Streamline Business Sales Channel in Recession with Odoo ERP

Navigating Recession: Boosting Sales Amidst Challenges with Odoo ERP. Learn How Streamlining Your Business Sales Channels Can Be the Key to Resilience and Success in Tough Times.

Global cues and economic activities affect the business activities across the globe, either directly or indirectly. During times like recession, financial activities face major slowdown and this in turn shows its effect in all large and small-size businesses, in the form of low wages, lack of consumer confidence, higher rates of interest, reduced buying capacity, to name a few. In times like these, it becomes imperative for a business to take necessary actions if there is an onset of another recession doing the rounds. This is when Odoo ERP development for your business comes into play.

Business Sales Channel in Recession with Odoo ERP

What is Odoo ERP?

In broader terms, Odoo ERP development is done using this open-source software, formerly known as OpenERP. This software covers an exhaustive range of apps and modules, like development, CRM, HR management, sales, and project management, to name a few. The Odoo ERP was initially launched as a small ERP back in 2005 and it has paved its way to the top of the order in the last couple of years. In this short span of time, Odoo development has surpassed competition by leaps and bounds and even successfully rolled out Odoo version 14 in September 2020.

Odoo consultants can help you understand the formation and execution of this ERP in detail and chalk out the premium services you can avail of, like deployment, implementation, personalization, integration, practical training assistance, etc. This software is just what you need to boost the processes and scale your business’s productivity, especially during times of recession. 

How is Odoo Better During Recession?

In times of recession, the key for every business to sustain, mitigate losses, and thrive, lies in efficient management, reduction of cost to the company, and streamlining departments. When a business opts for an ERP system, it can streamline overall business and increase profiles at ease. Moreover, ERP systems also integrate various departments of an enterprise, like production, sales, inventory, accounting, etc., which eventually helps the company make timely and accurate decisions.

And if you are looking for an ERP system for your business, then opt for Odoo ERP development. Odoo is an Open Source ERP software that helps you manage and streamline business procedures with Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

Odoo Community

While the community version has limited features and customizations, it is completely free for users. During a recession, it is software like the Odoo community that is instrumental in helping businesses manage their operations and function smoothly.

Odoo Enterprise

This version has an exhaustive set of modules to select from and various price packages that allows the user to pick and choose as per their business needs.

Odoo is available to businesses at competitive prices, compared to other ERP like Sage ERP, Oracle ERP or SAP ERP, and is an ideal means for a business to practice cost-cutting while ensuring that productivity is not compromised. Moreover, it has monthly and annual subscription options, making it convenient for the business to budget. The supportive community of laborers, developers, and Odoo partners makes Odoo ERP development software a better pick compared to its competitors.

Benefits Of Choosing Odoo Development

Odoo has already become the preferred ERP software for most small, medium and large firms because of the powerful intuitive features it offers. Businesses can manage various verticals like retail, manufacturing, trading, sales, etc. without even paying any licensing fees when they opt for Odoo. Here are some of the benefits users can enjoy when they choose Odoo ERP development over other ERP software’s –

1. Scale Your Business

Businesses have different kinds of requirements depending on the stage it is at and factors like the size of the business, scope of business, availability of resources, etc., can affect the system direly. With Odoo development software, businesses can meet these diverse requirements by implying smartphone applications and customizing their device, using Odoo’s modularity concept. The exhaustive range of closely integrated apps helps this management software function at ease.

 Benefits of Odoo Development

This functionality range offered by Odoo modules can be combined to create the instance attuned to your business needs, and these models also stand independent. Hence, you can combine or implement them as and when in need.

2. Customer-Friendly

It is supremely easy to integrate Odoo development modules because it is customization friendly. The customization is surprisingly simple to implement so that you can manage the installations without any professional help! Nonetheless, you can reach out to the top Odoo consultant firms to get a demo of the software, understand its application, themes and get a clarity on its usage. Odoo ERP development has a team of dedicated experts who will help you install the applications and be available 24×7.

3. All Under One Roof

Odoo ERP development has literally everything a business can need to run smoothly, scale up or generate more revenue! For every department or sector that a company needs control over, Odoo ERP has various software apps to deliver the same, be it fleet management software, HR software, CRM software, Sales software, etc. Odoo software brings the control of all your departments under one roof, making it cost-friendly and easier to operate for a business.

4. Budget-Friendly

One of the major advantages that Odoo development software holds is the subscription-based plan that allows businesses to chalk out their budgets and plan their finances with flexibility. This subscription-based module makes Odoo economical, and its minimal operation costs make it the ideal pick for small or large-scale businesses, especially during the recession.

5. Comprehensive Solutions

Since Odoo development is open-source software, it can be availed of by various sectors and businesses alike. This is a pretty straightforward ERP that allows the user to find, update and modify information from anywhere and at any time. You can also make the most of features like;

  1. Managing and assessing inventory
  2. PoS i.e., Point of Sales
  3. Reporting management
  4. Streamlined integration with e-commerce

6. Streamlined UI

It is seemingly smooth and quick to navigate by implementing Odoo ERP because of its streamlined and eye-grabbing User Interface (UI). Most of the other ERP solutions are challenging and cluttered and hence, Odoo stands out with its simplified UI that enables hassle-free execution. 

7. Offers Transparency And Improved Communication

The need to export data or re-enter is largely reduced with the introduction of Odoo ERP development, and this results in a seamless business matrix as there are lesser glitches and errors in the system.

You can also make numerous changes in the collaboration sector by simply implementing Odoo ERP, and it will ensure there is no lack of communication because employees lack timely access to data. Odoo also offers outstripping collaborations, which ensures that the collaboration process is smooth, and employees have access to data as per their needs.

8. Integration With Other Tools

Apart from the host of benefits Odoo offers, it is also quick and easy for Odoo software users to link this ERP with third-party applications. This makes it ideal for businesses that have some tools in place and need to bring in a holistic management ERP like Odoo.

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In the last few years since its launch in 2005, Odoo has disrupted the software space for the greater good. In times of recession in the near future, more and more businesses can benefit from implementing Odoo ERP development. Odoo is truly an authentic business suite with a set of useful, customer-friendly, and highly flexible tools that ensure your business operates smoothly.

Get all the capabilities of ERP software at reasonable prices, with better customization, and ease of installation and implementation with Odoo development. Reach out to Odoo consultant to know more about this ERP and streamline your business sales channel today!

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