Silent Infotech Team attends Odoo Experience 2021

Silent Infotech Team Dives into the Future at Odoo Experience 2021! Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the latest trends and advancements in the world of Odoo, shaping the future of our tech landscape.

Like every year, Odoo comes up with an upgrade with a better user experience keeping in mind how to easily use the platform for Odoo users and customization for Odoo developers.

Silent Infotech Odoo ERP Development was eager to attend the #OdooExperience 2021 event to enhance the knowledge and add value to 10+ years of experience in implementing Odoo for various industry sectors. This year, Odoo again amazed the community with Odoo 15 providing magnificent features.

Following are a few of the new features in Odoo 15:

  • Improved Inventory management providing minimal product contact by automation as far as possible.
  • Better Team interaction in Discuss module with Voice & Video call for meetings.
  • The best-in-class CMS for business websites and eCommerce is well supported by AI-based Website Configurator. So, you can create a website within just a couple of minutes based on your Industry and Logo design.
  • Website Builder is now 35% faster.
  • Point of Sale is revamped to manage all the activity at the store itself.
  • Collaborative workspace environment with custom access rights.
  • Apart from LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter, Odoo 15 supports Youtube and Instagram.

Rajesh R

​A seasoned IT Integrations and ERP Solution Architect boasts over a decade's expertise in revolutionizing business processes through cloud-based ERP and MIS software solutions. Proficient in leveraging avant-garde technologies such as Blockchain, Al, IoT, etc in crafting bespoke software solutions. His extensive background encompasses tailor-made software solutions across diverse industries like Sales, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Warehouse Operations→ and B2B Businesses. Rajesh excels in engineering and deploying enterprise-grade business software, playing a pivotal role in Business Solution Consulting and designing intricate software solution architectures for many Fortune 500 enterprises.

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