Odoo Payroll – Canada – T4 / T5 Slips Document

Wouldn’t it be amazing for Odoo users in Canada to be able to straightaway generate the payroll T4/T5 slips(electronic/on-paper) as per the CRA norms? Well, it is now no big deal to manage employee payroll slips on Odoo itself with our amazing Payroll T4/T5 Slips App.

Based on the recurring tasks of the Business Manager, it is proposed to build a new feature in the Odoo Payroll app for Payroll Slip Statements. Based on our research, we have identified that manual data entry and management of T4/T5 slip statements has been the most tedious and time-consuming task for the Managers. As a result, we propose to create and design an Odoo App were new statements can be created and edited by the user.

The module enables Canadian businesses to generate the T4/T5 tax form electronically which can be submitted to the online govt. portal. Validating the T4/T5 batch before the submission is a great feature in the app. The module appends with the required fields that are marked by the CRA and validated, before submitting it to them electronically through their portal.

Key Features

The App is used to generate the Payroll Slips generation as per the norms of the Canadian Govt. on the Odoo Payroll App.


Document Extraction

Get the employee slips(individual/batch) as per the regulated formatting. Also, get the XML file of the batch after automatically validating it on the government web platform.  The XML file then can be directly submitted to the online portal.



Easy Customization

Boxes/Slips/Batch is a great time-saving feature if implemented correctly. It eliminates the need for users to search through the entire database every time to find or create a payroll slip. A well-configured Boxes/Slips/Batch may help your employees save up to 30% of their time on payroll management matters.


Implementation – Canada

The app is specially designed for Canadian businesses keeping the care of the Guidelines provided by the Govt. of Canada for the T4 / T5 payroll slip statements. The App has all features concerning your payroll records where you can keep track of different business activities.



Track History

The manager can get access to batch reports, each batch transaction is separately detailed about the date and time of the Transaction, Slip no., Account number, Total Amount, Employee details, etc.

To know more about the module, please connect and speak to our experts.