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Mobile App For Last-mile Delivery Of eCommerce Company

The challenges that an e-commerce industry player might face are never-ending. Evolving customer needs and sudden change in their buying behavior keeps e-commerce business owners always on their toes. Presently, this industry is dealing with impatient buyers that expect the product to be delivered ASAP.  

Buyers are ditching online stores that are taking longer than a day to deliver the products. People are so eager to have products in their hands that they are ready to pay extra to avail of a same-day delivery facility. Nearly 23% of total online buyers, reveals a McKinsey report. The same reports educate us on the fact that 2% of buyers don’t mind paying extra for instant delivery.

How, as an online store, you’re going to make your delivery?

Is the solution expedient enough for the customers?

Well, the solution here is to integrate last-mile delivery ERP solution into the e-Commerce business model and allow your customers to do last-mile delivery tracking from the app with the help of skilled eCommerce Development Companies in the USA and the rest of the world.

Last-mile Delivery Mobile App – Changing The Dynamics Of eCommerce Delivery Services In recent times, last-mile delivery ERP has caused waves in the e-commerce industry. It’s the last stage of a product delivery strategy where the product is shipped to the customers directly from the distribution center. When e-commerce came into being, people were OK with having a 7-10 days delivery period. Now, they want products to be delivered fast.

A Recent Accenture Report Revealed That:

  1. Around 66% of millennial online shoppers seek a 1-hour delivery option, while 29% of buyers change the delivery location just to receive the product fast.
  2. In USA, 27% online shoppers won’t buy a product or cancel an order if the delivery is taking too long.
  3. Approx. 90% of online buyers prefer tracking their orders.

Clearly, today is not the era of days-long delivery. Last-mile delivery can fix tons of things for the e-commerce industry by offering: 

  • Quick Delivery Speed 

With more and more customers asking for speedy delivery, e-commerce businesses must adopt last-mile delivery solutions for faster delivery. By having a reliable logistic chain, businesses can reduce the delivery time and please the customers. 

  • Real-time Tracking 

The present breed of customers wants to be fully aware. This is why nearly 85% of online buyers go with a business that provides real-time delivery tracking. Well, the last-mile approach makes it possible. All you need to do is hire a seasoned eCommerce development company in USA and get a delivery driver’s app ready. 

  • Offer Quality Logistic Value Chain 

The logistic value chain is the term referring to the value that the supply chain network is offering to the customers, from manufacturing to product delivery. You can introduce a first-mile and middle-mile delivery process to the customers. But, you can expose last-mile delivery to the customers. With this, you can educate your customers on the delivery process you adopt. 

Trends in Last-mile Delivery Approach

  1. Same-day delivery is not turning into 12-hour or 1-hour delivery 
  2. Customers are seeking last–mile tracking facilities to gain insight into the delivery process 
  3. Voice-based last-mile tracking has become the key aim for businesses seeking a mobile app for an online store 
  4. Automation, with the help of EVs and AVs, is empowering last-mile delivery 

Have You got a Last Mile Delivery Solution for Your eCommerce Business?

For an online store, being fast, providing real-time delivery tracking, and maintaining transparency in delivery are the possible ways to thrive in the cutthroat competition. 

If you haven’t explored the power of last-mile delivery, do it now with the help of the best ERP implementation company in USA. Silent Infotech is best known for building customized mobile app for ERP systems. The professional and seasoned team of this app development company will bring the best talent at your disposal that will allow you to integrate the last-mile tracking facility in the mobile app and please customers by all means.

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