Odoo 17 Features: A Closer Look at What’s New Coming

Dive into the Exciting Odoo 17 Features and Discover the Next Level of Business Management. A Close Examination of the Latest Upgrades and Innovations That Will Transform Your Workflow.

Odoo 17 Features: A Closer Look at What’s New Coming

Odoo, a robust suite of integrated business applications, has consistently pushed boundaries and introduced game-changing features in each of its updates. With Odoo 17, they have not only maintained this tradition but have also given their user interface a transformative facelift. Let’s explore the exciting features it brings to the table with Odoo 17.

A Fresh Face: Revamped User Interface


First and foremost, Odoo 17 welcomes users with a radical UI redesign. The user interface is the gateway to any software, and Odoo has made sure that the gateway is not just welcoming but also highly efficient. The new UI is intuitive, sleek, and designed for maximum productivity. It’s not just a cosmetic makeover; it’s a fundamental shift towards a more user-centric approach.

Dark Mode


One of the standout features of Odoo 17 is the introduction of Dark Mode. In an era where many users prefer dark-themed interfaces for their applications, Odoo delivers. Dark Mode not only reduces eye strain during late-night work but also adds a touch of elegance to the interface. It’s a small addition but one that greatly enhances the user experience.

Draggable Pop-ups


In previous versions of Odoo, pop-up dialogs were often rigid and couldn’t be moved around. Odoo 17 changes this by allowing users to drag and reposition pop-ups as per their convenience. This might seem like a minor feature, but in practice, it can save a lot of time and frustration when working with multiple windows or forms simultaneously.

Freezing List & Kanban Column Headers


Efficiency is all about saving time, and Odoo 17 understands that. Now, users can freeze list and Kanban column headers, ensuring that essential information remains visible even as they scroll through extensive lists or boards. This feature is a game-changer for those who deal with large datasets daily.

Advanced Search


Searching for specific information is at the core of any business software. Odoo 17 enhances this experience with an advanced search feature that allows users to filter and search records more precisely. It’s a simple yet effective addition that can significantly improve productivity.

Revamped Operation Menu in the Inventory Module


The Inventory module, a critical component of Odoo, has received a significant overhaul. The operation menu has been revamped, making it more accessible and user-friendly. This redesign simplifies inventory management and ensures that users can perform operations quickly and accurately.

Notes Menu Renamed to ‘To-Do’


Odoo 17 brings more clarity to task management by renaming the ‘Notes’ menu to ‘To-Do.’ This simple change aligns better with the purpose of the menu and makes it easier for users to manage their tasks and reminders effectively.

Revamped Search View

Searching for records has never been easier with Odoo 17’s revamped search view. The new design streamlines the process, making it more intuitive and efficient. Users can now find the information they need with fewer clicks and less effort.

Point-of-Sale: Streamlined Ordering and Payment


In a world where mobile devices play a pivotal role in retail and hospitality, Odoo 17 introduces features that cater to this trend.

Easy Mobile Ordering and Payment

The Point-of-Sale (POS) module in Odoo 17 now offers easy mobile ordering and payment options. This feature empowers businesses to serve their customers better, especially in environments where traditional stationary POS systems may not be practical.

Kitchen Screen for Preparation Advertising

In the hospitality industry, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Odoo 17 acknowledges this by introducing a Kitchen Screen feature that displays orders to kitchen staff in real-time. This not only enhances communication between the front-of-house and kitchen but also improves order accuracy and preparation efficiency.

Appointments: Efficient Space and Facility Reservations

Managing space and facility reservations is essential for many businesses, from hotels to conference centers. Odoo 17 recognizes this need and introduces an Appointments feature that simplifies the process. Now, users can efficiently book and manage reservations, ensuring optimal space utilization.

Spreadsheet Integration

Spreadsheets are a staple in business operations, and Odoo 17 embraces this by integrating spreadsheet functionality. Users can seamlessly work with spreadsheet data within Odoo, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This integration enhances data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Enhanced Forecast Reports

Odoo 17 takes reservation management to the next level with support for product-level forecast reports for reservations and cancellations. Businesses can now make informed decisions based on accurate forecasting, leading to better resource allocation and customer service.

Promotions in the Shopping Cart

Promotions are a powerful marketing tool, and Odoo 17 recognizes their significance. Now, promotional offers are prominently displayed in the shopping cart, ensuring that customers are aware of and benefit from ongoing promotions during the checkout process.

Multiple RTOs (Return to Origin)

For businesses dealing with complex logistics, Odoo 17’s support for multiple Return to Origin (RTO) options is a game-changer. This feature allows businesses to manage returns more efficiently, reducing operational complexities and improving customer satisfaction.

Employee Module: Print Resumes

Odoo 17 offers a practical feature in the Employee module – the ability to print resumes. This feature simplifies the process of sharing employee information, making it easier for HR professionals to manage documentation.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Support

PWAs provide users with a seamless and responsive experience across various devices, ensuring that users can access their business data anytime, anywhere.

Wrapping It Up!

Odoo 17 is not just an update; it’s a transformation. With a revamped user interface, enhanced Point-of-Sale features, improved appointment management, and a host of other additions, it’s clear that Odoo is committed to staying at the forefront of business software innovation. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Odoo 17 has something to offer, making it a compelling choice for organizations looking to streamline their operations and enhance their productivity. Embrace the future of business software with Odoo 17.


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