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Hosting solution

We all know that the cloud is a safe secure location for your business data and applications. However, at ​ Silent Infotech​ we have a bigger vision.

The cloud allows your business to scale quickly to meet demand and help your business grow. It gives you the ability to experiment with new ideas in safe and secure spaces and it enables you to move your focus away from expensive infrastructure projects towards delivering real value for your customers.

But reaping these benefits every business needs their tailor-made solutions. At ​ Silent Infotech​ we utilize OwnCloud, NextCloud, AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital ocean Platform smart platforms to build a solution that suits your business.

We map out the entire adoption journey leading to build solutions that minimize disruption of your business putting security at the center of everything.

Cloud-based email services

Along with the administrative support, Silent Infotech provides the cloud-based hosting for your private Email Server running open-source Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) community edition.

The Zimbra email hosting solution provides clients to collect and store important emails, files, contacts and calendar notes making it easier for the user to import and export the data.

● Professional Zimbra mail consulting services.
● High-level architecture and design with low-level workflow details for easy deployment.
● 24×7 Zimbra mail server support by experts.
● End-to-end security with SSL and Firewall.
● Regular offsite backup of Zimbra for unforeseen disaster recovery.
● Experienced migration from one platform to another.

Cloud-based email services

Cloud-based ERP

Being an Open source and highly intuitive enterprise software platform, Odoo Touches each workflow of your organization. We provide the hosting, administrative support and customization services on top of open-source Odoo.

Silent infotech​ builds High Availability Odoo 11 Infrastructure.

We have installed odoo application horizontally scaled(Hardware Load Balancer + 2 Application Server + 1 Database server with replication enabled) on 2 bare-metal hardware with ESXi Visualization technology with Failover Mechanism,

This Horizontally scaled architecture has been designed by us and has been
deployed 57 times.

Cloud-based ERP

NextCloud – Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution

We are the first distributor of Nextcloud in India. We provide a private cloud bringing back control of your Data.

Being the first next cloud distributor in India, we are providing the next cloud customization services as well. We can brand the NextCloud client for you. Leverage the power of open source and rebrand the NextCloud in the name of your own organization.

Setup NextCloud on-premise to enable highly secured file sharing and data storage with high-level privacy. The system must be implemented with SSL, Firewalls, Routing tables, and all the security aspects. The NextCloud client apps should be able to communicate with secure connections to the server.

NextCloud – Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution


  • Secure File Storage Collaborative editing Secure File Storage.
  • Access anywhere with ease Easy migration Strict Administrative Control.
  • Screen sharing sessions/presentation with your chat partners is no more a
    rocket science.
  • Nextcloud supports using external & proven object storage like Amazon S3 for Datastore.

Security offered

  • Brute force protection
  • Advanced File Access Control
  • Password confirmation for sensitive actions
  • Server-side encryption
  • Support for Kerberos authentication
  • CSP 3.0 protection and Same-site Cookies Support improvements
  • App-specific tokens can be forbidden file system access

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