Sea Food Erp

We have refined the AI based Seafood supply chain ERP where the seafood supplier can trace and track the freshness and quality of seafood. We are providing supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, product configurator, order to cash, purchasing, inventory, warehousing, and shipment

Cloud-hosted solution Core business processes, real-time and combined with opensource technology to ensure an efficient but fully customized ERP.

We produced cloud-based solution combines the supplier’s relationship management process with the procurement process to cut the time delays and functional and geographical limitations.

We offer complete track and trace, enabling individuals to access the complete record of products, from the origin to certifications and authentic documentation. By offering time-stamped and community consensus based immutable data, we create a trustless environment, preventing product counterfeiting

Harvester catching the seafood from the sea

Over here Harvestor can register his catch with information like approx. weight, a variety of species involved, catch location using the Smart Phone application communicating with our ERP.

Once the vessel reaches the Dock – the deal for the catch takes place between harvest and the Processor company representative

Processing company agent interacts with the ERP

The Processor Company here can be the company purchasing trading the sea-food further.

Upon purchase by processor company, a purchasing agent with the help of hand-held device running ERP Application, registers purchase order creating and filling the crates from the purchased catch.

Crates here are the systematically designed Box used for storing the sea-food equipped with RFID tag.

Assume that through the system we will be having 2 types of crates – Ungraded & Graded one.

The one filled at the Dockside is the ungraded crates each of which is identified by the unique Electronic Code generated by ERP.

Purchasing Agent registers the Transit using the Same application

And the Ungraded crates are transferred to the Facility where they can be stored or they directly go through the Grading process.

The Grading Work personal uses ERP App for documenting grading outcomes

The ungraded Crates are Graded based on different characteristics and Filled back into the Graded Crates.

These graded Crates are Stored in Tanks and recorded as Graded Inventory

SEAfood ERP Application is used to created empty Ungraded Crate

Scan the crate RFID and rewrite it with fresh Identifier communicating with ERP.

Thus preparing the ungraded crate.

How Sea Food ERP Works