Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Dive into the Power of Zimbra Suite for Effortless Team Synergy. Elevate Your Workflow with Zimbra’s Unified Communication and Productivity Features!

A Secure and Open Unified Collaboration Solution.


  • Built on security standards and open integration with industry security products.
  • Zimbra is committed to transparency and rapid response to vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy Zimbra products on premises or in the cloud (public or private) to ensure your data is where you want it and under your control.


  • Mobile-enabled browsers or Zimbra mobile apps available anytime, anywhere.
  • Extend collaboration to mobile workers and customers of all sizes and geographies.
  • Promote collaboration and lower adoption barriers with mobility.


  • Easily fit Zimbra into your existing solutions and infrastructure and quickly add additional functionality via Open APIs.
  • Take advantage of extensions, integrations, and customizations developed by Zimbra, by its trusted partner network, or the open source community.


  • Zimbra software supports any size organization all over the world; from small enterprises, to governments to the most demanding service providers supporting thousands of companies and millions of users.
  • Whether on premises or in the cloud, Zimbra scales to fit your needs and budget.

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