Odoo Payroll – T4/T5 Slips Document

Manage T4/T5 payroll slip documents on Odoo for Canadian business

T4/T5 Slips for Odoo Payroll

  • Odoo Payroll – Canada – T4 / T5 Slips Document will help the Canadian business tremendously with generating the T4/T5 batch and after validation, downloading XML and pdf of the same.
  • Companies using Odoo can generate the T4/T5 statement documentation from the system itself to report it to CRA with the agency-regulated format.
  • The module already possesses the Boxes with accurate Codes and descriptions to add to the slips. Also, creating a new box OR editing the current one is always an option.
  • The slip statements will help to enhance the features of the Payroll app.
  • Accurately generate the batch for the slip statements within the custom timeframe.



  • For Installation – Go to apps –> Search “Odoo Payroll – Canada – T4 / T5 Slips Document” –> Install.
  • After Installation – Go to settings -> (Company) -> Canada Payroll.
  • Set the Payroll account number for the T4/T5 payroll slips.
  • Go to Payroll-> Canada Payroll -> T4 boxes or T5 boxes Set the required information for the T4/T5 boxes which you want in slips and XML files. Set SIN for Employee and if employee as company then set Business no. accordingly. Set first name, middle name, and last name of the employee.

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