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Supercharge Your Business with Odoo on Google Cloud Platform! Explore the perfect synergy of Odoo’s robust ERP solutions and the scalability of Google Cloud for a transformative business experience.

Odoo being a cloud based ERP system needs to be hosted on the web-reachable infrastructure. Alongside Odoo being and Open-source ERP system, it allows multiple options to host it based on the business preferences. Possible ways to setup Odoo ERP system for your business can be as below :

  1. On-Premise setup : Setting up on cloud VM (Virtual Machine / Server) providers like Google Cloud, AWS, etc. OR Self-maintained in-house servers.
  2. Odoo SaaS : A managed shared Database and Odoo Application Instance – Limited flexibility in customization.
  3. Odoo.SH Cloud Hosting : Managed shared VM’s – which allow customization Flexibility.

It is usual that the Business might be using the Google cloud services for some of thier existing IT tools like GSuite, Website hosting, or eCommerce Hosting, etc. Hence its is likely to setup the new business tools like Odoo ERP on the google cloud, which already falls under the trust umbrella as reliable infrastructure for the decision making executives of the Business.

Having Odoo hosted on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) allows you to run your Odoo solution on GCP granting business to minimize the cost of Infrastructure. Installation of Odoo onto Google Cloud is the second best thing a Odoo user can do, Choosing Odoo for business remains first.

Odoo installation on GCP

Hosting Odoo onto GCP includes a multi-Server architecture setup, Using SSH for encryption, Data handling through PostgreSQL, Configuration of Nginx for SSL, and Testing. Installation of Odoo on Google Cloud is quite a complex procedure that cannot be done by individuals with little knowledge. Installation should be done by an expert team in order to avoid future conflicts.

Why should Google cloud be used for Odoo ERP?

For a business with little cost allowance, it is advisable to host Odoo on Google cloud as it provides better infrastructure, high resource capacity, security, quality network infrastructure, and 99.9% uptime. It is quite costly to have a company’s own in-house server, but as an alternative, a business can always opt for hosting Odoo ERP on GCP as it provides almost similar features at a lower cost.

Why is it important to choose the right team for Installation?

Manual installation on GCP with basic knowledge of Cloud Computing is not enough. A business should contact the right person for installation and maintenance on the cloud and hence enjoy every perk of the cloud platform. An experienced team can consult relevant packages, perform complete installation, configure it as per requirements, maintain it, and provide support as per addressed issues. 

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Odoo Setup for Large business – Multi-Server

Odoo ERP being a multi-tiered web architecture can be setup or implemented as per the scaling needs to the Company.

– Multi-Server Architecture setup

– Providing SSH for encryption over unprotected network

– Odoo uses PostgreSQL for database management

– Implementation needs setting up Nginx http request load-balancing handling

– Providing complete Support for the service.

Having Multi-Server Architecture allows your system with features like

  • Better Resource distribution and its monitoring
  • More Security
  • Better, Improved, and Efficient Server performance
  • Reduced Inter-dependency
  • Cost Efficient
  • Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Having a multi server helps in improving performance, reduced cost, better resource monitoring, Load balancing, all under the same VPC. For protection of network service over unprotected network, SSH protocol is used for encryption.

What can be a better option for Database system than PostgreSQL. It provides reliableness, incorruptibility, due to its better architecture. The connection between server and client should be secure and for that we use Nginx for SSL.

An Expert team like Silent Infotech, will also provides proper support for the service they provide to customers. It is for customers to check the configuration and give feedback and ask for customization if needed. More details on support will be mentioned in SLA.

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