Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Odoo

A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Thriving Multi-Vendor Empire Using Odoo's Powerhouse Platform!

Multi-vendor Marketplace

Multi-vendor Marketplace

During the pandemic, the vendors operating have been vastly affected. Imagine having a single place where you can let buyers and sellers meet. With a system for a multi-vendor marketplace, it is possible that various vendors can sell their products at a place to customers like Virtual Mall.

What is a Multi-vendor Marketplace?

The marketplace is a platform where a buyer can buy goods listed by the vendor on the platform. Apart from this, vendors can keep track of orders, inventory, delivery management, accounting, customer interaction, and various reporting. Here on the platform, multiple vendors can sell and track their products and buyers can buy through various payment methods.

An expert team can develop end-to-end solutions for multi-vendor Marketplaces from creating eCommerce for seller/buyer to managing multiple vendor accounts and implementation of various modules needed for in-house business procedures.

 Multi-vendor Marketplace

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Why use Odoo for the marketplace?

The eCommerce website can be developed and then integrated with Odoo for back-office processes. As it is built with Odoo, the model is highly customizable as per business needs. So, Warehouse management, Order fulfillment, Purchase/Sales management, Payment integration, Support and helpdesk, and feedback system can be implemented. Basically, Everything needed to run the business can be implemented on a single solution letting you not arising the need for other managing platforms. Also, if the business is using a traditional platform with no plan of retiring it, the platform can be integrated order to work in parallel with Odoo.

Odoo for the marketplace

It requires 3 profiles: Admin, Seller and buyer.


  • Control the complete seller activity and decide whether the product can be sold on the platform or not.
  • Approve specific product and seller to be visible.
  • Automate the approval process.
  • Provide terms and conditions while seller registration.
  • Setting up Commission rules for vendors.
  • Commission rules can be set for every seller and can be customized as per the seller.
  • Sorting of Products according to categories.
  • Can manage every order on the platform
  • Notification through mail regarding any information like new vendor/product request,

Seller :

  • Make an account and send an approval request to admin
  • Add product and variant and get admin’s approval
  • Mention shipping details and policies.
  • Manage sales orders and Inventory with Odoo.
  • Handle your accounting.
  • View customer feedback and reviews for the betterment of the business.
  • Assign your unique name for the shop, shop description, and shop banner.
  • Buyer can view all the seller’s all products, reviews, and profile.
  • Unique name allows the buyer to search for a specific vendor.

Having a friendly User Interface, Email integration with Marketplace to keep you informed about activities, a review system that helps buyers with transparency, Commission management by admins, and many more such elite features make your Virtual Mall run smooth and efficiently, but only with the help of an Expert Odoo Implementing Team.

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