Odoo.sh Hosting Version 12 Migration

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Odoo.sh Hosting Version 12 Migration

In this article, we discuss the need for businesses using Odoo.sh Version 12 to migrate to more sustainable hosting options like AWS or dedicated servers. As most of you might be aware that the version 12 on Odoo.sh will be removed  by October 2023. So this is the right time for you to migrate to the latest version of Odoo.sh or to dedicated hosting of your choice.

Here we highlight the advantages of making this transition, including scalability, customization, data security, and cost efficiency. Additionally, we provide a step-by-step migration plan, which includes comprehensive backup, selecting the right hosting, setting up the new environment, data migration, testing, and going live. We also offer our expertise and assistance in ensuring a seamless and successful migration

Why Migrate from Odoo.sh Version 12?

The decision to remove Odoo.sh Version 12 is driven by several factors, including the need for better scalability, control, and security. While Odoo.sh provides convenient cloud-based hosting, migrating to AWS or dedicated servers offers several advantages:

Scalability: AWS and dedicated servers offer the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on demand. This ensures smooth performance during peak hours and cost optimization during low activity periods.

Customization: Migrating to a dedicated server grants complete control over server settings, allowing businesses to fine-tune configurations for optimal performance and tailor-made solutions.

Data Security: With sensitive business data at stake, businesses can implement robust security measures with AWS or dedicated servers to enhance data protection and regulatory compliance.

Cost Efficiency: AWS and dedicated servers often prove more cost-effective for businesses with significant resource requirements, as they eliminate the limitations associated with hosting packages.

A Step-by-Step Odoo Migration Plan

Migrating from Odoo.sh Ver12 to AWS or a dedicated server may seem daunting, but a well-thought-out plan can simplify the proc

1. Comprehensive Backup

Begin by backing up all your Odoo data, configurations, and customizations. This ensures that no valuable information is lost during the migration process.

2. Selecting the Right Hosting

Carefully evaluate your business needs and select the most suitable hosting option, whether it be AWS or a dedicated server. Each has its unique benefits and costs, so choose wisely.

3. Set Up the New Environment

Once you have your hosting environment ready, install the necessary software and dependencies required to run Odoo successfully.

4. Data Migration

Transfer the data from your https://odoo.sh/ Ver12 to the new hosting environment. This may involve exporting data in a suitable format and importing it into the new system.

5. Testing

Thoroughly test the migrated data and configurations to ensure everything works seamlessly. Identify and address any issues that arise during testing.

6. Go Live

Once testing is complete and you are confident in the new setup’s stability, it’s time to go live. Monitor the system closely during the initial days to address any teething issues promptly.

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How Silent Infotech Can Help with Odoo.sh version 12 Migration?

Migrating your business-critical data and operations to a new hosting environment requires expertise and precision. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in seamless Odoo migrations. We understand the complexities involved and are committed to providing you with a smooth transition to AWS or dedicated servers.

With our proven methodology and attention to detail, we ensure that all your data and configurations are transferred securely and accurately. Our experts will guide you throughout the process, from selecting the right hosting option to testing and going live.


With the end of Odoo.sh Ver12 approaching, businesses must migrate to more sustainable hosting options like AWS or dedicated servers. This migration offers better scalability, control, and security, as well as cost efficiency. By following a step-by-step migration plan, businesses can ensure a seamless transition. Our team of experts can assist in this process, providing expertise and precision to transfer data and configurations accurately. Embrace the future by migrating to AWS or a dedicated server and let us help you make this transition seamlessly.


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