​​SAP Ariba-Odoo Integration

Unlock seamless procurement efficiency with SAP Ariba-Odoo integration from Silent Infotech. Streamline operations and maximize productivity with our custom Odoo Module. 

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SAP Ariba-odoo integration

SAP Ariba-Odoo Integration

The whole purpose behind developing this module for SAP Ariba’s integration with Odoo is efficiently managing order and cost-cutting. The client was already paying high for SAP Ariba and also its recurring cost as much of a burden for them. And they didn’t want to pay more for ERP licensing and other extra costs.

SAP Ariba Network

SAP Ariba is an innovative cloud-based solution that provides procurement, spend management, and supply chain services that enable suppliers and buyers to connect and do business worldwide through a single platform. The technology SAP Ariba offers is designed to help companies negotiate better agreements with suppliers and provide better visibility and control overspending. In a nutshell, SAP Ariba digitally transforms your supply chain, procurement, and contract management processes.

Although many SAP Ariba features are available separately, they are also the foundation of the Ariba Network, a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single networked platform.

SAP Ariba is the only true procure, a source-to-settle, end-to-end solution provider in the world that also addresses all of the expense categories. Ariba network also possesses the largest B2B network in the world and it has more than 4 million suppliers and buyers in over 190 countries connected to our network and nearly $3 trillion USD in commerce is flowing through it annually. And if we compared it with eBay, Alibaba and amazon combined then also it exceeds in commerce value.

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SAP Ariba-Odoo Integration Flow-chart

Flow chart of SAP Ariba-Odoo Intergration


Odoo combines ease of use and wide-ranging functionality for effective business management. The Odoo platform provides a large number of convenient tools for managing all business processes of the company: Production, Sales/Purchase, Warehouse Management, Logistics, Accounting, Reporting, and more.

Odoo’s following three key aspects are enough to explain why one should use Odoo.

Implementation Plan For Sap Ariba


  • Kick-off meeting
  • Transaction scope and requirement
  • Catalog scope
  • Project plan
  • Project team and resources


  • Configuration
  • ANID set-up
  • Relationship establish
  • Supplier's technical solutions
  • Test plan identify test scenario


  • Supplier Development
  • Perform Dev and QA map testing
  • Establish AN connectivity
  • Submit sampler integration documents for validation


  • UAT testing
  • Conduct UAT testing with customer
  • Us predefined test scenario
  • Validate solution meets requirements
  • Complete acceptance and formal sign-off


  • Migration to production
  • Supplier migrates maps
  • Confirm relationship established
  • Confirm accounts configured
  • perform change management
  • Deploy communication

Go Live

  • Production
  • Confirm Successful transaction
  • SI provides 2 weeks production support
  • Close project
  • Ariba technical support
Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your processes and boost your efficiency using SAP Ariba - Odoo Integration Module

Odoo - Free ERP Solution

​When it comes to integrating Odoo into the existing business solutions, you won’t have to bear additional costs. The ERP solution comes for free for the basic business operation to manage and lets you work easily. The only thing you have to do is to get in touch with proficient Odoo partners who can help you leverage the software in implementing and developing your unique workflow.

Open source

The open-source nature of the Odoo ERP solution happens to be the main reason for integrating it. You will surely experience optimum flexibility while working with the software.

Complete web-based solutions

Odoo happens to be entirely based on web applications. The software lets you provide multi-channel user support and grants complete flexibility for trouble-free, smooth access.

Odoo - SAP Ariba Integration

We have already discussed in the introduction that our goal was to develop a module that works very seamlessly with the SAP Ariba network And it should also be cost-effective as well as open-source. To tackle this problem, we have developed a module using Odoo that is very easily configurable with the Sap Ariba network.

Ariba and Odoo integrations couldn’t be easier without our robust module, which can connect to any required service without the need for separate integration tools. Any Non-tech-savvy user can very easily integrate the SAP Ariba network with Odoo using it. 

It contains various fields that ease the quotation creation process. Also, it has a timestamp to know when order is created, Document reference, reference transfer type and status of the order, etc field. The quotation could automatically be generated if Odoo has received the order with all the necessary data. Also One can manually create the order by adding the missing details. We can receive or send any document manually/ automatically from Odoo to Ariba or vice versa also.

Let us know if you have any queries regarding Odoo -SAP Ariba Integration. Our Experts can helps.