Retail Orbit – Odoo Integration To Make Better Business Decision

Unleashing the Power of Odoo Integration for Informed Business Triumphs! Discover How Retail Orbit and Odoo Synergy Elevates Decision-Making Excellence.

Today, Big Data is widely used across a variety of sectors, including supply chain management, logistics, healthcare, education, government, retail, and manufacturing, to mention a few. By this point, everyone is aware of Big Data and ERP and the industrial boom it has sparked. After all, it’s always in the headlines that businesses from a range of industry sectors are using Big Data and ERP to support data-driven decision-making.

In this piece, we’ll observe how integrating Odoo with Retail ORBIT can enable you to automate several tasks so that you can focus increasingly on developing your product line and less on keeping up with long procedures.

Odoo ERP Integration

Odoo ERP Integration: What Is It?

To create a new user interface/dashboard that helps to streamline business management procedures and increase data exchange between various apps and systems, integration is the merging of two or more software APIs. This creates a better workflow for eCommerce enterprises. As we all know, following the pandemic, the eCommerce industry is booming, to manage it effectively, integration is essential, and Odoo ERP can link with various Payment Portals, eCommerce integration, POS systems, and social media platforms. Businesses that can satisfy their needs can implement integration as a complete solution.

Odoo integration is simple since Odoo Developers may easily design distinctive Business Applications in accordance with clients’ needs because Odoo is an open-source ERP system that could be completely customized.

The integrated system known as Odoo ERP is focused on key business management activities. Often, this can be performed in real-time. It can be utilized to gather, organize, store, and evaluate data from every department of your company. Business performance can be enhanced with the use of Odoo ERP software (working efficiency). It’s a wise investment because it streamlines several internal procedures.

How Retail ORBIT Can Help To Make Better Business Decisions?

For the first time, Retail ORBIT as a whole has made more investments than any other firm which:

  1. Helps in employing artificial intelligence as well as machine learning to bring small niche retailers this same big data edge. 
  2. The Retail ORBIT prescriptive and predictive platform is a hub for important data about your company with POS connectivity.
  3. On-demand reporting, and simple visualizations.

Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level with the power of Odoo – Retail Orbit Integration?

Our team of Odoo Experts is here to help. Speak with a consultant today and discover how Retail Orbit and Odoo can revolutionize your operations, improve efficiency, and drive sales.

Features Of Retail ORBIT

 The Retail ORBIT predictive analytics platform is a prime center for crucial data about your company and features POS connectivity, on-demand reporting, as well as easy-to-use visualizations.

The Following are the Features of Retail ORBIT:

Trendspotting: Search a global database for new prospects so that big data can help your company.

Deciding Correct Retail Metrics: Performs countless unique and standard retail analytics to gauge your progress about all KPIs.

Maintaining Flexibility: Suitable for reporting on single, multiple, and chain stores.

Above and Beyond Assistance: Includes specialized, round-the-clock customer service.

Being Web-based: Securely operates in every browser, on every computer and mobile device.

Easy Onboarding: It offers an API that enables the simple uploading of data from your store and integrates with the majority of the major POS systems.

What Retail ORBIT And Odoo Integration Can Do?

The majority of firms are operated using data and analytics. It is better for you and your company if your business has more data. Consider an e-commerce website as an illustration. It will be simpler to make modifications to observe how they enhance the functionality and user experience of your website when there is less traffic. It will be more difficult to test new features or simply evaluate how changes impact the performance of your e-commerce website once there is too much traffic. 

Retail ORBIT transmits an appropriate data file to the RO Shuttle. Subsequently, it produces a file derived from Odoo and sends it to RO with the POST approach – the data contain the Current Stock, Purchase (Receipt), Sales (Discharge), and Internal inventory movements/adjustment of all SKUs in a specific spot in Odoo – so they receive crude data to be further processed and give data analytics to the customer. These analysis reports which are generated by AI help businesses to make shrewd decisions including stock, invoices, payments, etc.

Businesses today require an automated solution to manage data at scale. When these are interconnected, they can be leveraged to offer meaningful data on a single dashboard, giving big data a clearer perspective. Making smarter business decisions will be made easier for you thanks to the integration of Odoo with Retail ORBIT. Inventory control, customer relationship management, transaction integration, inventory replenishment, and inventory tracking are all possible with Odoo ERP and Retail ORBIT.


Any firm that succeeds must integrate. You will find it simpler to make wiser business decisions the more integrated your business activities are. Odoo and Retail ORBIT are two frameworks that can be combined to offer you effective business decisions that will aid in streamlining your operational procedures. Together, these two can aid in data analysis and the removal of silos across crucial processes like financial accounting, human resource management, operations, and marketing. The majority of firms are operated using data and analytics. It is better for you and your company if your business has more data. 

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