Multi-channel eCommerce management for Odoo

Mastering Multi-channel eCommerce Management with Odoo. Elevate Your Business Across Platforms for Maximum Reach and Efficiency.

Challenges For Multi-channel eCommerce Management

The biggest challenge in today’s new era for selling online is to generate traffic to your eCommerce website. Due to constant updates in the brow​​sers and their algorithm changes, it has been quite difficult for online stores to sustain themselves in this competitive market. In a recent survey, it is proved that around half of online shoppers now rely on marketplaces for their online purchases. So, now people prefer to buy from Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, etc. as they are able to view different products and brands all in one place. 

Instead of waiting for your customers to reach out to you, it is of course a smart way to reach out to your customers by displaying and selling your products on different marketplaces. But managing all the marketplaces simultaneously is a big headache.

How to Tackle Problem Of Multi-channel eCommerce management

Odoo’s multichannel eCommerce management solution has made this task quite easy. There are multiple reasons to choose Odoo to manage backend operations. Whether talking about its inventory or accounting; Odoo knows exactly how to do it. However, Odoo also provides its well-versed eCommerce; but if you are using e-commerce or marketplace of other platforms then also you can set up an in-house management system.

Odoo Multi-Channel eCommerce management acts as a gateway between Odoo and other channels. The solution is a proven help for the businesses who sell products via different platforms like eBay, Amazon, woo commerce, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, CS-cart, etc. You can manage the data of all your online stores in an organized way. Just Odoo sales module is a very base module to connect all these e-shops with Odoo.

Key  Features of Odoo Multi-channel eCommerce Management

I have tried to show some of the key features of the Odoo multichannel eCommerce management solution with some infographics here.

Inventory management across all platforms

Single dashboard to check/update inventory across all marketplaces/web-shops and auto reflect the same in the central stock warehouse. By multi-Location Tracking, Stock Transfer, Order Picking, Multi-Carrier Shipping efficiently, you can control and optimize movement and planning across multiple locations throughout the supply chain.

Inventory management across all platforms

Import/Export order details

Import orders in Odoo sales with details like shipping address, payment method, currency, etc. and one can automatically/ manually generate shipping from the dashboard directly also.

Import/Export order details

Reporting and Analytics 

Users can do smart predictions and auto-calibration and generate weekly-monthly forecast reports. Through the historical data comparison, finding avenues of growth, Identifying warnings beforehand, managers can do competitive analysis easily.

Reporting and Analytics

Import/ export product details/categories

Two-way sync between marketplaces/webshops and Odoo enables the push-pull data to manage product catalog and various details like product variant, description, color, price, discount, etc across all the platforms.

Auto/ Manual sync to fetch data

You can automatically import-export all the details by scheduling automatic crons as well as can manually update(import-export catalog, order details) at any point in time.

Feeds To Store Data in a very Simplified Manner

There are multiple relational fields in an Odoo form that makes the structure very complex to understand; especially while importing data from other platforms. Hence, to avoid complications; Feeds are used in the Odoo Multichannel solution.

Easy integration with other modules

You can easily integrate other Odoo modules like purchase, CRM, HRM with a multichannel eCommerce Odoo dashboard to manage all other in-house processes.

It is very flexible that you can add/ remove any platform anytime because these are all connected with the Odoo Sales module through the connectors only.

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