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​Order Management Between Odoo ERP & Amazon Seller Account

Selling on Amazon is the backbone and of Vital importance to so many businesses. The more optimized the entire process of Selling on Amazon is, the Better the business growth results can be achieved. Manually processing everything as an Amazon seller can significantly reduce your business productivity.

That is the reason why Amazon sellers across the world have started using Odoo ERP software. Odoo’s ERP software is integrated with your Amazon seller account very easily. After the integration, it makes the entire process 10x more efficient and faster.

You can manage your Amazon inventory and orders within Odoo. Sellers can track multiple shipments with one or more items, alongside real-time Order Information. All these & so many more features make Odoo, a perfect choice for Amazon sellers.

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Key Features of Choosing Odoo ERP for Amazon Sellers

Integrate & Manage Amazon Store

Odoo ERP will connect your Amazon store to the ERP software. You can directly Import and export the products in bulk between Odoo ERP and your Amazon store. Amazon sellers can manage customer orders, product attributes right from a single screen inside this ERP software.

By integrating your Amazon store with Odoo ERP, you can streamline your business operations and manage all aspects of your online store from a single platform.

Order Delivery Management

Your Amazon order can be fulfilled by Amazon or fulfilled by a merchant. Odoo ERP is a perfect fit in both cases. If the order is Fulfilled by Amazon, inventory stock is updated in real-time after receiving and processing every order.

If the merchant is Fulfilling the order, Odoo ERP will automatically send updates to Amazon after every delivery of the order. If an order contains more than one item – The merchant can ship all items in one order or divide one order into multiple shipments. Odoo ERP will keep thorough track of it & maintain order processing.

Amazon Inventory Management

Management of inventory across multiple warehouses gets so much easier with Odoo ERP. You can manage inventory at multiple warehouses within one software. If you make any changes to stock at Amazon or in Odoo, the same change automatically gets updates at the other end as well.

So if you update stock details inside Odoo, It will get updated right away on Amazon’s side as well & vice versa. Precise stock tracking ensures a smooth flow of product deliveries for your Amazon customers. Odoo ERP automatically keeps track of the delivery status of orders & keeps stock updates regularly after each delivery.

Efficiently Manages Customer Data

All your customer data on your Amazon seller account is imported automatically inside Odoo Erp, so you can access, manage & analyze your customers’ info in one place. You can also Turn-on the option for automatic syncing. This way, Odoo will update customer data after every fixed period of time set by you. (daily, weekly, every 3 days).

Smooth Shipment Processing

Odoo ERP will take care of the date & time for pickup, courier partner selection, mode of transporting the shipment, and Every important aspect involved in sending the product to your Amazon customer. Not just efficient processing, but Odoo also maintains communication by updating all the Shipment details to each customer on a regular basis.

Generate Sales Reports

After connecting Odoo ERP with an Amazon seller account, Odoo will generate an easy-to-understand Visualised sales report. Just go to ‘sales report tools’ inside Odoo & Seller can easily see all the Various figures of Amazon’s business in Sales reports.

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Prime Benefits of Using Odoo ERP for Amazon

Seller Account

Running an e-commerce business by doing almost everything manually can be cumbersome and can have serious implications for business. For the sake of better business results, Sellers must use Automation as much as possible.

Odoo ERP does thoroughly efficient automation of the entire Amazon selling process. An infinite number of time-consuming manual tasks get removed. So you can utilize the same time and manpower for other aspects of your business.

Amazon sellers can benefit from precise data providing and quick order processing mechanisms offered by Odoo ERP solution.

Automation of Online Selling Process

Odoo is connected to your amazon store, So it automates all the processes within. Updates processing units after receiving every order. Will manage entire shipment processing, updating the inventory as order processes & keep the end-customer regularly updated. From order receiving, delivery, and Inventory management to Sales report generation – A to Z automation happens with Odoo.

Faster Order Processing

Based on customer details, Odoo automatically picks the best carrier for delivery. Odoo will also manage the optimal pick-up schedule from the Seller’s address, the best mode of transporting the product from Seller to customer & also sends all Necessary details to the customer regarding the Order delivery. The entire process gets so optimized that Order processing happens within a Flash.

Accurate eCommerce Data

Data is so vital to any business these days & Odoo leaves no stone unturned here. Every single bit of Important data from your Amazon store is automatically imported to your Odoo backend. You can access, manage & utilize entire customer and eCommerce data for the Best business growth moving forward.

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FAQs Related to Odoo ERP Solutions for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers operating in amazon marketplaces in the US, UK, UAE, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Egypt, Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland can Easily use Odoo ERP Solutions.

Yes. You can both import-export products in bulk from Amazon to Odoo and Odoo to Amazon.

Yes, you can integrate your one or more Amazon seller accounts after purchasing Odoo ERP.

This ERP Solution immediately updates the Inventory in real time after receiving a new order on amazon or the successful delivery of a shipment.

Odoo ERP automatically makes all customer data available for you at the back-end side. You can set frequency (3 days, 5 days, weekly) as well. Odoo will automatically sync & update data on that frequency time.