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Sea Food ERP Software Solution

SeaFood Business Challenges

Similar to every other industry around the globe, the seafood manufacturing industry comprises certain loopholes and challenges too. Sustaining in the market calls for streamlining operations, maximizing margins, minimizing costs, meeting deliveries, and studying the market to operate efficiently. Considering the industry specific challenges, the seafood manufacturing market battles with an array of plight including, 

  1. Compliance 
  2. Catch weight 
  3. Traceability 
  4. Storage conditions 
  5. Lot and portion control 
  6. Perishable
  7. Daily prognosis 
  8. Maintaining Food quality and safety
  9. Commodity pricing 
  10. Slicing efficiency 

It goes without saying that the makers of seafood deserve a tool to assist them escape fishing in dangerous waters. The solution is an ERP, or, a seafood ERP software that is specifically designed for the industry that can further solve the issues and support efficient business operations seamlessly.

Why Does The Industry Need Seafood ERP Software Solution?

The answer is quite straightforward. The Seafood ERP software offered by Silent Infotech holds excellent features that have been introduced to reflect modern trends. The ERP solution is fully capable of addressing the most specialized requirements of seafood producers. Furthermore, it is an all-encompassing product that speeds up every operation, including spray cooling, washing, storage, packing in cans, thawing, can washing, eviscerating, loin cooling, pre-cooking, filling solution, spray cooling, seaming, sterilization, can dying, can chilling, labeling, loading, and shipping. 

Besides, to address the rest of the challenges, food-related firms may handle the intricacy of their sales, inventory, formula, purchases, quality assurance, costing, and compliance with the assistance of Silent Infotech ERP, and yet make their deliveries precisely on time. Most importantly, this seafood ERP system provides total accountability and tracking of trash and byproducts that may be used to create other high-revenue-generating goods.

Are you looking for Custom ERP System for your Seafood Business?

Silent Infotech understand the requirement of Seafood industry. Get in touch with our Odoo ERP Consultant to discuss your Seafood business requirement!

Our Seafood ERP Solution

  • To help the seafood manufacturing market, we have improved the AI-based ERP system for the seafood supply chain. This allows the seafood vendor to identify and monitor the seafood’s freshness and purity. We even offer order-to-cash services, inventory management, product configurators, warehousing, and shipping, besides supply chain planning and supplier scheduling.
  • We adopt a cloud-based approach. Real-time, core business operations integrated with open-source technologies helps create an effective and customized ERP.
  • To reduce time lag and functional and geographic restrictions, we have a cloud-based fix that blends the procurement process with the supplier relationship management process.
  • We provide full track and trace, allowing anyone to verify a product’s entire history, right from the origin through certificates and genuine documents. We strive to establish a trustless ecosystem by providing time-stamped and community consensus-based immutable data and prohibiting product counterfeiting.

Harvester Catching the Seafood From the Sea

  • Over here Harvestor can register his catch with information like approx. weight, a variety of species involved, catch location using the Smart Phone application communicating with our ERP.
  • Once the vessel reaches the Dock – the deal for the catch takes place between harvest and the Processor company representative.
  • Dockside Mobile Application
  • Dockside Mobile Application
  • Dockside Mobile Application

Seafood Processing Company Agent Interacts With the ERP System

  • The Processor Company here can be the company purchasing trading the sea-food further.
  • Upon purchase by processor company, a purchasing agent with the help of hand-held device running ERP Application, registers purchase order creating and filling the crates from the purchased catch.
  • Crates here are the systematically designed Box used for storing the sea-food equipped with RFID tag.
  • Assume that through the system we will be having 2 types of crates – Ungraded & Graded one.
  • The one filled at the Dockside is the ungraded crates each of which is identified by the unique Electronic Code generated by ERP.
  • Seafood ERP
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management
  • RFID Mobile

Purchasing Agent Registers the Transit Using the Same Seafood ERP Application

  • And the Ungraded crates are transferred to the Facility where they can be stored or they directly go through the Grading process.

Grading Work Personal Uses Seafood ERP App for Documenting Grading Outcomes

  • The ungraded Crates are Graded based on different characteristics and Filled back into the Graded Crates.
  • These graded Crates are Stored in Tanks and recorded as Graded Inventory.
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management

Seafood ERP Application is used to created empty Ungraded Crate

  • Scan the crate RFID and rewrite it with fresh Identifier communicating with ERP.
  • Thus preparing the ungraded crate.
  • RFID
  • Seafood ERP Tracebility
  • Dockside Mobile Application
  • Dockside Mobile Application

How Does Seafood ERP Software Solution Works?

Benefits of Hiring Silent Infotech for Seafood ERP System

By hiring Silent Infotech for the Seafood ERP Solution, businesses can achieve a huge listing of advantages. Besides acquiring corporate effectiveness, capacity to prove regulatory compliance, continuity in performance, lower risks due to strict inventory traceability controls, cost transparency, management, and advantages over rivals, Silent Infotech offers much more! 

Integrated Approach For the Seafood Industry

Our Seafood ERP system caters with all parts of seafood production, regardless of whether your business is on land/ship/ in the middle of an ocean. It makes sure that the item is delivered to the desired location with unmatched precision and trustworthiness. 

Seafood Safety and Quality

In order to provide total traceability from source, you possess entire control over the parameters for inspection, quality assurance, and record-keeping, regardless of whether you are working with seafood that is sourced from the farmed/wild. To maintain uniformity and strict product quality, your staff can track and document all work-in-progress and finished items using comprehensive lot traceability capabilities. Having integrated reporting ensures that you are ready for regulatory audits and simulated recalls.

Instantaneous Linked Data

The departmental and functional interaction becomes simple. Your company’s data is synchronized in real-time on the cloud, giving you a complete picture of all areas of your trade, processing, fishing, or farming operations. Utilizing data, streamlining procedures, and connecting data will assist your team in completing everyday chores and reaching well-informed decisions more quickly.

FAQs Related to Seafood ERP Software

What Is Seafood ERP Software?Keyur p2023-03-09T12:03:08+00:00

Seafood ERP software is designed specifically for the Seafood industry. It enables Seafood companies to manage their supply chain, inventory, sales, finance, and operations from a single, integrated platform.

How Does Seafood ERP Software Help With Compliance?Keyur p2023-03-09T12:01:26+00:00

Seafood ERP software can help seafood companies comply with regulations by providing full traceability and visibility throughout the supply chain. It can track the origin, processing, and distribution of seafood products, ensuring that they meet regulatory standards.

How Does Seafood ERP Help With Inventory Management?Keyur p2023-03-09T11:59:53+00:00

Seafood ERP software can help seafood companies optimize their inventory management by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, forecasting demand, and automating purchasing processes. This can help reduce waste, improve product quality, and increase profitability.

Can Seafood ERP Software Integrate With Other Software?Keyur p2023-03-09T11:58:14+00:00

Yes, Seafood ERP software can be integrated with other software. We use Odoo to develop ERP Software which is highly customizable and can easily integrate with the software solutions, such as accounting software, CRM software, and e-commerce platforms. This can provide a seamless and integrated experience for seafood companies, improving their efficiency and productivity.

Is Seafood ERP Software Developed By Silent Infotech Is Cloud-based?Keyur p2023-03-09T11:51:40+00:00

Yes, we provide cloud-based seafood ERP software, allowing seafood companies to access their data and applications from anywhere, at any time. This can provide greater flexibility and scalability, as well as lower upfront costs. Call us on +1-817-601-7574 to know more.

How Long Does It Take To Implement Seafood ERP Software?Keyur p2023-03-09T11:47:42+00:00

The implementation timeline for seafood ERP software can vary depending on the size and complexity of the seafood company’s operations. However, with the help of our experienced ERP developers, we can help Seafood companies implement ERP systems within a few weeks to months timeframe based on the requirements.

What Advantages Does ERP Have For the Seafood Industry?Keyur p2022-11-09T13:48:57+00:00

An ERP for the seafood sector can boost output, ensure cost management security, generate reports, and effectively coordinate sales operations and all the other aspects of the sector.

What Does the Seafood Industry’s ERP Stand For?Keyur p2023-03-09T11:44:08+00:00

The ERP software solution makes things easier for your seafood business and helps you operate it more profitably. Silent Infotech can help with custom Seafood ERP software development keeping your business requirement in mind. Contact now on

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