Retire Cvent with Odoo Event Management

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To CVent : Retire CVent With Odoo Event Management

CVent did a good job for a long time. Trusted by many, CVent acted like a perfect centralized event management tool with its impressive features. But, the evolving complex event management requirements and limited CVent functionalities started clashing and caused severe chaos. CVent has already started failing at integration, customization, and cloud compatibility aspects. Its charm is fading away for obvious reasons.

It’s Time For CVent’s Firewall

The era of this cloud-based event management software is doomed. Here is why:

  1. 1) The Reporting feature isn’t frequently updated

It forced users to continue with outdated reporting. Even though the legacy reporting feature was officially retired in 2020, the existing Reporting feature suite still lacks functionality.

  1. 2) Complexity

The tool features many redundant back-end settings. In the era of the #nocode movement, getting involved in too many settings is only time and effort-consuming.

  1. 3) No Interesting Updates

There haven’t been many changes in the widgets and graphics offered. They are not dynamic enough to please the present era’s demanding customers.

  1. 4) It Lacks on the Integration Front

Even though you get to enjoy Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle integration, offerings are not sufficient. There is no social media integration, which is a must for the present era.

  1. 5) The Language Constraint

Language remains a huge barrier if you want to use CVent as a centralized event management tool for your global event management business. You will have a tough time building a layout page in any language, other than English. Too much groundwork has to be done, which isn’t feasible always.

  1. 6) Deployment Flexibility is Less

You can use it as a SaaS-based, web-based, and app-based solution. There is no desktop-based support offered.

  1. 7) It Lacked Free Version

Yes, most importantly, there is no free version offered. There is a limited free trial. But, customers require a free version that helps them to restore the tool’s functionality in real-time. Unfortunately, you don’t get to enjoy this feature in CVent.

These bottlenecks were not so prominent or bothersome earlier. However, they started making CVent an incompetent tool for many event management businesses in times of demanding customers, cutthroat market competition, and detailed reporting. Hence, it’s time to retire CVent and hunt for a better alternative.

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Odoo ERP Event Management – An Ideal CVent Substitute

Odoo ERP Event Management

Odoo ERP Event Management

The caveats of CVent are effortlessly filled by Odoo ERP, an ultra-modern event management tool with unmatched capabilities. Unlike CVent, Odoo ERP isn’t less integrated, has limited deployment flexibility, and is loaded with features that make centralized event management a piece of cake. Odoo ERP doesn’t only has optimized Event Management System Development, but is also very user friendly & Here is why you must consider replacing CVent with Odoo ERP.

  1. i) Amazing Integrations

Odoo brings accounting, finance, supply chain, CRM, event management, marketing, and many other operation aspects under one roof and helps you fetch required data at zero hassle. Its integration capabilities are already far-flung, the customization API has made them more powerful. With the API, you can add any capability to the tool and make it more open for accepting data from other platforms.

  1. ii) Advanced Reporting

Odoo ERP ensures that you use every bit of the data available and take result-driven actions. You have facilities like an extensive dashboard that can be shared with anyone, standard reports with standard metrics, and a custom report facility that helps you report the way you want.

  1. iii) Unbreakable Security

Data protection is a must and Odoo ERP provides the best security measures for its users. You can apply for role-based use permission, single-sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user-level audit trails.

  1. iv) Better Project Cost Management

Completing projects on time and within the allotted budget is possible as Odoo ERP offers a dedicated project financial management suite that includes features like budgeting & forecasting, cost capture, capital project management, customer invoicing, project revenue, real-time financial reporting, and tons of other features.

With all these new capabilities, your event management is going to be advanced, result-driven, and productive. So, we can conclude that Odoo is the best ERP for Event Management.

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Migrate From CVent To Odoo ERP Now

Odoo ERP is what every growth-seeking event management business needs as its amazing integration, powerful security, and great customization fills the gaps that CVent created. It’s the best alternative one could have for CVent. However, migration won’t be as easy as one has to take care of data.

Silent Infotech is a name to bank upon if one is seeking flawless and quick CVent to Odoo ERP migration. The company has already done it for many & is much trusted ERP Implementation Company in USA. During the migration, it will provide you with a customized CVent Event Details section that will represent all the previous CVent column details. This makes it easy for clients to make out which was a pre-present detail and which one is a new detail.

Done by expert hands, migration will be swift, customized, and flawless. So bid adieu to outdated CVent and make way for modern Odoo ERP with Silent Infotech.

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