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Problem Faced By Client

In this day of the digital era, new techniques are discovered and we should just forget the old ways of doing things and focus on the modern techniques.

The options web-to-print offers are critical tools for overcoming the common burden of major increases in back-office administration generated by ​ high volumes of low-run, low-cost jobs.

Most print provider’s administrative processes and conventional management information systems are suited to offset production and struggle with the demands of a digital print environment.
Web to print involves ​ eCommerce + Manufacturing ​ as main components, and operationally also involves Inventory management for Raw material and finished Goods, Helpdesk and after-sales support.

Manufacturing involves the Planning based on delivery lead times promised, Auto-deduction of the consumed materials from inventory while Printing based on Orders.

challanges faced by prinitng industry

According to IBISWorld Industry Report, 70% of printing companies in the US have fewer than 10 employees. Therefore, hiring IT team to manage the web-to-print solution weighs heavily on their costs.

Problem with such Web 2 print companies operating based on the outdated workflows is they end up using multiple Software tools.

Various Order Channels:
eCommerce site, Multi-vendor ecommerce like Amazon, etc.
Printing or Job Order System:
Orders that needs actual printing maintained on separate system.
Inventory Management System.
After Sales support systems which has ticketing so that after sales support can be managed.
Accounting & Invoicing.
Digital Marketing, email marketing.
All these above mentioned systems are not linked or communicating with each other. Hence there is the need for redundant data entry at various stages. Operational staff is required to fetch the details from multiple platforms in order to get all required information.

eCommerce ERP Solution

eCommerce ERP Solution From Silent Infotech
A web-to-print solution can help you in facilitating online designing, managing print Orders and most importantly transform any online store into a creative studio.

With the help of web to print software, the seller has multiple design service options with different types of text effects, fonts, colors, images, clip-arts and to drag, rotate, flip, resize temples etc. as well as customer can upload own design and design creative masterpieces from any device, at any time!

All-in one platform based on Odoo ERP which includes following modules
Sales Tracking based on multiple sales channels, eCommerce, Direct sales by sales team, and Other eCommerce listings like Amazon, eBay, etc.
Integrated eCommerce Website with integrated web-based designing tools for customers to design printable art. This means the design made by the customer on eCommerce while placing an order is auto-converted and linked to a ‘print order’ request and fed into printing machines without the need of manpower which saves lots of manwork on operational graphics.

Manufacturing or Order processing gives automated planning of printing priority based on the delivery dates and order priorities are committed. Integrated Shipping with FedEx and UPS. Integrated HelpDesk which allows customers to reply on ‘order confirmation email’  and will be created as a support ticket and auto-assigned to the support staff.

Integrated Digital Marketing Tools for sending the Newsletters and Seasonal/Festival Sales offer emails to the mailing list collected over time.

Glimpse Of eCommerce + Manufacturing ERP Solution

Web Storefront

  • A Web Storefront is a Web site for the purpose of displaying your product information and allowing customers to purchase your products. You can have as many Web Storefronts as you need in each Store, and you can optionally customize each Web Storefront to look and feel differently to the others.

Web Storefront

Dynamic Design Tool

  • The design tool is fully Mobile Responsive, easy to use and interactive. It offers all the modern features (Text & Fonts, Image Uploads, QR Codes, Shapes) and generates ready to print vector output. It also provides Zoom feature for detail designing of the products and Views same design on any product any time. It makes designing of products easy with multiple sides functionality.

Dynamic Design Tool

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CRM Software
Alongside the development of e-commerce and web-to-print solutions, customer’s relationship management software helps in advancement of the web to print business. Customer relationship software is a class of software that is designed to help companies and businesses to manage customer data, customer interaction, automate sales, provide customer support, track leads, support vendor and partner relationships and so on.


  • The sales order and quotations are managed in this module.
  • The configuration of quote templates, products , product variants, payments acquirers, delivery methods , product attributes,etc. Is executed in the
    “Configuration” section.


The list of all the products are managed in the ‘Sales’ module.Every product has different identity categorized in – General Information, Attributes, variants, images, videos,etc.The respective employee can edit and add the details with the ‘edit’ functionality.

The Purchase order and requests for Quotation are managed in this module. The raw materials for the manufacturing process are purchased from the Vendor and the bill is termed as ‘Purchase Order’.

The stock management is managed in this module. All the operations – Internal transfers, delivery orders, manufacturing, receipts and Dropship. The dashboard shows the figures of all the operations which makes easy to get aligned with the real-time data.

Help Desk is an open platform for the customers to provide information and support related to the company’s profile, process, products, etc.​ Integrated HelpDesk auto assigns the task to the support staff as a support ticket. This same assigned support ticket is sent to the customer which allows them to reply on “order confirmation email”.

Clip arts, Templates and personalization of design is configured in this module. The user can change the designs of these tools as per his choice. The user can also create a new tool.

Permission & Status Based Order Access

  • If the customer has the registered Email address and password , then they have the right to access the order status through the website.

Real-time Data Dashboards

  • The dashboard provides the real-time data. It tracks, analyzes and displays key performance factors of the processes. It also provides the graph view of demand v/s supply – Sales analysis and Quantity produced.

Features Of Our eCommerce With Manufacturing ERP System

eCommerce Shop​

Mobile Responsive Shopping website with CMS features like dynamic landing pages, Blogs, Google Analytics and infinite possibilities with customization.

Manufacturing Execution

Enables effective management of material Requirements, Planning, Traceability, Bin Management, and Inventory Management for makers to manage production output efficiently.

Integrated Shipping

It includes the shipping management in Inventory integrated with well-known shipping services like FedEx, UPS, etc.

Inventory Management

Documentation Received & Delivered stock for Order. Real-Time Inventory Stock Valuation.


Improves the customer experience in pre and post sales processes as well as manage leads, performance returns, sales, and shipment tracking throughout the order cycle.


Industry standard double-entry accounting with the country-specific chart of account.

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