Odoo ERP With Agro MIS for Agriculture Industry

Harnessing Growth with Odoo ERP and Agro MIS. Explore the power of integrated solutions for the Agriculture Industry, optimizing efficiency from farm to market.

In the current era of the digital world, no sector or industry is left where digital transformation is not happening. But, Do you think transforming your business digitally is a complete remedy for all of your pain points? No, Right? Of course, you will be hunting for a better technology solution to address all of your pain points. However, there are very limited advanced technology options catering to all needs of the Agriculture Sector at one platform. I will be a guide here for you to make a quick tour of one such software which caters to the Agri MIS needs of any Farm.

Wouldn’t you be amazed to know that you can now get complete MIS for all farming activities like plantation, harvesting, production with scheduler what, when, and how much of plants, seeds, water required in each of farming plot. You can record all of your farm item consumptions, farm service charges, labor expenses to arrive at the break-even point.

Agri ERP is one point software platform to let you maintain complete Agri MIS for any number of farms you own.

Odoo ERP For Agriculture Features

Schedule your routine farm inputs


This will enable you to create a schedule for routine consumption, farm input you need for multiple things like fertilizer, water, etc. so that you do not miss regular intervals of required important farm inputs which really matters in good production.

Planning Plantation, Record Harvesting, and Inward Actual Production in Inventory


You can create plantation season, plan crop plantation for particular plantation season, Record harvested crops from different farms for particular plantation season, and Inward actual production achieved in Farm Warehouse.

Recording Farm Consumptions, Labour Expenses, Service Charges


You can keep a record of different Farm Item Consumptions, Labour Expenses, Service Charges, etc to get a clear Cost of Revenue. This will also create a WIP Amount which will get auto-deducted by recording Production against this different cost which will give you a better idea of when you arrive at the break-even point.

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