum up, the capacity that Odoo CRM holds in its pocket is legion.

What’s The Take?

In a nutshell, businesses can manage anything and everything with the perfect CRM. Although every element has an essence of its own, some features of Odoo touch the end line faster than Keap. If you have open-source apps and are looking forward to migrating to another CRM, we recommend choosing Odoo. Considering a few areas, Odoo is undeniably an ideal system to integrate your business with.

As an ending note, if you are seeking experts to help you switch to the centralized Odoo CRM software in your firm, Hire Odoo consultants. For further details regarding Odoo CRM, reach out to us at Silent Infotech and take your business to the next frontier.