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Roadmap : Integrating Shopify with Odoo Inventory

Shopify being well-known, cloud based and cost-efficient tools for managing the eCommerce store for your business. With the current days needs and business demands – Shopify provides the best ways to highlight your product catalogue taking your business to Operate and Transact Online.

But with this tool in place as front store of your business, there are further challenges on handling the Order fulfilment from your warehouse and efficient handling of the Inventory Management workflows in the Warehouse.

Odoo ERP’s Inventory Management Apps with the industry niche Warehouse Management, Order Processing, Shipping & Purchasing workflow fills these gaps by seamlessly integrating with your Shopify store.

Odoo Inventory Management Helps Shopify Store Wit

1. Analyse Your Shopify Store

How organized is your shopify store currently? Do you have up to date product listings, pricing setup and managed orderbook? Let us analyze the current state in order to sync accurate data to the Odoo.

Determine the degree of Custom fields added in the Core Shopify objects eg. Products, Variants, Customer or Order Attributes.

2. Setup Odoo Inventory Instance For Your Business

Configure connector to bridge Shopify with the Odoo to establish synchronization and start pulling sale orders to the Odoo so that order processing can take place. On the other hand, product and pricing information can be updated back to the shopify right from the Odoo product management.

3. Setup Odoo Shopify Connector

Fresh and well configured odoo inventory instance will result in to accurate stock levels and real time updates of inventory to match it up with the physical inventory available in various locations.

4. Warehouse & Inventory Workflow

Warehouse structure and Locations setup in Odoo along with the required Replenishment routes and Delivery Routes.

Once the order will be received from the Shopify, it is important to reserve the inventory and hence manatain the appropriate stock level in warehouse. Setup minimum stock levels, automatics ordering rules and lot more.

5. Integration With The Shipping Connector

Manage all the shipment booking right from the Odoo itself, it will help delivery manager to keep track of orders and schedule delivery on time. Also can track the order status in real time without bothering about shipping company’s website status.

6. Return Management

Manage all the returned orders in one screen and have them considered during the inventory audit and valuation. Answering customer calls for order return queries will be easier than ever.

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Talk to our Shopify Integration Analyst and clarify the overall roadmap for your Shopify Store Integrated Order Fulfillment & Inventory management.

Benifits of Shopify Store + Odoo Inventory 

A highly customizable and integrated Odoo ERP comes with Sales Order management, Delivery Picking and Packing workflow, Inventory Management, and Shipping Integrations.

Moreover, being ERP system it includes broader set of business workflows which can be enabled in future enhancements.

Shopify Integrated

Odoo Integrates with your Shopify Store, Auto-synchronising Confirmed Sales Order.
Multiple Shopify Stores can funnel the orders in to single Odoo ERP.
Allows Other eCommerce integration eg. Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

Sales Order Fulfilment Funnel

Integrated management for Sales management from different channels like Shopify Sales Orders, Amazon Orders, etc.
It also Supports Drop-shipping Integration for selective Products.

Inventory Management

Odoo ERP is well known for its robust Inventory Management. Simplified Warehouse Management with Sub – Locations and Picking Locations with support of Barcode Reader makes it more efficient system.

Warehouse Order Picking

Odoo Inventory with in-built Pick, Pack & Ship workflow allows efficient order fulfilment with Batch Handling and Barcode usage.

Integrated Shipping

Once Packed, Odoo Inventory system integrated shipping services like FedEx, UPS, Shipstation etc allows direct Shipping label printing. No need to re-enter Delivery address in Shipping provider’s Interface.

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