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Wood Chipping Blades Manufacturing Company

The manufacturing industry has quite a complex flow of processes with regards to Orders, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Products. The Blades Manufacturing Company is passionate about cutting solutions for the forest products industry helping their customer in reducing operating costs. They manufacture and deliver complete wood chipping products and processed components as well.

Analyzed challenges for the business for implementing accurate Manufacturing Operations.

  • To set up the manufacturing flow and BOMs.
  • Organized Purchase and Sales order management.
  • Requirement of Kit/Bundle for the products and managing custom Order operations accordingly.
  • Need of Advance payments in the PO.
  • Shipping charge regulations with Sales Orders.
  • Requirement for Cash-Flow Statement Dashboard with RFQs and Sales Order cost evaluations.
  • Product service charge and order Landed Cost rules set up.
  • Sawmill mentions specific products in particular Orders.

​Effective ERP Solution For Wood Chipping Blades Manufacturers

The solution flow of the system is vast and quite complex, and some of the operations are mentioned below

  • We have customized the Odoo flow to a great extent in order to achieve and meet the unique operational flow required in Manufacturing ERP for wood chipping business.
  • Manufacturing of a single product may require the same ‘Raw Material’ but different processes on it such as Heating, Cutting, etc. We delivered a solution for it to where the company can manufacture various products using single raw material and apply a specific treatment along with the service charge involved.
  • Some of the vendors require Advance Payment on POs, and hence, we customized the module to add internal relationships for the vendor, PO, accounts, etc. to implement the ‘Advance/Partial Payment’ operation.
  • Added a solution for the shipping charge for Sale Orders, having a minimum shipping charge (let’s say $15) and will add extra percent for shipping greater than the minimum charge (greater than $15).
  • Multi-currency for the system with reporting based on pre-defined default currency.
  • Implementation of the feature of Kit/Bundle possessing specific products as a packet and further able to carry all the basic Odoo Order operations such as availability, validating, back ordering, and partial delivery of the available products for the same Kit Order.
  • Customized the Cash-Flow statement Dashboard in order to check due payments for incoming invoice valuation and outgoing bill valuation costs with a single button click.

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Cash-Flow Dashboard

Cash-Flow Dashboard:

A custom and accurate Cash-flow Statement Dashboard helps with timely reporting

  • Swipe button to add SO Quotation & RFQ valuation to the list.
  • Account Receivable/Payable amount.
  • Confirmed POs.
  • Net Up/Down.
  • Quotation List.

​Shipping Integration with Odoo

​Shipping Integration with Odoo

Implementation of SAIA Shipping with Odoo to manage bi-directional data synchronization for improved logistic management.

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