Odoo Experience 2018

A Journey Through the Innovation Odyssey - Dive into the highlights and insights from the dynamic Odoo Experience 2018, where groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technologies collided for an unforgettable business adventure.

The biggest event of the world’s first open source ERP “odoo experience 2018”, where we have successfully launched our another new invention “eCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway”.

This allows users to pay via cryptocurrency and we have received the huge response for this. even before launch, we successfully deployed this module for some companies and successfully uploaded on the odoo app store.

you can directly purchase it from the odoo app store. eCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway

Tushar C

A seasoned tech enthusiast, holds the position of CEO at Silent Infotech and serves as the CTO at SpeedBot, an algorithmic trading platform. Renowned internationally as a speaker on emerging technologies, Tushar boasts over a decade of diverse experience in the tech industry. His journey commenced as a developer in a multinational corporation, and he later co-founded Silent Infotech alongside two other members. Tushar's expertise spans a multitude of technologies, including blockchain, AI, Python, Dotnet, and cloud solutions. He leverages his extensive knowledge to deliver a broad spectrum of enterprise solutions to businesses. A true technology master, Tushar excels in managing cloud infrastructure for large-scale enterprises. To learn more about his insights and expertise, connect with him.

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