Considering Odoo ERP as alternate of SAP ERP solution?

Navigating the Odyssey from SAP to Odoo ERP! Discover the transformative power of Odoo as your agile alternative to traditional SAP solutions, and revolutionize your enterprise management with efficiency and innovation.

Odoo ERP as alternate of SAP ERP solution

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Companies have relied on it since 90’s just to streamline processes and improve data visibility around finance project,management and manufacturing.However, the cost of ownership began to climb significantly and on-premises ERP couldn’t keep up with modern security demands or technology trends.

ERP evolved to embrace the internet with new features and functionality.

Enter the ERP cloud, the cloud offers a more affordable alternative for ERP because it eliminates the need for software and hardware or additional IT staff. ERP cloud enables organizations of all  sizes and across all industries to make 

  • Significant cost savings
  • Improve business insights
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Increase inefficiency.

@Silent Infotech we are providing the best ERP solution based on Odoo ERP,  As one of the most promising ERP solutions growing rapidly worldwide, ODOO integration is now a priority to stay ahead in this competitive digital market.

At Silent Infotech, we have a dynamic team of ODOO technical developers and functional consultants to facilitate ODOO integration and customization of needs.

We are working on open-source technology and odoo is based on the Open-source model. It the most professional and specific ERP solution for any business.

We understand your business and provide the best cost-effective solution here.

However, we are serving customized ODOO module development services for business-specific needs.

Small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses often face challenges with maintaining their position in the marketplace and which they need to overcome for the better future of the company.

So here is the comparison between SAP ERP and Odoo.



  • Odoo sap/OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business application including sales, CRM, Project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, and human resource, etc.
  • SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE.SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization.
  • Being an open-source platform, implementation and maintenance is low.
  • SAP implementation and maintenance, both are quite high.
  • Odoo offers much more freedom and flexibility. It is based on python who’s consultants are readily available in the market.
  • SAP offers good functionality, but lack of free code means only SAP consultants can perform customization, which is costly.
  • Every new release requires the migration of code & data.
  • SAP product has been developed with backward compatibility in mind.
  • From version 8 onwards odoo has removed most of the critical bugs.
  • SAP is much more mature and has lesser bugs, which are minor and get removed from time-to-time.
  • There are 2M+ users of odoo.
  • There are 650K+ users of SAP.
  • There are 730 partners of odoo.
  • There are 670 partners of SAP.
  • Odoo is spread over 120+ countries.
  • SAP is spread over 190+ countries.

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