5 Things to watch out when you plan for a new ERP system

Odoo's Multi-Channel eCommerce Management Unveiled! Uncover the 5 Key Considerations for Seamless ERP Integration and Elevate Your Business Game.

The History of Using ERP System for Business

This is the most common question asked by organizations who are looking for a new ERP or need to change the ERP. Though this is a complex process of determining the time required to implement ERP. But due to the rise of modular ERPs in the market so the development time required is less.

An ideal timeframe for ERP focused towards small businesses is around 3-5 months excluding the pilot testing and the time required for mid-scale business is ranges between 8 to 12 months but this depends on the type of requirements and scope of the process to be covered in the ERP. Although some big organizations take around 2-3 years for Odoo ERP implementation.

The above mentioned are the estimated time required by Silent Infotech Pvt Ltd with multiple ERP implementations across the globe in different sectors. There are multiple variables needed to be taken into consideration:

ERP System for Business

  • ERP Solution

The main factor which is time-variant is the selection of the ERP. There are multiple ERPs in the market and each has its features and the development time depends on it. If there is a selection of the wrong ERP then it may derail the implementation of the ERP.

  • Requirement specification

The process of drafting the requirement from the technical team is defined by the business analyst. If there is a gap in communication or requirement analysis then it may increase the time for release.

  • Scale of organization

The scale and size of the organization play a key role in determining the time needed for implementation of the ERP. The scale defines the need of different departments and it adds up the time for development.

  • ERP Customizations

To have a great user experience the companies ask for customizations but the time required to complete the requirement depends on the ERP selected. There are modular ERP that needs more time to make customizations while there are framework-based ERPs that require less time compared to modular ERPs.

  • Project Management

The ERP consists of multiple requirements that need to address strategically and if the execution of the project fails or bad practices are used in developing the solution then the deadlines will not be met. Proper methodology plays important role in the successful execution of the project.

It is vital to select the experts in developing the ERP who possess more practical experience than theoretical knowledge. Always select the ERP from a company that possesses positive reviews and check on-ground reports and later associates with them.

For more information on the estimation, you can contact us at contact@silentinfotech.com and we can get back to you.

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