Web Application Development

In the age of connectivity, Internet is the most widely used means of marketing and advertising. It is one of the most powerful tools available at one’s disposable for expanding his/her business. Whether it is a small bakery shop or a large construction company, it is crucial for everyone to host their website for business promotion.

Let us have a look at the benefits of hosting a website using web development services provided by Silent Infotech.

Intuitive Mobile Based Web Application

Development of a light webpage for mobile browsing is as important as the development of a desktop webpage. With our website development technology, you can choose the key elements of your website such as interactive graphics or menu options to appear in a mobile friendly way on a smaller screen.

Single-page/Multi-page Scrolling Options

Whether it is a single page website or a large eCommerce website, the thumb rule is to integrate two main aspects to attract a large crowd. One of them is having good content, and the other one is to have great interface and images. We provide you with an option of choosing content display over a smaller data and cache usage footprint for single page scrolling. In case you wish to display the content on multiple web pages, we ensure accessing different web pages is simple and intuitive.

Compliant Customer Service Helpline

With web development services from Silent Infotech, you never need to worry about your website crashing due to large customer traffic. Our advanced website hosting services and dedicated servers run 24 x 7 to ensure a smooth browsing experience. You can always rely on us to change a particular aspect of your website, or put up a promotional offer on short notice.

Great Content and Aesthetic Appeal

At Silent Infotech we make sincere efforts in making your website pleasant to the eyes of the audience. We use interactive graphic images as well as slideshows to make your website look aesthetically beautiful. We take special care in making the look professional to attract potential customers/investors.

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LifeSimple is based in Austin, Texas. They provide scheduling solution to local business and organizations to help people organize their day to day activities.

LifeSimple wanted a solution in form of web and apps.

Our solution was to implement a Zimbra mailing server and apps for Android and iOS that can sync directly with LifeSimple's database.


Digicel TT

Customized Zimbra Web App

Highly Customized trend setting UI/UX on top of Zimbra Collaboration Suite matching existing website Theme.


Fitness Product CRM

Fitness Product CRM

Its is a consumer assistive Platform (Web Apps & Mobile Apps) where mobile apps integrates with patient therapy device and allows patient to make schedule of their Treatments.

The platform allows user to track their progress with high-quality focused photography. There progress photos are uploaded to patients private gallery vault, where they can compile them into time-lapse videos. Moreover the platform also provides the community where different patients can share their progress with each other and also with the professionals.