Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is extremely useful for business expansion and capturing a particular market. With more people using smartphones, using a mobile strategy is absolutely important for any business irrespective of the services offered or industry.

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With a proper app in place, the company is left with interesting ways of enticing people and making them buy their products. Silent Infotech understands how and why mobile app can be implemented for the purpose and offers creative solutions that are unmatched in the industry. We offer the best mobile application services that are tailored according to the customer’s requirements for iPhone and Android users.

Whate we Offer?

  • iPhone/iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Mobile App Maintenance

Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

  • A dedicated mobile application ensures that you are constantly connected with the users of your product/services.
  • Mobile app marketing is an infallible marketing channel that beats all other marketing tactics and makes promotions and sales at your client’s fingertips.
  • A robust mobile app ensures that your brand gets instant recognition and promotion like none other. It works better than a billboard at times and offers guaranteed results.
  • Mobile app gives better customer engagement and allows access to the services directly instead of opting for calling or messaging services.

How Silent Infotech Adds Value to Your Mobile App Development?

  • Cost-effective and timely services
  • Experts who offer high-end app development services
  • Experienced team of app developers
  • Dynamic services for each and every platform
  • Compatibility and profound knowledge of different mobile technologies and frameworks
  • Consistent and dedicated approach
  • Mobile Apps for social networking sites, e-Commerce websites, corporate solutions and various business websites.

Silent Infotech is recognized worldwide for developing strong mobile apps. Our solutions are exceptional and successfully bring out the best in every business. To get a tailor-made app that fits your requirements contact us now!


Door Eye

Home Security Device

Door eye is smartly designed home security appliance which acts upon the door bell ring provides the owner with the real-time photo capture of the person ringing the door bell.

It works as simple as when someone rings your doorbell, your smart-phone blurts and buzzes, and with a tap, you can view the captured snap of the visitor. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the kitchen, at the office.

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Smart Switch Board

Good news for our tech-savvy audience, Silent Infotech introduces Smart Switch Board. It facilitates you with digitally switching Electrical A.C.

Extension board working over standard home WiFi Network.

The product suite serves as one of yours feature rich productivity appliance. The Android Application works as smart and intuitive user interface for Smart switch board.

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Odoo Mobile

Odoo Expense Apps

Odoo expense app allows organization ERP users to register their Expences onto their Odoo ERP system.

Silent Drive

Silent Drive

The Open Source Silent Drive Android app allows you to access all your files your Silent Infotech server.

Talash Online

Talash Online

In application user can upload photos and description with other information about Missing or found the person.

With the use of data provided by user’s image searching algorithm finds all possible attributes of image and compares with database available with talash and the internet simultaneously description search algorithm search for most relevant information of a missing or found person with database and provides a mutual score for best results.

Based on the score will return a number of best matches of the person data and notify mission person's family and found a person to help missing person reach back home safely.