Integrating BigCommerce Store With ERP

Why Integrating Your BigCommerce Store with ERP Is a Game-Changer. Discover the Power of Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Productivity for Your E-Commerce Business!

The world is emerging and growing rapidly because of technology. Can you imagine today’s generation without technology? The statement itself sounded impossible. Everyone is online today, studies are online, jobs are online, assignment submissions are online and businesses are also online. Even offline businesses are switching to online because they understand the changing demand of the customers. But is it that easy? 

It’s time to completely digitize your business because that’s the only way you can gain more traction, convert people who visit your site into potential customers and earn a lot more. Today, we want everything at the click of a button and if you are a seller then you should know how to sell everything at the click of a button. 

But it is easier said than done, how exactly can a store come online and start earning from day one? That’s where BigCommerce comes into play.

What Is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-Commerce platform that offers SaaS to retailers (software as a service). Just to make it easy, like Shopify but in a much better way. They provide an online platform or software for a retail store that wants to digitize and provide them to showcase their products online and have control over their software. This helps the business with the full liberty of products that they want to sell online and start their business online in a hassle-free manner. 

But again, it is not that easy. We have to keep growing there. Many changes happen over time in the online world. Analytics change, customer retention changes, new customers come daily, some people stop coming, why? All of this comes under the insights. With an online business, we need to keep a look over analytics and insights from time to time. 

Checking customer retention rates, checking business, and tracking website traffic will help in the growth of the business and is a crucial part of online business. But as a new online retailer or a busy retailer, it becomes a tedious task to keep a track of it all. Then how are we supposed to keep a check and bring all the data in such a way that it is understandable? Now, this is when Odoo comes into play.

What Is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is business software, all-in-one software for a retail business that manages customer data, billing, website, project management, inventory, track record, and everything all the enterprise resource planning that you need in an online business. So, Odoo is basically a solution to all your problems if you are an online retail business.

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Integration Of BigCommerce And Odoo

Integration of BigCommerce with Odoo is a solution for retail businesses. The integration has made things so easy that having an online business seems like a piece of cakeBigCommerce – Odoo integration has changed the face of business in today’s world

odoo Big-Commerce

Let’s have a look at the benefits that this integration brings: – 

  1. Expansion Of Market: Now that your store is online with Odoo you can expand your business not just to your website, but also with amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other e-commerce websites. This will give the product and business the exposure it needs to stay in the market and keep growing. A maximum of the sales and revenue comes from an e-Commerce website and that is no more a secret. 
  2. Automated Customer Support: You can’t be available round-the-clock for support of customers, but customers need support at their feasible time. Don’t worry the Odoo E-Commerce integration solves this problem too. They provide 24*7 customer support from their technology which is a win for both you and your customers. 
  3. Track of the Orders: Now it is easy to keep a track of all the orders you get in a day, this way you will never miss track of deliveries and everything will be dispatched right on time bringing better customer success. 
  4. Sales Report: At the end of the day, if you are a retail store you want to know about sales and analysis. When Odoo is here, there is nothing to worry about. The Big Commerce sales data will all be managed and shown by Odoo in an easy form so that you can understand the sales and also get an idea about how to improve it further. 
  5. Ease Of Sales: Gone are the days when all the worry was about, exchanging cash getting changed, and putting a scanner in Infront of the customer, with an online platform there will be multiple options for the customer to make payments with ease. In the future, you can also expand your sales channel by making subscription-based models and other such innovations. In all about providing the customer with a hassle-free experience on your website so that they return to the same. 
  6. Import Customer Data: On a daily basis, many customers land on your online store, and many just leave and go. All this data from the point where they left will be captured by Odoo and it will give you an understanding of why a customer is leaving at a certain point, and what it is that the customer did not like this way you can improve yourself better.
  7. Gives You The Best Product Details: There is always a hero product but sometimes retail stores miss to take the advantage of that. Your hero product can boost your sales 10X. You can offer discounts and attractive offers on the particular product which will help you gain more traction. Odoo as an ERP helps you in understanding the hero product and take full advantage of it. 

Odoo with BigCommerce can just do wonders for your retail business and listed above are the solutions that the integration offers. Oh, wait! We forgot one big thing,  this integration gives us an advantage.


BigCommerce and Odoo Integration In Warehouse and Order Processing Management

The soul of the retail business is the product that is offered. For the products to be created retail stores need a warehouse, they need inventory to keep a track of all the raw materials and once the product is made, the counting of the product, the shipping of the product, and the overall order processing need to be done is flawless manner because without that there will be a hustle-bustle and there are high chances of getting the wrong calculation, shipping the wrong order and getting fewer products than required or extra which will lead to wastage of resources and ultimately money.

order Processing Management

Then, what is the solution to all this because this is getting messy? 

We got it covered, will it come as a surprise to you if we say BigCommerce store warehouse management is much easier and simpler than it sounded with Odoo? It should not because Odoo is known for managing these things with ease. The ERP can handle warehouse management, inventory, and order details with such clarity that there is no chance of getting the data inaccurate. As a retail store owner, you will have a detailed numbered list of products that have to be delivered, the raw materials to be procured and the processing to be done. With no mismatch and issues, everything will run smoothly and that is all we need to make an online retail business a success. So, this integration plays a huge role in warehouse management and every online retail business should take this into consideration.



Let’s Wrap It Up

Getting digitized and bringing your business online will prove to be a game-changing step toward expanding the business in today’s date. Making your business online needs BigCommerce and handling it in this competitive online platform needs an ERP which Odoo brings to the court. The integration of Odoo and BigCommerce is one of the best decisions a retail store owner can take if they seriously want to grow their business at an exponential rate. 

As an online retailer, you must be aware of how difficult it is to handle it without support especially if you are not someone from a tech background. We understand it and therefore taking the step of bringing ERP on board and combining it with BigCommerce will prove to be beneficial not only now but also in the coming future too.

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